20+ Best Vector & Vectorized Fonts

20+ Best Vector & Vectorized Fonts

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These beautiful vector typefaces have diverse color palettes, giving you a wide range of alternatives to find what best suits your needs.

We have gathered some of the best vector fonts to assist you at work without causing hassle.

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These typefaces have the most features and modern styles, adding remarkable value to your projects.

Additionally, with one of these alluring yet functional fonts, you can bring style and individuality to any level.

These vectorized fonts never gets boring as each of them offers something unique in terms of structure and aesthetics.

In this article, you’ll find the most useful SVG fonts & vector fonts that will help you out in your design projects.

The Best Vector Fonts: Overview

  1. Vector
  2. BlackDay
  3. Brewery Brush
  4. Simple Pleasures
  5. Frost
  6. Shoot
  7. AMPVX
  8. Microba Pro
  9. Master Puppets
  10. Bilaross

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20+ List of Vectorized & Vector Fonts

1. Vector

A modern font for your next projects

If you want to make content that steals the show, Vector is the best for it.

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It is a modern Sans Serif minimal display font designed by Lis at Fontastica that is appropriate to create logos, branding material, headers, corporate identities, web and print materials for marketing products, and other designs which require a minimalistic outlook.

This typeface contains five forms: Light, Thin, Normal, Bold, and Heavy.

Vector font comes in the following file formats: OTF and TTF. The web version contains formats such as EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

Unlike regular TTF format, you need Photoshop CC2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 to work on the SVG format.

2. BlackDay

Astounding font with great looks

This font creates gorgeous designs for invitations, posters, book covers, branding materials, logos, t-shirts, and other project designs.

It comes in two styles: SVG and Vector. This font will get you standard uppercase characters, numeric, punctuation, and international glyphs.

It is now available in OTF, TTF, and Web font formats.

3. Brewery Brush

A unique font with multiple selections

This stylish signature SVG font gives the illustration an organic hand-painted look with a wet brushy touch.

It is ideal for logos, signage, handwritten quotes, product packaging, headlines, posters, clothing, social media posts, greeting, and invitation cards.

You will require software like Adobe Illustrator CS, Corel Draw X6-X7, and Adobe InDesign to enable stylistic alternates and other features.

This font works on Windows (Character Map, Nexus Font, and Mac (Font Book and Pop Char). This typeface requires Photoshop CC2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 to work.

Brewery Brush has four different styles: SVG(OTF), SVG Alt (OTF), Vector Brush (OTF/TTF), and Vector Brush Alt (OTF/TTF).

You can create a new design or re-create content with the stunning hand-lettered brush-textured font.

4. Simple Pleasures

A watercolor font

Let’s introduce a handmade SVG typeface with a watercolor textural style that gives a unique touch to your work.

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Simple Pleasures contain bitmap glyphs, alternates, and catchwords used to design trendy social media posts.

It also enhances the attractiveness of your typography projects, branding, and advertisements. This lovely hand-painted typeface has two formats: SVG and Solid.

The SVG version comprises transparent brush strokes with selected alternates and supports Western European languages.

Moreover, the Solid version of Simple Pleasure is a traditional style with uniqueness.

Both font formats are made with different software, so kerning and size are not the same in each font.

To make SVG fully functional, you must have Photoshop CC2017 or Illustrator (2018 or above).

The features include standard English characters and alternates. You’ll need a glyph panel to access alternates and suitable software for SVG fonts.

5. Frost

A powerful and versatile font

Frost is an SVG font with 11 Photoshop brushes to create high-resolution designs.

The open-type features of this font are perfect for making posters, product packaging, headlines, branding, signature, signboards, advertisements, and designs with an urban vibe. The font also offers multilingual support in several languages.

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The SVG file version contains painted effects that give a realistic look.

The vector file version is a traditional format supported by the Web font version. To use this font properly, you should have Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018.

6. Shoot

A unique font with multiple selections

It is a brush display font that gives an oil-paint texture with high accuracy in designing a project.

This sharp font gives your design an oil-painted outlook that looks as if it is hand-painted.

Whether you make posters, packaging, advertisements, headers, branding, or signboards, this typeface with a little rough style makes attractive designs for you.

The open-type features of this font include lingual support for international languages and file formats, such as SVG and Vector, to provide you with traditional oil-painted effects in your content.

The SVG typeface can only be used with Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 or the updated version and Illustrator CC 2018 or its advanced version.


Astounding font with great looks

This handcrafted font is a great addition to design signatures, stationery, logos, typography, quotes, magazine, book covers, website headlines, flyers, branding, clothing, packaging, and more.

It has four styles: Vector, Sans, Sans Outline, and SVG.

AMPVX is available in OTF and TTF file formats. You can use the SVG version in Photoshop CC2017 or CC 2018.

8. Microba Pro

Best suited for Vector related designs

This typeface has been designed in an impressive brush style that gives it a resemblance to microorganisms.

The idea to design this unique font is based on a virus that forced everyone to stay at home.

It contains all-caps characters, numerals, and punctuation. You can download this font in Pro SVG and Vector versions in OTF files.

9. Master Puppets

A brush font

This font is perfect enough to give an aesthetic handcrafted brush design that goes well to design signatures, logos, stationery, typography quotes, magazines, book covers, web headers, flyers, clothing, branding, and packaging.

Master Puppets is available in the following formats: SVG OTF, Vector OTF/TTF, and Web.

10. Bilaross

A paint brush font

This beautiful SVG font with brush stroke texture makes designs more enticing.

It comes in a wide color range; however, if you want to change the font color, you can use Photoshop CC 2017.

The font gives a realistic image to every design in SVG or Vector format. Bilaross SVG gives an organic brush-painted look.

On the other hand, the vector version of Bilaross is a nicely done rough version that works with most software.

11. Worthness

Astounding font with great looks

This typeface is exquisite enough to add an aesthetic design with a handwritten brush that works well for signatures, logos, stationery, quotes in typography, magazine and book covers, outline headers, flyers, clothing, branding, and product packaging. SVG (OTF), Vector (OTF/TTF), Sans (OTF/TTF), and Sans Outline (OTF/TTF) are the file formats for Worthness.

You can use SVG in Photoshop CC 2017 or CC 2018.

12. Bargitta

A unique font with multiple selections

This script typeface comes in three different styles: Textured vector/ Rough, SVG, and Solid.

With its descriptive image, it is quite suitable for branding, documents, social media designs, logos, presentations, print and web designs, etc.

This multilingual font contains both upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, numeric characters, symbols, stylistic set, ligatures, and alternates.

13. Hawkeyes

A powerful and versatile font

Give your artwork a genuine, handcrafted feel by using this brush font.

Hawkeyes is ideal for branding, product packaging design, clothes design, flyers, magazines, book covers, stationery, logos, typography, quotes, and much more.

The font comes in SVG and Web styles in OTF and TTF file versions.

14. Chamberline & Doodle Vector

A handwritten font and doodle

The charming handwritten font, Chamberline & Doodle Vector, includes three different hand-drawn sets.

Chamberline & Doodle Vector is designed in a way to look like a real handwritten font.

Wedding invites, all types of cards, quotes, posters, logos, print, print and digital advertisements, product promotion, etc., are excellently designed using Chamberline typeface.

15. Aversa

A creative font for your needs

This font is created using paint-dipped brushstrokes. This typeface is a high-resolution font that doesn’t let the paint component get fade.

It is ideal for signs, packaging, posters, headlines, infomercials, branding, and much more when you need an urban vibe for your designs. You’ll get 27 brushes that support international languages.

The Aversa SVG font gives an oil-painted effect to your designs.

However, the vector version of Aversa font gives a traditional vector format.

This open-type SVG font functions in Photoshop CC 2017 1.1 or Illustrator CC 2018 and a later version.

16. Voltunes

A handwritten font and extra vector

This handwritten vintage font called Voltunes is inspired by handwriting and typography.

This font with rounded edges mimics vintage printing, which gives a hand-drawn vintage appearance to your designs.

The basic glyph and stylistic sets of the typeface can be combined in a variety of ways.

Using Open-Type software like Adobe helps you access the stylistic sets, which are alternative alphabets.

You can use only software which supports the OTF file version.

The font versions of OTF, Ai/ EPS with high-quality designs have been created for projects like prints, logos, posters, t-shirts, packaging, digital projects, and other graphic content.

17. Hipetype

A carefully crafted font

Hipetype is a vector font family design by Hermansyah.

It is a handwritten font with strong yet unique characters crafted with high-quality painted textures.

Hipetype is used for different design projects, such as merchandise, social media templates, business cards, logos, branding, promotional ads, flyers, posters, etc.

The multilingual feature of this San-serif typeface gives an extraordinary look to your projects.

18. Airates

A great font with unique colors used

In the end, we have an easy-going script font that is thick and provides a soothing effect to the reader’s eyes.

It can be used to design logos, product packaging, headlines, posters, badges, merchandise, greetings, and business and wedding invitation cards.

What makes this font special is its flowing characters that make every message attractive to your eyes.

The mixture of alternative characters is perfect to accomplish interesting designs.

The open-type features of this font include swashes, ligatures, and stylistic alternates.

19. Lempicka Display

Astounding font with great looks

Lempicka Display is a complete package of light-hearted clean fonts with strong artistic décor characters with editable vectors.

This font family supports English, Greek, and Latin languages. Lempicka typeface is a font family inspired by Art Deco, rich in ligatures with two fonts, and has a set of vector frames and ornaments.

This font beautifies the designs with open-type features such as small-cap characters, 150 ligatures with complete Latin and Greek alphabets and all accent marks, stylistic glyphs, alternates, numeric characters, ordinals, fractions, diacritical markings, and extensive punctuation.

The stylistic alternates of the font require professional design software to work, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, and InDesign.

The frames of this display font also contain a collection of 22 Deco-inspired frames, borders, and ornaments that are fully editable.

You can get them in AI, EPS, and PDF. This typeface is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats.

Best Vector Fonts Summary:

For your projects of clothes, branding, flyers, invitations, or other graphic designs, the mentioned typefaces produce magical and artistically appealing creations.

These typefaces are ideal for producing stylistic designs for apparel brands or other graphic design projects. You should have a look at these amazing vector fonts and give them a try.

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