Web Domination eBook

Web Domination eBook

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Web Domination eBook

I was recently interviewed for the eBook “Web Domination: 20 Masters of the Web Reveal Everything You Need to Know to Create a Successful Company Online.*

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The eBook / course has been put together by Michael Dunlop of IncomeDiary.com who over eight months, has managed to make 20 marketing experts share their secrets on how they became extremely successful business owners.

What Michael asked of me was focused more on web design for online businesses and included tips on:

  • The Design Process
  • The Designer’s Toolkit
  • What Makes Good Design
  • Designing to Convert
  • Colors & Branding
  • Working with Designers
  • Web Design Trends

I’ve received a review copy of the ebook and can say it lives up to its name. I highly recommend worth checking it out. It’s on sale for $47 right now, and there is 60-day money back guarantee. More details can be found on the sales page*.

I’d be interested to hear your feedback if you do buy it. Thanks! *Aff

6 thoughts on “Web Domination eBook”

  1. I’ve just purchased it – haven’t read it yet but have to say for an ebook on Web the purchasing site was atrocious. A popup at the checkout that didn’t let you go past it – so I’ve ended up with 2 ebooks and the extra popup stuff they were selling. I’m hoping the 60 day guarantee on returns is true. Will wait and see.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    I also had some issues with the checkout process similar to Dee Rogers. Seemed to be a bug in their system when more promotions showed up after the initial purchase of the eBook/Course was completed – so yeah, that was not a very good customer experience, even though I didn’t buy anything other than the course like Dee did, I had to check my confirmation mail for the URL to register and download the eBook and interviews.

    The content has been really good, though, which makes it very easy to forgive some of the audio interviews having a few typical Skype call quality issues here and there.

    After listening through about half of the interviews, I just listened to yours tonight. I’ve designed a couple of websites myself now and then since I was around 14 (I’m 27 now), so I understand how difficult it is to provide any “directly applicable” design advice during such an interview.

    I believe it all boils down to what you touched on – that there are basically no rules, or that breaking the rules can be a great decision sometimes, and as long as you stick to the basics, you won’t trip up easily.

    I feel that you managed to touch on many key points of web design during the hour long interview, and that it could only have been better if perhaps the interviewer was more experienced in your field, but hey, I learned about your blog and your work (and workflow) as a professional in this field, and it was very interesting.


    • Hey Tommy,

      Thanks for the feedback re the checkout process, I’ve passed this on to the author. Glad you got through it though, even if it was a bad experience.

      Good to hear the content was up to expectations, I quite enjoyed it too even if some of the calls were Skype quality. And yes, giving advice on a visual medium through audio is quite a difficult task! Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you around here again.

  3. The content has been really good, though, which makes it very easy to forgive some of the audio interviews having a few typical Skype call quality issues here and there.

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