What is the best social media website? Digg, SU, Delicious, Reddit … or?

What is the best social media website? Digg, SU, Delicious, Reddit … or?

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Social Media

I am going to share some of my experiences with you on social media marketing to tell you what is the best social media website for your website and why.You may have noticed over the past 2 weeks that I have geared a couple of my posts a little more towards the social media. I wrote mostly listed posts, with short, sharp information and lots of pictures – social media nuts loves these posts! eg.

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I will share my results from these posts with you, to determine what is the best social media website and why. First off, lets just name the main social media websites out there:

  1. Digg
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Del.icio.us
  4. Reddit
  5. Other Niche Social Media Websites (ie. DesignFloat is a Digg like site for design)

So what is the best social media website for your website and why? To determine the ‘best’ social media website for you it depends on what your after. The usual main reasons for targeting social media websites are for:

  • Traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Regular Readers
  • Links / Exposure
  • Money

I am going to look at these 5 reasons and will be doing so by comparing stats from Google Analytics and my own experiences. Check out the stats for the three pages mentioned above.

Social Media Stats


  • Traffic

As you can see, by getting onto Digg’s front page, it will literally bring thousands of visitors usually within a few hours, but how good is the traffic?The average Digg visitor only stayed on Just Creative Design for 1:12 and only 17% of 43, 000 stayed on my website to check out more of my articles. The real value of this traffic is usually not that great as the huge amount of traffic usually brings down most sites (JCD went down for about 1 hour when we were getting 2000 requests per second) however it does boost your Alexia rank, get exposure, and build links.43,654 Visitors is not something you can really get anywhere else apart from Digg so if it is visitors and traffic your after, go for Digg.

  • Subscribers

You would think after 43,000+ visitors to your site you would get at least some subscribers but after my experience only about 1% of all the visitors subscribed to JCD, 430 subscribers from 43,000? But I can’t be sure that they all came from Digg. About 100 had unsubscribed by the next day.

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  • Regular Readers

This is something I have not been able to track, but usually if you want regular readers I would target smaller social media sites in your niche as they are more interested in what you have to write about. An example is DesignFloat, which is a Digg like site for designers.

  • Links / Exposure

This is something you can’t control but Digg sure does bring exposure to your blog, links were scarce but you do pop up on other social media sites such as popurls and jimmyr which also bring a good amount of traffic.

  • Money

Not worth having PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on your site with Digg, after 60000 page views, only 4 people had clicked on my Google Adsense ads. Digg users generally do not click on ads and they have ad blockers installed. If you have a CPM (Cost Per Mile Impressions) ad system installed this would be more beneficial. Affiliate marketing on Digg is a bit questionable, but generally not successful.

  • Other things worth mentioning:

Digg does bring a mad amount of comments both on your site and on the digg site, for example my recent article 30 Fonts that all designers must own brought over 350 comments to Digg and 50 here on Just Creative Design. Be aware that comments are not always nice but just ignore these!


  • Traffic

The traffic from SU is steady, and in general pretty good in turnover for regular readers. Although it does not bring in huge amounts of visitors all at once like Digg nor in as huge numbers. SU users stayed on Just Creative Design for longer in general and visited at least 2 pages before leaving. You will also notice that it had a very low bounce rate compared to other sites, with 58% of visitors staying on the site!SU users are generally more inclined to stay on your website plus the visitors are steady and usually new (94% new).

  • Subscribers

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Also hard to track, but generally it has a bit better turnover of subscriber numbers after a good stumble post. I would say about 4% subscribe.

  • Regular Readers

A little better than Digg however not as good as targeting niche social media site as I said before.

  • Links / Exposure

Exposure is good, and usually you get links back to people that do posts on ‘the best of so and so’ or link love. If your post is getting stumbled it may be a good idea to submit the article to other niche social media sites.

  • Money

Usually SU users do not click on ads, so this is a bit tough, try using a CPM (Cost Per Mile) advertising solution, something I am going to try soon.


  • Traffic

Traffic usually comes in short bursts, however they are usually more interested in finding out who the author is and what the site is about and they also stay on the site for longer than Digg and Stumble Upon users. Not as many visitors as Digg or SU however a bit better quality traffic as they explore your site more.

  • Subscribers

Have not been able to track this for Del.icio.us users but if they are interested in your blogs topics and sees your site has value, I imagine a small percentage would subscribe.

  • Regular Readers

Also hard to track so can’t really comment on this one.

  • Links / Exposure

Your website is shared amongst all the other users in Del.icio.us which is always great, as you get more exposure and traffic as people bookmark you for future reference.

  • Money

More likely to click on ads however only a small percentage do so as you can imagine, a lot better than SU or Digg in this respect.

  • Other things worth mentioning

Generally if your post makes Digg and it is a resourceful post, your post will also make Del.icio.us and other social media sites.


  • Traffic

Not as many visitors as Digg, SU or Delicious but any traffic always helps! Generally they visit just the page that was posted, hardy ever look around your site, and hardly stay on your site at all. Not that valuable traffic, but traffic none the less.

  • Subscribers

Close to nil.

  • Regular Readers

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Hardly any at all. They usually are interested in the one page that is being linked too.

  • Links / Exposure

Exposure is good as you will get nearly all new visitors to your blog, however they won’t stick around or write about your post.

  • Money

A CPM (impressions) ad system would work best here.

Design FloatNiche Social Media Websites

When I say niche social media websites I mean ones that are targeting at your niche, for example DesignFloat is a digg like site for design related subjects only.

  • Traffic

Less traffic but a lot more valuable in turn of turnover. Visitors are very targeted so are more inclined to subscribe to your blog and explore your site. Design Float has been great for sending visitors my way and is also a sponsor for this site, but I do notice only about 40% of them are new visitors which means I do get a lot of returning visitors.

  • Subscribers

As touched on above, users from niche social media sites are more likely to subscribe as they are interested in what your blog is about and won’t want to miss out on what you have to say.

  • Regular Readers

The best out of any social media site as they are pretty much guaranteed to be interested in your blog.

  • Links / Exposure

The best also as you will get link backs from other blogs who write on the same topic as you.

  • Money

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This depends on the type of advertising you have, if you have targeted ad words for instance then what you write about will reflect what ads are shown. This means if I wrote about design, design related ads are going to show up, and if people are coming from a niche social media site, they are more inclined to click on the ads as it will reflect their interests.As for affiliate ads, it depends on what your trying to sell. CPM would also work but I am in no way a monetizing expert, as I am not in this for the money.


  • If you want lots of visitors and traffic, lots of comments, and thousands of visitors (and maybe your site brought down) and a big batch of subscribers go with Digg.
  • If you want good steady traffic go with Stumble Upon. You will also get a small number of subscribers and they will explore your site at least on average 2 pages.
  • If you want short bursts of traffics and a bit of site exploration and link ups go with Delicious.
  • Reddit users come and go, so this is pretty much only good for page view numbers.
  • Niche social sites are the best way to go if you’re after subscribers and targeted traffic.

What are your experiences with social media? What works best for you? This post was another submission for Vivien’s Social Media Group Writing Project, a project where you can learn more about Social Media. And also Randa Clay’s Ad Group Writing Project which is based around writing a post on a advertising slogan. I based my post on “Make yourself heard” by Ericsson. What better way to get heard than by social media?

45 thoughts on “What is the best social media website? Digg, SU, Delicious, Reddit … or?”

  1. Regan, Well there you go 😛

    Mmlolai, sorry I didn’t understand, what do you mean ‘what about ad clicks’?

    Hi Mike,
    Digg can bring a lot of subscribers just because of the sheer amount of link ups and visitors your get. But glad it was useful.

  2. Eli, thanks for the tip however I have closely monitored it the best I can comparing against times and visitor numbers within Google Analytics. My traffic usually only fluctuates within 20 readers or so.
    Organic traffic is my 4th highest traffic so I got that covered too 😛

  3. Ah, very similar Vivien, and different types of articles… Did you know the article that got dugg (the 30 fonts one) had 350 comments and nearly 3000 diggs? I am still getting trickles of traffic from that one page even a week after it happened so it is not all that bad. Thanks for the reminder about notifying the others I will do that now. I suppose the article does fit into a number of categories.
    DesignFloat is great! It sends a load of traffic and its very easy to get onto the front page. Try submitting your own article 🙂

    Andrew, Well usually you don’t have to ‘try’ to get onto most social sites, if you write good quality content and have a good subscriber base, they will do the work for you. If you average just one article a week which is social media friendly this will do your blog wonders 🙂 I am still receiving thousands of visits a day from stumble upon, and a few hundred from digg and a trickle from delicious.

  4. Hey Jacob, great article! I have always been curious as to the numbers of visitors that Design Float sends to users. I know we have thousands of outbound clicks but I don’t track where they go. It’s a relief to see that you received quality traffic from the project. I can imagine that the amount of quality traffic will only increase for great content producers like you as Design Float continues to grow.

  5. Yes Andrew very true. I just checked my stats of all time and believe it or not but designfloat is my 4th highest traffic sender (closely trailed by organic search engines) with people spending an average of 2min 34secs on my site. Thanks and I do like to advertise designfloat as it is a great service (a bit slow at times) and a good idea. 🙂

  6. This is a great break down. I think stumble is the best for traffic, time on the site, and page views. I rarely focus on any of the others. But stumble is the main one I keep my eyes on at all times.

    Thanks for taking the time to break this all down, it just proves my theories correct 🙂


  7. Please don’t rely on the FeedBurner chicklet for accurate subscriber stats. Mine sometimes goes down 200, then up 200 the next day, it sort of fluctuates.

    Good article by the way, most social media websites though only send traffic that will view 2 pages at the most, which is kind of sad. Target organic traffic, in my opinion!

    Eli’s last blog post..Eye Candy: Neat Scotch Tape

  8. very solid review, Jacob, nicely done. You know I was thinking exactly that – looks like Jacob is targeting Digg with his articles, but didn’t realize it was part of an experiment. Glad you’re back to your usual valuable posts with lots of personal experience behind.

    I did a similar review after one of my posts got on Digg’s frontpage and the other on Reddit. I actually did get slightly more traffic from reddit (by a thousand). I haven’t worked with DesignFload that closely yet, will be looking more into it.

    smart way in combining this post for both my and Randa’s GWPs 😉 Thanks for another great submission.
    Don’t forget to submit this post to Aaron and Karen who hosts sub-projects on del.icio.us and SU respectively (check out their URL’s from my Social Media project announcement).

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..A Bit Of Literature – The Burning City

  9. Well SU does send steady traffic which is great. DesignFloat is great for short little bursts but like I said only about 40% of the visits from designfloat are new.
    I am not so sure about your problem as I have never used SU ads before. Organic traffic is better anyway.

    Let me know of your list when it’s up.

  10. Very interesting article, it has helped me limit my focus to stumbleupon and designfloat. It seems a lot easier to write articles for designfloat, but man, stumbleupon doesn’t really like me. I get about 3 secs on average from them when I tried using stumbleupon ads. The organic stumbleupon traffic does seem to stay longer, which is odd, because its the same article.

    The only way I can tell the two apart is because someone stumbled one of my articles and I got 200 so visits averaging 48 seconds. The next day, I get trickles of stumbleupon hits so I decide to try the stumbleupon ads with that article. When the analytics data came in, it showed that they only stayed for 3 secs. Any idea? The only way a stumbleupon user can tell it is an ad is this little green guy in the corner so I doubt its that. Maybe they are just fickle O.o

    I am going to try to write a list following your short style and see how it goes. Thanks again.

    Vinh Le’s last blog post..Five Blog Design Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

  11. Usually it is frowned upon submitting your own articles. If the articles are of a high standard people will do the submitting for you. Interesting about the science category.

  12. Interesting. I am getting huge (by my standards) traffic from Reddit, not much from the other sites, although I submit many of my blog posts to all four of the big social bookmarkers. I agree that they mostly just seem to look at the one page and then vanish, never to be seen again.

    I’ve found that categorising the post as Science gets me lots of Reddit hits, so that may be another factor.

  13. That’s a fantastic article. I have bookmarked it for future use. Thanks for sharing your experience with the social media websites!

  14. Well, this is a very valuable post. Thanks for the information you provided. It would be great if got more post like this. I appreciate it. I will share it with other and ask more people to come and view your post here. Good Job.

    Eddy Tehs last blog post..Things we would like to see, aka dumb idea no.1 – yaskMicrohoo

  15. I like linked in. I have my friends and business guys on that thing. It hasn’t made any money and I don’t understand why its there but I am linked in just in case someone loses my contact info. 🙂

  16. I figure it will take a total of about 3 months to get totally immersed and up to speed with my new blog, or any new blog, if you are somewhat knowledgeable and savvy with your blogging platform. Figure 4 months if you don’t have the skills before venturing forth. My guess is that after 3 months, you’ll have 75% of the process figured out if you are working at writing good content.

    You had mentioned on a post of mine, Jacob, that the first 3-6 months are the toughest. I’m exactly on track after 6 weeks. This post is like a shadow of what I’m doing now, except no major Digg post of course. This is so fascinating.

    I wonder if there is some other blogging site that carries user-reported stats like 1) what social media you are using, 2) how long are posts, 3) frequency, 4) platform and plugins, etc etc. I bet the data would confirm exactly what you have posted on this “old” post and is likely still exactly true at the end of 2009. It has been exactly the same for me…

    Keep up the great work!

  17. For me it is Hubze,because it will have many like minded people.I do find twitter fun a bit of the time. success2us b.bryan

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