16 Great Websites with Unique & Unusual Navigation

16 Great Websites with Unique & Unusual Navigation

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This article has been contributed by Alex Bulat.

Navigation is an essential component of any website. Comfortable, user-friendly and straightforward to use, navigation creates necessary conditions for every visitor to find what he/she is looking for. In this round-up we’d like to show you number of websites with unique and unusual navigation methods.


Unusual Navigation

On this website the navigation within each category is created in a very unique manner. When clicking each bucket, it zooms a bit, while the area around get blurry. What’s more when you are in the single product view, at the bottom of the page, there appears a reference line with links to other products in this category.

Kurka Wolna

Unusual Navigation

Kurka Wolna is a one page website which is quite huge actually. When the site loads you are explained how to navigate, so you need to use your mouse to drag-and-drop the page. Follow the chicken traces to get to part of the site you want to get to.

Vanity Claire

Unusual Navigation

Another great example of a single page website. The navigation bar is on the top of the site, just click the link and corresponding part of the site will open. The site utilizes parallax  and bunch of other cool features.

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Unusual Navigation

House is really amazing website from the stand point of technological stuffing. Video background on the home page, parallax scrolling, and a single page design.

* * *

Jens Lehmann

Unusual Navigation

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This is a website of an ex German goal-keeper. In his website Jens appears in five roles: coach, commentator, goal keeper, ambassador and speaker. Switch between the figures at the bottom to find more about life and activities of Jens. The Website utilizes an effect of slides; while you scroll these slides replace one another. In the left part of the page you can see the navigation bar showing you which slide are you at right now.

New Deal Design

Unusual Navigation

This websites unites information about progressive technical developments; things that will blow your mind. Parallax, full-width videos, animated logos – those are just tiny bits of what you’ll see here.

Studio None

Unusual Navigation

When you get to this page you are presented with a 3D cube that acts as navigation. The website then scrolls in a different direction depending on where you go.


You can use the arrows to navigate but the screen will change size while things animate in and out of place. A great storytelling experience.


To navigate around this site press GO and a car will drive you through the informational areas of the site.


This website utilizes screen space and consists of a big scrolling user interface that you can move with the help of your cursor. When you want to watch a video just click one, use the scroll wheel to reveal more info about each video.


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The home page welcomes us with an animation looking like real origami. This website utilizes horizontal navigation (see portfolio) and you can use your smartphone as a joystick, just scan the QR code and have fun.


The first thing you see at this website is a video background, then there appears a horizontal menu with names of people. When clicking the name, the bar disappears and it goes to the video.


Metro style was used as a basis in this design. Move the mouse around to see cool hover effects. When clicking each item from the ones featured on the home page there appears a chess looking board that featurs all other content.


The central element looks like a ball of water under 0 gravity. To navigate around the site just drag the small drop into the center.


This is a huge sheet that you can zoom in or zoom out similar to Google Maps. Or you can just drag it in any direction or use the keyboard.

Wolverine Unleashed

The website for the movie Wolverine Unleashed highlights the strengths and weaknesses. You can navigate by scrolling around and clicking on interactive points on his body (not all parts).

That’s it guys, if you seen some other great examples you can add them in the comments below..

Written by Alex Bulat. Psst, looking for a WordPress theme? Ask me where to get one, or just say hello on Google+.

26 thoughts on “16 Great Websites with Unique & Unusual Navigation”

  1. All these websites have really good navigation. It gave me lot of ideas on how I can improve my site too.

  2. These sites look super awesome on Chrome; however, on IE8 and IE9, some of the sites don’t even work.

  3. Very impressive and interesting website to take very good examples of website navigation and kind of scrolling. I also would like to share a website which also have very good navigation and match to the same principle which is “61designstreet.com”.


  4. Most all of these look more like navigation anti-patterns to me.
    If you can’t at first glance get an idea of the site’s structure and how to navigate it, that’s a design flaw. It will alienate users and potentially cost you money. Design, and webdesign in particular, is not art. You don’t get extra points for breaking the rules.

  5. Wow loving these especially the website of house! Some inspirational concepts of a navigational point but I wonder if it would be mobile friendly with the new mobile browsers that will be out on the new iPhone?

  6. I read the article that you post for readers like me. After reffering these sixteen websites I come to know how the duplication of pirated webpages are working which is giving the lose to users who are unable to know the otherized webpage to access application. So thankd to teaches how to keep safe your website safe . Thanks and keep posting.

  7. Navigation is a crucial part of web navigation and it is important to get it right if we are to get high traffic and a large number of users. So thanks for creating this blog post because it was great web design.

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