What do you love about the web?

What do you love about the web?

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What do you love about the web? This was a simple question posed by J. Cornelius, president of the AWDG, to a small handful of designers including Jeffrey Zeldman, Cameron Moll, Carl Smith, Jonathan Snook, Whitney Hess, Jeff Croft and myself.

J. asked us to respond in video format and then he compiled the responses together. The result is nothing short of down right inspiring.

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So, what do you love about the web?

11 thoughts on “What do you love about the web?”

  1. lol how funny because before I clicked the video (when I saw the title), my first thought was the same. I LOVE the community. I also worked in a background where knowledge is withheld. Terrible. I truly believe that progress as a whole moves on faster if knowledge is shared. It makes everybody around you, better. This is what true leadership is all about.

  2. On a not serious note, I love the web because it kills so much time for me.

    Serious time: I love the web, because there are so many things for to learn out there. I don’t have to settle learning from physical people (which is not bad and definitely needed), but can take the advice of others who I would never have the opportunity to ever meet.

    It truly is amazing.

  3. As with the pros and cons or everything, the web does provide lots of opportunity to learn. It has replaced traditional media so much that going to the library almost seems like dragging oneself to Sunday church services.

    The downside is it must be practiced with responsibility, socially and personally.
    The web also can be a platform for many things negative.

  4. Great video Jacob. I recently explained to my 16yr old daughter the incredible value of the web….its ability to save the most prescious commodity, time. I used a design project I developed in the early 1990’s as an example, where I spent 3 months researching in libraries. I could now achieve better results with a morning’s web research. Not only does the Internet save time. It continues to inspire & stimulate our creativity, thus injecting the desired upbeat momentum into our daily tasks. At 51yrs, I simply adore the opportunity it provides. And the like-minded multicultural creative community it brings together. People like you have a great deal to be proud of. Thank you, Mark

  5. Great video. What I like about the web is that there are no boundaries (yet). If you can imaging a design or a product you can build with with code. One string of code can change the world.

  6. I think what is so intriguing about the web is the vast open space that it is. The endless possibilities, the content that is available at the click of a few buttons, the interaction it gives and the community that is created in one central place. Nowhere else in the world or in history has any one creation shaped or defined human lives as much as the web has.
    That in itself though is also the major problem with the web. Being such a defining part of pretty much everyone’s lives, the damage it could cause is immeasurable. Major governments could be felled by one concentrated attack, the consequences of which don’t bare thinking about.

  7. this is a beautiful video reply to the question.. they each actually share the same feeling but put it through in different sense…
    very nice 🙂

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