10+ Best Video Capture Software in 2024

10+ Best Video Capture Software in 2024

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To assist you in choosing the finest screen recording software, we conducted an extensive analysis. We’ve ranked the top ten based on a variety of criteria, including features, benefits, and drawbacks.

However, it is best to understand what video-capturing software is before you understand the best ones on the market.

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Video capture software is a computer program that enables you to record the screen of your device and share it with others, produce product-related videos, tutorials, lectures, demos, YouTube videos, and more. Enjoy recording voice-over videos from a webcam and a computer screen using these software tools.

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Here is the best video capture software available today:

10 Best Video Capture Software in 2024

There are numerous options for video capture software available on the market, some of which were created with a focus on particular content genres and content providers. Discover which applications we suggest for novices, gamers, and business experts by reading on.

  1. Adobe Captivate — Best video capture software overall (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Wondershare — Best video capture software for Windows
  3. Screencast O Matic — Best compatible video capture software
  4. Movavi — Best video capture software with outstanding HD recording
  5. Debut Video Capture — Best video capture software for tutorials
  6. Camtasia — Best video capture software for most fluid video presentations
  7. Icecream Apps Screen Recorder — Best easy-to-use video capture software
  8. OBS Studio — Best video capture software with amazing editing features
  9. EaseUS RecExperts — Best video capture software for Windows and Mac users
  10. Fluvid — Best video capture software that performs well with Android phones


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How to Choose the Best Video Capture Software

How to Choose the Best Video Capture Software

You will have ample questions on which video capture software when producing an efficient video tutorial, an educational course, a marketing campaign, or recording whatever you want to produce. This article outlines the important criteria you should consider before selecting the best video capture software for you to ease your concerns. You must think about the following factors while selecting video capture software:

Editing Software

You need editing tools in addition to screen recording capabilities so you get to add finishing touches to your video. A good video capture program should therefore include powerful editing tools. Also utilize third-party video editing programs like Wondershare Filmora, Lumen5, and FlexClip.

Output Formats

Any video capture software should be watched out for the output formats it uses to save videos. The most popular format is MP4, although there are other options. The greatest number of file types should receive support from a decent recording program.

Easy Use

A decent video capture software must be simple to use and comprehend. Try to stay away from complicated software as it leads to confusion and dissatisfaction.

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10 Best Video Capture Software for Screen Recording and More

1. Adobe Captivate (Editor’s Choice)

Adobe Captivate-Video Capture Software
Adobe Captivate. Image credits: Adobe Captivate

Best video capture software overall 

Making interactive video clips for e-learning and lessons is made easier with Adobe Captivate, one of the best video capture programs. This software allows you to easily capture and export screen content.

It is possible to create a single, responsive screen recording project that functions flawlessly across all platforms. From our experience, Adobe Captivate recognizes screen activity in the recording window and pans automatically to specific regions to produce screen recorder output for tablets and mobile viewing.

With the capture-as-a-video approach, producing professional product demos is simple. It allows you to transform videos and add smart shapes, audio, and captions. It also allows you to put a talking head on camera or another video in picture-in-picture mode.

We found that it allows you to capture all on-screen activities, including mouse movements, system sounds, and keyboard activity, in a single recording session to produce reliable software simulations.

Thanks to the new self-service LMS, Adobe Learning Manager, that allows you to easily distribute your training materials to your learners. Effortlessly create videos, HD product demos, and responsive application simulations with Adobe Captivate at your side.



➕ This program synchronizes Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition information ➖ It is challenging for beginners
➕This program adjusts the video material to fit the size of the screen you want to show your display on


2. Wondershare

Wondershare-Video Capture Software
Wondershare. Image credits: Wondershare

Best video capture software for Windows 

DemoCreator is a video capture program that is a part of the Wondershare software library. It is a straightforward Windows program that creates a high-definition video of the whole contents of your computer screen. It is a helpful tool for anyone doing video projects because it allows the editor to change it according to their choice.

We observed that DemoCreator allows you to record activities on your PC screen and store it as a high-definition video. This makes the recording process simple because it is done with just one button click. The program will instantly begin recording your screen and system audio as soon as you push the button.

It is possible to record the entire screen or only certain specified areas. With the help of the Windows video capture software, the recording’s frame rate is predetermined. Following the recording, it allows you to modify your video by cropping, adding annotations, using speed effects, etc.

Various video file types, including MP4 and MOV, are used to export or save videos. Modern DemoCreator features also include webcam recording. The capability locates faces appropriately for video capture by utilizing artificial intelligence. In addition, DemoCreator has a useful function aimed at gamers: it tells if you’ve started playing a game on your PC and prompts you to record it.

The screen recording function of DemoCreator is easy to use, which makes it useful for many users. Teachers provide tutorials, employees give presentations, or job candidates conduct interviews. Additionally, it allows you to make annotations and drawings on your screen while recording.



➕ It has a user-friendly interface ➖ There is no mobile version of the app
➕ It allows you to change the screen size and frame rate easily
➕ It makes it simple for you to make real-time drawings on the captured screen


3. Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic-Video Capture Software
Screencast O Matic. Image credits: Screencast O Matic

Best compatible video capture software

If you are looking for a complete screen recorder program for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, then, Screencast-O-Matic is what you need. It allows you to record both audio and video in any area of your screen. We also observed that this video-capturing app allows you to use it on any number of devices with only one single subscription.

With Screencast-O-Matic, the process of recording a video is made simple because all you must do is choose any portion of your screen and begin recording by clicking a button. By doing this, you get a chance to record your camera rather than your actual screen.

Additionally, it allows you to simultaneously record your screen and voice from a microphone for narration. You can enjoy making a strong presentation for any audience with the aid of HD video capture software. In our opinion, this function is a boon if you are creating a video instructional because Screencast-O-Matic enables you to easily add automated captions to your video manually or using speech-to-text.

We encourage you to enjoy using stock music from its catalog to improve your films. It allows you to modify the video with Screencast-O-Matic after you’ve finished recording. The uploading process becomes simple with this app, and uploading it after saving it to your PC is easy.

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There is a script editor in Screencast-O-Matic that allows you to add lines that are only visible to you. Enjoy writing your script this way and use it as a guide when giving a presentation. It also comes with a feature that is used to animate text, shapes, and images to engage your audience.



➕ Available for both Mac and Windows ➖ This software allows you to capture for a limited time
➕ Videos are animated using overlay and transitional effects
➕ This program allows you to include system audio, music, and narration


4. Movavi

Movavi-Video Capture Software
Movavi. Image credits: Movavi

Best video capture software with outstanding HD recording

Movavi is all you need to make great video recordings if you’re looking for video-capturing software with exceptional HD recording options. For users of Windows or MacOS, its software suite includes the Movavi Screen Recorder. Users are allowed to capture their PC displays, modify them, and then save the finished quality video.

It works to record webinars, internet conferences, live-streaming videos, and other events. It allows users to easily capture their screens using Movavi.

Prior to starting the recording, select the screen region to record from and the recording speed. After you’ve filmed your video, edit it to improve it. Movavi is a fantastic tool that works to teach lessons and record video games, sporting events, and class presentations.

This PC video capture software produces 4K or Full HD video of the highest quality. Movavi allows you to select any future date and time for the video recording program to start automatically capturing the screen, so you get a chance to schedule your video recordings in advance.

Movavi allows you to record camera output without capturing the entire screen, and it also enables users to display their keyboard and mouse during recordings. When you are recording videos using Movavi, draw items on the screen to annotate and provide context for your recordings.



➕ It provides a free version with useful features ➖ It is relatively expensive
➕ It offers a user-friendly interface
➕ It has a variety of export options


5. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture-Video Capture Software
Debut Video Capture. Image credits: NCH Debut Video Capture

Best video capture software for tutorials

If you are a professional who wants to capture videos, Debut video capture is an excellent choice. It allows you to capture webcam videos on your computer screen. It contains color effects and other editing tools to give the finishing touches to your video after filming.

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It offers you three options for storing recordings: on your PC, on DVDs, or by directly uploading them to YouTube. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Either record your entire screen with Debut Video Capture or only a section of it.

Utilize it to record video from your camera or another external video input device. While taking a video, you also get a chance to record audio on your computer. Save the recorded films using this PC video capture program in a variety of file formats, such as MP4, AVI, and MOV, or directly burn them to a DVD or share them online.

Additionally, it allows you to edit your videos to improve them by adding text subtitles, time stamps, logos, and watermarks to give them a distinctive appearance. Additionally, enjoy altering the color scheme or substituting photos for the video backdrops.

This tool makes it possible to include keystrokes in screen captures, making it ideal for those who want to film software demonstration videos. The program automatically records your screen for the allotted time when you schedule the recording.



➕ It includes numerous editing options ➖ The setup is challenging
➕ It has a direct upload function and a recording scheduler


6. Camtasia

Camtasia-Video Capture Software
Camtasia. Image credits: Camtasia

Best video capture software for most fluid video presentations

Camtasia is a fantastic option if you’re seeking an easy-to-use video capture software for making excellent films on Windows and Mac. Through a screencast or a direct plug-in into Microsoft PowerPoint, the software generates and records video presentations. During or after recordings, it allows you to add more multimedia.

Enjoy recording any activity on your computer screen using Camtasia and save it as a high-definition video. Improve your videos by using custom effects after recording. Save the video to your computer or submit it to a video-sharing website. It also allows you to record and upload videos directly from your webcam using the app.

To add context to your films, it enables you to concurrently record the sound coming from your computer or from external microphones. Additionally, it is possible to use music and sound effects without paying any royalties.

Camtasia’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to add, delete, modify, and move video and audio parts. Enjoy adding annotations to your videos using the app’s callouts, arrows, shapes, and sketch motions.

It also enables you to add a variety of pre-made animations to your video recordings with Camtasia. Furthermore, enjoy selecting from more than 100 transitions to give your films a polished appearance.



➕ The application makes it easy to edit recorded video ➖ Working with large videos is challenging
➕ It uses a simple setup procedure
➕ Its user-friendly UI and extensive feature set make it appealing


7. Icecream Apps Screen Recorder

Icecream Apps Screen Recorder-Video Capture Software
Icecream Apps Screen Recorder. Image credits: Icecream Apps Screen Recorder

Best easy-to-use video capture software

One of the greatest video capture programs that enables you to record a specific section of your PC screen is Icecream Screen Recorder. Enjoy recording applications, webinars, WhatsApp conversations, Zoom meetings, video courses, and more with its help.

By capturing either the entire screen or a selected section, recording a screen is now simpler than ever. This enables you to annotate while screen recording using text, arrows, and bullets.

Edit your films, alter their speed, mute them, and do more with this screen recorder. Additionally, it enables you to immediately share the video with your friends or clients. All popular Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, are fully supported by this software.

Choose to record the complete screen or a portion of it, and it is also possible for you to select the start and end times. The schedule will automatically start the capture procedure as well.

This is your best option if you’re looking for free video capture software because it has several free screen recording options. All captured videos are uploaded for free sharing as well.



➕ Simple to handle the final output ➖ Only a few formats are supported
➕ It allows you to record full-screen 3D games


8. OBS Studio

OBS Studio-Video Capture Software
OBS Studio. Image credits: OBS Studio

Best video capture software with amazing editing features

OBS Studio is a well-liked open-source, free video recording software program that excels at both recording data and live-streaming video games.

It does well at capturing and combining real-time video and audio. It creates scenes from a variety of sources, such as webcams, capture cards, text, photos, and browser windows.

It enables you to simultaneously record video and audio from your PC or an external device. OBS incorporates noise suppression to eliminate outside disturbances and guarantees clear audio.

It allows you to edit your video in great detail using OBS Studio after recording. It enables you to move around, crop, edit, or trim scenes, and choose from various transitions.

With a reasonable amount of customization in terms of the options you have, start recording from numerous sources simultaneously right away.

Additionally, the app streams on a number of sites, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Hitbox, Twitch, and others. OBS Studio is a must-try alternative because of its excellent editing capabilities.



➕ It is completely free ➖ Beginners might find its interface difficult
➕ Simplified Settings panel with simple setting options


9. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts-Video Capture Software
EaseUS RecExperts. Image credits: EaseUS RecExperts

Best video capture software for Windows and Mac users

If you have the free EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder software on your PC, video capturing is simpler than ever. If you need to record on-screen training, webinars, streaming videos, or conference calls, get the EaseUS screen recorder for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

Working on an iMac or MacBook? It also works well as a screen recorder for Macs, making it a fantastic option for Mac users. Record and store any video in its original quality using its free screen recorder for PC.

In addition, a free built-in media player allows you to quickly preview your recordings. This freeware records the screen and webcam concurrently and is a complete watermark-free screen recorder for computers.

Making lesson videos, presentations, gameplay videos, etc. with a personalized background is simple with this feature. Additionally, you have the option to record internal sound, the microphone, or no sound at all when you record your webcam image.

With the aid of the latest green screen technology, film your videos with fictitious backgrounds. Additionally, this application includes audio recording functions. RecExperts always satisfy your needs, whether you want to record audio from YouTube or catch some streaming audio.

The ability to mute the recording without muting the recorded file is the biggest surprise since it ensures that no one will be bothered by the recording process. This screen recorder package offers a video editor that is free, simple to use, and packed with essentials for every creative. It also comes with a decent selection of editing tools to clip, combine, crop, and rotate footage without any special skills.



➕ Suitable to both novices and experts ➖ Limited editing features
➕ Enables easy export of recordings to YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, etc.
➕ Unlimited time recording, scheduling a recording, and more sophisticated functions are required.


10. Fluvid

Fluvid-Video Capture Software
Fluvid. Image credits: Fluvid

Best video capture software that performs well with Android phones

One of the most often used screen recording programs is Fluvid. It enables you to record your screen and webcam and send the recordings to others via email or social media. It also allows you to extensively modify the video once you capture it to make it look good.

There are versions of the video capture program for Windows, Android, and a Google Chrome extension. Enjoy instant recording sharing of your webcam or screen on Fluvid. It offers a variety of editing tools to help you polish your videos after filming, after which, you get to save them to an Android or PC.

You need not download this software to use it, making it one of the best options for recording videos. Additionally, enjoy broadcasting live to an online audience. Click the “Start Recording” button after selecting either webcam or screen recording, or both at once.

Fluvid lets you enhance the quality of your videos as you’re recording them. Enjoy making drawings on your screen or use a special color to highlight certain elements. When you click the Stop button once you’ve finished recording, the software immediately saves your video.

The app’s password security function allows users to encrypt their recordings, making it the perfect option for editors who want to limit who has access to their recordings.



➕ It has a facility for password protection ➖ Free trial period is relatively short
➕ It has built-in editing tools
➕ It has a user-friendly interface


Bonus Software for You to Explore


Loom-Video Capture Software
Loom. Image credits: Loom

Best video capture software for professionals

Top businesses and small businesses alike prefer Loom as their screen recording and collaboration tool of choice. Loom advertises itself as a webcam and screen recorder that enables users to create brief video messages that they easily share with their team.

It’s a fantastic substitute for emails, online instant messages, and online meetings. Loom helps over 14 million users in 200,000 businesses work more productively via async video.

Because it also has annotating capabilities and allows for specific recording dimensions, this is excellent for presentations.



CloudApp-Video Capture Software
CloudApp. Image credits: CloudApp

Best video capture software for better communication 

CloudApp is another software for recording video that is worthwhile to use. CloudApp combines screenshot annotation, rapid video capture, and sharing into one simple platform.

Windows, Mac, Chrome, and iOS users enjoy sharing videos, images, audio files, and other types of media using the CloudApps solution. The software contains CTA buttons, customization capabilities, and even a GIF generator is employed in addition to recording screen and webcam activity.

To ensure control access to your movies and keep them private, it also allows you to add passwords to your sharing links.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does software for video capture do?

With the use of screen and video capture software, users can take images or record movies on their computer desktops. These screen capture programs either take a picture of the desktop and save it as an image file or continually record computer desktop activity.

Is there a video recorder in Windows 10?

Yes, You can record video from your screen using the built-in screen recording capability in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Is software required for a video capture card?

Yes, using video capturing software is necessary if you want to capture your computer screen.


Pick the Right Video Capture Software

We present the results of my research on the top video capture software to help with your quest. Each video capture software has their respective advantages and specialties. Although they all appear to serve the same purposes, it is yours to decide which one is ideal for you.

We laid out our thoughts and insights on each software to help you choose one that fits your needs. Whether you’re using it for streaming, lectures, or social media content, we have one on our list for you.

Don’t you think using this video capture software will make recording your next video a breeze? If so, please comment below with the related software you’d want to explore.

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