Vexels Editor – Create Graphic Designs on The Fly

Vexels Editor – Create Graphic Designs on The Fly

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What if with one design template you could get thousands of results?

If you’re just starting out, or if you have zero design skills: at some point you’re gonna need a design done and you won’t have much time to make it. There are online editors trying to give their users an easy way around that, but most times they don’t offer much help.

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Enter Vexels Editor, a new way of getting designs done.

Vexels Editor

What Makes Vexels Different

What makes Vexels different is their vast library, and the suggested elements to swap and choose from. On other editors, you’re on your own looking for illustrations or resources that match the style and feel of the design. Most times there aren’t much, cause it wasn’t planned that way.

With Vexels you get a smart selection of resources that work within that design so it has a guided feel for non-designers. But at the same time, you can always upload your own or pull anything from the library as well.

Each design has a lot of work behind them to make sure the suggested elements work within the design. Assets come in the same style and look great with every other element. As a plus, almost every design includes amazing illustrations too, which is invaluable if you’re lacking the time or skills to make your own.

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As an example, for the Easter promo above, you will notice the different backgrounds & objects you can choose from. Or you could even upload your own background.

Free Low Poly Background & Badge Maker

I joined forces with Vexels and they created a low poly background & badge design, shown below. We think you’ll find this useful and fun to test out Vexels with.

Badge Maker

With this freebie, you can make your own badge, promotional banner and more. And you can always add your own images, logos or anything from the library.

Head over their site to make your own free badge!

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They have tons of other free resources available, with a huge bundle of 900+ resources included on sign up.

It’s completely free (with a small watermark and credit) or $9.99/month to get access to all 59,000+ resources which includes vectors, psds, editables and more.

And check our their Kickstarter to turn the editor into an app.

Have fun experimenting and let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Vexels Editor – Create Graphic Designs on The Fly”

  1. Hey Jacob,

    I have started my graphic designing journey and your blog has been incredibly helpful for me so far. Right now I am just learning and experimenting with what I learn. This post added tremendous value just like your other posts.

    – Diogo

  2. I’m all about themes and templates. Why reinvent the wheel and also be able to get great professional quality out the door quickly.

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