[Podcast] Web3, NFTs & The Metaverse with Kostas K.

[Podcast] Web3, NFTs & The Metaverse with Kostas K.

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What does Web3 mean for brands & creatives? What about NFTs and the Metaverse?

We break it all down for you in layman’s terms, with special guest Konstantinos Kollias, co-founder of The Forest.

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We go over the fundamentals of Web3 including its definition, why it matters, tokens, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, wallets, and trends in the space.

Plus a discussion around NFTs, what they are (and are not), and the opportunities brands and creatives can tap into such as AR & VR, DeFi, DAOs, Virtual Commerce, Digital Assets including Digital Real Estate, Virtual Worlds, the Metaverse, Mixed Reality Solutions, the Blockchain & the Decentralised Web, and so much more!

Ready to go down the Web3 rabbit hole? Jump in.

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Join The Forest NFT Community

The Forest NFT Community for Artists and Designers

The Forest is the first NFT community for designers & creatives. The Forest is more than a community however, it is an educational platform and NFT marketplace that empowers creatives with the knowledge, connections & tools to thrive as NFT & Web3 professionals.

Jacob Cass, the founder of JUST Creative, is one of the co-founders along side our podcast guest, Kostas.

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Reason to join: This NFT community is for artists, illustrators, and designers looking to become thriving Web3 & NFT creators and is tailored towards beginners.


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