25+ Elegant Wedding Invitation Fonts (Script & Calligraphy)

25+ Elegant Wedding Invitation Fonts (Script & Calligraphy)

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Have you been overwhelmed with wedding invitation designs and fonts on Pinterest? We understand. There are a lot!

Whether you choose foil or letterpress for your prints, the fonts you use will bring out true elegance. Today, we will point you in the right direction for the best elegant wedding invitation fonts to use.

Digitally customized invites reflect your style. The invitation or save the date will be the first piece of correspondence a guest receives, and it will establish the tone for your event. The right set of wedding invitations gives an idea about the event.

There are various kinds of typography used for invitation fonts. The Script typography is well known for its traditional styling and has a formal feeling while the Calligraphy fonts give a more customized feeling and with a blend of modern styling, it adds a creative and aesthetic look to your wedding or engagement invites.

If you’re new to the world of fonts, learning the fundamentals will aid you in selecting the right one for your invitations or your next invitation project. With that in mind, below are 25+ primary font types to consider while making your pick.

Top 25+ Elegant Wedding Invitation Fonts (Script & Calligraphy) Free & Premium

To make your invitations more appealing, here is a list of the most romantic premium & free wedding fonts for you to use for your next project.

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Cherston Wedding Invitation Font

Cherston is a beautiful, luxurious, and readable duo font (display and script) with 10 styles. This font is incredibly adaptable, fitting a wide range of designs and lifting them to new heights. It is a collection of uppercase letter fonts that allows creating a unique design for wedding invitations.


Sebastian Bobby

Sebastian Bobby Handwritten Font Wedding Invitation

Sebastian Bobby is a great place to start if you’re looking for a wedding invitation font with a creative touch. There’s a lot to like, it is a hand-drawn script font tailored using fountain pen along with multiple language support. The font can be italicized, which adds to its appeal.


Paper Tigers Script

Paper Tigers Script + Floral Elements Wedding Invitation Font

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The Paper Tiger Script font suits grander wedding invitations since it includes a gorgeous floral illustration. The elegant calligraphy font is both classy and fashionable. Consider shaking things up on your wedding invitation with a dancing baseline of this gorgeous script fonts.



Mollariod Wedding invitation font

Mollaroid handwritten signature fonts are eye-catching, hence it’s a great choice for wedding invitations. Mollaroid signature fonts look quirky and stylish at the same time. This is a handwritten typeface with realistic characters that has an elegant and modern feel to it. Mollaroid’s signature style gives it a more natural appearance and appeals to express love and passion.


Marygold Font Duo Collection

Marygold Font Duo Collection Wedding Invitation Font

Do you adore a wedding invitation on texture paper? The Marygold Font Duo Collection is a one-of-a-kind collection; it combines a handwritten signature font with elegant serifs, design features, and paper textures. This wedding invitation font is perfect for modern couples planning a joyful occasion.


Amalina Monoline Handwritten Font

Amalina Monoline Handwritten Font wedding invitation font

Amalina is a beautiful and adorable handwritten wedding invitation font that’s ideal for putting a pleasant spin. Amalina Script Style has a modern and fresh script that makes this font look exquisite, natural, fashionable, and ideal for any wedding invites that require handwriting flair. Take a shot!


Anthoni Signature Font

Anthoni Signature Font wedding Invitation

Add a personalized look to your invite with Anthoni Signature wedding invitation font. The hand-lettered effect typography with classic calligraphy signature style adds more elegance to the invite. Give it a go for titles and signatures!


Palomino Font Family

Palomino Font Family Wedding Invitation Font

Even the tiniest elements can have a big influence. Take a look at this snazzy Palomino calligraphy family designed with the incredible Blackwing 602 pencil. The four sets (Script, Sans Serif, Condensed, and Design element) will be perfect wedding fonts for the invitations.


Opera Signature

Opera Signature Wedding Invitation Font

This elegant font duo combination of serif and script is the best fit as a wedding invitation font. If you want to keep things simple and elegant, you’ll need a font that meets the bill. Fortunately, this is where Opera Signature serif font enters the scene. And, for the handwritten wedding invitation font that includes modern calligraphy, nothing is better than the Opera Signature serif.


Charlotte Script

Charlotte Script Wedding invitation Font

The Charlotte Script Font, a modern and flowing calligraphy handwritten font, is perfect for wedding invites that calls for a handwritten touch. Each letter has at least eight different variations and it gives freedom to create designs by Opentype combinations that give you wedding invitations a modern look. Give it a fling!


Karmila Script

Karmila Script Wedding Invitation Font

If you are looking for a decorative wedding invitation font with creative flair,  Karmila Script is the ideal place to begin. Karmila Script is a fun and elegant script that will bring you joy and increase your creativity. Try it out and enjoy the richness of OpenType features!


Delicate Script Font

Delicate Script Font Wedding invitation Fonts

With a highly detailed and smooth finish, the Delicate script font is a sophisticated wedding invitation font. The ligatures are made to look natural handwriting when you type any word using Delicate script. This modern calligraphy font is OpenType, trendy, and a chic alternative!


TT Lovelies Script

TT Lovelies Script Wedding Invitation Fonts

The TT Lovelies Script is one of the most beautiful calligraphic handwritten fonts we’ve ever seen. It is a delightfully delicate typeface with endearing qualities that will sweep you off your feet. You’ll notice extra details like it has a huge set of contextual alternates if you look closely. Consider this wedding invitation font for beautiful titles and stylish lettering.


Summery Script Font

Summery Script Font Wedding Invitation Fonts

If you’re having a summer wedding, the Summery Script Font will blend perfectly with the theme. Summery is a lovely handwritten font with a fun, bouncing personality ideal for wedding invites. It’ll offer a splash of color and elegance!



Corinthiago – A Modern Calligraphy Script Font Wedding Invitation Font

Wedding fonts with modern calligraphy design are all the rage, and Corinthiago is one of the best. This beautiful handwritten font pays respect to vintage calligraphy in a stylish way. The lovely and elegant typeface is ideal for announcing your lovely wedding.


Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo

Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo Wedding Invitation Font

Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo is a package deal of 4 fonts when choosing the best wedding invitation fonts. The watercolor effect on fonts gives the letters more dimension and draws attention to the title. The Coral font Duo creator has included alluring features and elements to grace your work. Choose this one with several ligatures, alternate letters, the regular version, and the watercolor version. It is modest yet sophisticated as each letter is hand-drawn and personalized!


Le More Collection Font Duo

Le More Collection Font Duo Wedding Invitation Fonts

This wedding invitation font is a duo of contemporary serif fonts and scripts. Le More Collection Font Duo adds a modern yet classy look to the invites created with it. The font styling is fluent with a bundle of automatic ligatures and various alternative letters to enhance your beautiful design.


La Roche Font Duo

La Roche Font Duo Wedding Invitation Fonts

La Roche Font Duo is a lovely, free-flowing font that mixes beauty with a touch of nature. This wedding invitation font is a combination of elegant script and modern serif. It has legible lettering and would be appropriate for a formal announcement or wedding invitation.


La Luxes

La Luxes Font Duo + Logos Wedding Invitation Fonts

A classic font duo with lots of customization options. La Luxes wedding invitation fonts are a classic duo comprised of ligature-rich serif and elegant script. You may indulge in a luxurious typography combination to style your stunning invite. To add up, La Luxes has 8 free customizable logo templates with multi-lingual support.


Abigail – Unique Ligature Font

Abigail – Unique Ligature Font Wedding Invitation Fonts

If you’re seeking a distinctive and exquisite wedding invitation font, you’ve come to the right place. Abigail is a unique ligature font comprised of modern and classy font shapes. Add into the wedding invitation for better graphic design that communicates well with your guests.


The Amoret Collection

The Amoret Collection Wedding Invitation Fonts

Planning on a luxurious wedding? The digital flyer/invitation is important in the wedding because it reflects your theme. The Amoret Collection is a luxurious wedding invitation font that is a duo of sans fonts and luxury script that contrast and compliment at the same time. A collection of fluent, classy, and elegant fonts with beautiful strokes!



Classico – Modern Serif Font Wedding Invitation Font

Are you planning a conventional wedding? Classico, a beautiful and classic font style, is the way to go. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of serif and sans serif fonts with regular and bold, giving it an elegant appearance. This light, high-contrast typeface is ideal for feminine designs, fashion mastheads, and wedding invites. It’s ideal for high-end events.



Muse – Chic Display Serif Wedding Invitation Fonts

Muse is a stylish and elegant display serif with striking contrast. If you like to keep things trendy and in fashion, Muse is the ideal wedding invitation font for you. Designed to generate exquisite, fashionable lifestyle designs, titles, and magazines, among other things. Standard ligatures are included in the font. Give it a try!



Kinfolk – Modern Serif Font Wedding Invitation Font

We’re delighted to present Kinfolk, a timeless style that’s ideal for both personal and commercial projects. It’s clean, stylish, and simple, and it works well with both old and contemporary themes. It is a gender-neutral font perfect for wedding invitation headlines.


Francie Font Duo

Francie Font Duo Wedding Invitation Fonts

Nothing spells romance like a calligraphy-inspired classic typeface that will look great on anything from custom invitations to product labels that need a little something extra. This is a gorgeous wedding font duo collection, perfect for crafted invitations.



Finnmark – Elegant Sans Typeface Wedding Invitation Font

Finnmark is a classic choice. This one packs a punch with its simplicity for brides and grooms who want to avoid the script and calligraphy styles. Choosing the appropriate wedding invitation fonts is one of the most exciting aspects of the design process (though it’s often overlooked). We highly recommend this classic font if you want to keep it stylish and elegant.


Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Font Family Wedding Invitation Font

The Beautiful Minds font family is gorgeous and subtle with its variety of ligatures and stylistic alternatives. This new font family is a duo that has a paintbrush effect for the script to complement the elegant serif typography. To design the wedding invite, if you chose Beautiful Minds, there is a lot to experiment with. It’s is a must-have for your graphic designer toolkit.


More Best Fonts for Graphic Design


25+ Elegant Wedding Invitation Fonts (Script & Calligraphy)

Are you unsure which option is ideal for your invitation? Don’t worry, you can always choose more than one! That’s the allure of these wedding fonts- you know they’ll look even better when combined. The right font will add style and give meaningful insight into your wedding theme.

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