Vecteezy Vs Freepik – Which One to Choose?

Vecteezy Vs Freepik – Which One to Choose?

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As we all know, visuals have high importance on the internet, whether it is a blog post, social media post, website, or anything else.

Having the right design, image, or icon is very important to make your work popular and successful. But designing is not the choice for everyone. This is why people look for these designs online or from third parties.

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Thankfully, there are many websites available from where you can get the right designs for your projects. Vecteezy and Freepik are two such websites and are very popular in this space.

In fact, one website is considered an alternative for the other one. So many people ask which one is the best for graphic designing projects while comparing Vecteezy Vs Freepik.

If you use these websites for the first time, it may seem that both of these websites are similar. But actually, they have some limitations which you should know.

If you are in doubt about which website to use out of these two options, this article will be helpful for you.

Vecteezy Vs Freepik (Comparison Guide)


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What Is Vecteezy?

As the name suggests, Vecteezy is an online platform that has an enormous collection of vector images, stock photos, and videos. Artists from all over the world contribute their artworks to this website. It has a vast community of vector designers and adds new content every day.

Even if you are a free user of Vecteezy, you will get quality content to download. The website has many features that allow users to edit and get their desired designs.


What Is Freepik?

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Freepik is a service platform from where you can get free and premium vector images. It has a collection of vectors, photos, PSDs, and icons. Some content of this website is free, while others need to be purchased. Every month, more than 80,000 designs are uploaded to this platform by the team of Freepik, vector artist contributors, and graphic designers.


Type Of Content


Vecteezy is a huge collection of various vector designs, stock photos, and videos. All resources of this platform are diversified into different categories, such as backgrounds, patterns, icons, elements, plants, food, animals, nature, and so on.

When looking for a specific type of content, you can browse through these categories and filter out the results depending on your needs. The platform also allows you to search your content through tags which will be easier for you. Actually, graphic designers and contributors use tags while uploading their designs depending on the categories of the resources.


Freepik specifically offers vectors, icons, stock photos, and PSD files. Under these categories, there are many subcategories, so you can search your specific designs easily. The major subcategories include background, business, music, animals, banners, logo templates, etc. Also, you can search for specific designs using relevant tags.



The content on Vecteezy is licensed in four ways, so you can opt for the right one as per your application. Generally, these graphics come with a standard license that you can use for your personal and commercial projects. In this process, you will have to give attribution to the author.

Also, you can purchase a premium license to access premium content on this website. If you do so, you don’t have to give attribution to the author. This will be convenient for you when you need multiple graphic resources for multiple projects at an affordable price.

Apart from that, it also offers a Creative Common License that allows you to use the resources as per the guidelines of the Creative Common License. If you have an editorial use-only license, you can’t use the content for commercial and promotional purposes.


All free resources of Freepik can be used for commercial and personal purposes, but you have to give credit to the author. For premium users, attribution is not necessary. But yes, you need to obey the license of the author when you are downloading third-party content.

When you are using Freepik content for commercial purposes, you can’t use all content of Freepik as the main component of your design. Those content can be used as secondary components or in backgrounds. Also, Freepik graphics can’t be trademarked.



The free plan of Vecteezy comes with some limitations, but the paid plan provides you unlimited access to the content on the website. The premium plan of Vecteezy is available in two options – monthly and yearly.

The monthly plan costs $14, while the yearly plan costs $9 per month.

Also, you can get one-time credits for a fixed number of downloads for which you have to subscribe for a fixed number of downloads every month. The premium plan of Vecteezy doesn’t require attribution and provides you with many benefits. It gives you access to the Vecteezy editor and premium graphics. With the premium plan, you can use the graphics for different purposes.


The monthly premium plan of Freepik costs $9.99 per month, while the annual plan costs $7.50 per month. With the premium plan of Freepik, you don’t need to give credits to authors, and you can access all premium resources on this website. Also, premium users get an ad-free experience on the website.

Limitations On Downloads


There are no limitations on Vecteezy for the number of downloads per day. But it allows the registered users to download content faster compared to non-registered users.


Non-registered users can make 5 downloads per day on Freepik. Free registered users on Freepik can download up to 30 resources a day. But premium users can download up to 100 resources per day.



Vecteezy is a huge collection of vectors, stock photos, and videos. It also has an image editor and allows you to customize the style, color, and design of your artworks as per your needs. It supports multiple formats and has customizable templates for your convenience.


Freepik specializes in vectors, stock photos, PSDs, icons, and Storyset. All these categories have some unique built-in features that allow you to get the right resources for your use. Also, it has an online editor that enables you to edit your resources using the available templates according to your requirements.

Social Connections


You can connect with the Vecteezy community by creating a free account on the platform. After creating a free account, you can add reviews and comments on the resources of different people and save those resources as favorites.


Freepik allows every user to like assets of different people but only registered users can comment on resources. Also, it enables users to follow their favorite artists.

Which One to Choose?

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So now we have discussed every aspect of both of these websites. And it is pretty clear that both of them have some advantages and disadvantages.

Both the websites are famous in the space of vector arts, and they offer quality content. So, the final choice is yours, which one you prefer to use.

If you are looking for a platform for free content or content at an affordable rate, you can consider Vecteezy. This website offers quality content in a wide range of categories.

You can opt for Freepik if you need various resources from different categories.

Also, you can consider using both platforms if you need a different variety of designs from different sources.

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