What I've Been Up To

What I've Been Up To

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Over the past few months you would have noticed a few more guest articles than usual. The reason for this is because I’ve been traveling, job searching finding and getting a new US work Visa for my newly signed job. Here is a quick update.


As many of you know, I’m a big fan of traveling and I haven’t stopped during my time here in the USA. Apart from the 22 US states I visited in my initial few months here, I’ve since added a few more; Michigan, Ohio & West Virginia. I’ve also revisited my favourite places a few times; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami & The Hamptons. Other places I had the chance to explore were Pittsburgh (for my TED talk), San Diego, Boston and Canada (Niagra Falls).

I was also just recently back in Australia for 3 weeks visiting friends & family, while awaiting my new visa.

My next trip is very soon & will be to Nassau, The Bahamas. After that it will be Chicago and then probably Hawaii for Christmas / New Year.

Job Searching + New Full Time Position

Over the past year and a half, I’ve freelanced full time for a number of agencies & companies including Carrot Creative, The Wonder Factory, Alexander Interactive & OpenSky. After I left OpenSky in June, I decided to find a long term, full time position so I could stay in the USA for a few more years. ie. I had to renew my Work Visa.

So for about 4 weeks in July I was job searching trying to find the right place to work in NYC, long term. After a lot of searching, many interviews, a number of offers, and some very close decisions, I finally chose to work at Ammirati, a full service advertising agency located in Union Square, Manhattan. My title is ‘Interactive Designer’ and I now work in their interactive department, specialising in UX, UI and brand development.

Ammirati office

I’ve been at Ammirati (lobby shown above) for about 3 weeks now and am enjoying it immensely. The clientele is very diverse… one day I am working on a high end luxury brand, another day, working on a video game website. This helps things keeps fresh & fun, but it is very face paced.

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You can check out Ammirati’s newly designed website, which launched just this week.

Freelance Work

I’m still freelancing on the side, with my main focus in branding & identity design. I’ve also taken on a few interactive design jobs as well but these have been minimal, due to my limited freelance availability.

You can see some of my new work in my portfolio but unfortunately a lot of it can not be shared due to NDA’s.

JCD’s Future

I’ve always tried to keep this blog updated at least once a week and will continue to do so, however I sense that there will be an increase in guest articles due to my new job work commitments. If you have any special requests, articles to submit or suggestions, please do let me know.

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Logo Of The Day is still posting one logo a day too!

Thanks folks!

18 thoughts on “What I've Been Up To”

  1. Hey Jacob!

    Glad to here you found a placeposition you like.

    Are you still coming to Atlanta for Web Design user group meetup next month?


  2. Thanks Ryan and Jonny, it does seem that things have fallen back on track.

    I was planning to however have since postponed it to another date, which is unconfirmed at this time. This is due to work commitments.

  3. Hi there, can’t really tell how I got here (came for the free font book), but find myself coming here daily, found your blog very informative and educating too, my question is what app is mostly used by graphics designers.

  4. I live in West Virginia. Where did you go? there are a lot of awesome places to see but if your not in the right places people can be really strange lol Hope they treated you right because we already have a terrible reputation…

  5. Its interesting that you mention you’re a interactive designer because I’m taking a class that deals with interactive design!

    Hope you are excited to visit Chicago! There are a lot of hot spots to check out so bring your camera!

  6. UX/UI design positions seem to be most in demand right now (compared to web design, logo design, etc.) but it’s hard to find books/websites to learn UX/UI design. Can you recommend any good websites or ways to start learning UX/UI design? Is web design a big part of UX/UI design, or are they completely separate?


  7. Mike,
    To be honest, I can’t even recall the name of the place but it wasn’t long at all in West Virginia. I think it was more of a drive through than a visit and explore trip. Will have to go back to do that.

    Good to hear that there is interactive design classes in the school. It’s focused on design for web & mobile is it not? Yes, I am looking forward to Chicago!

    Yes, digital design is certainly in demand right now. I think most of the books get quickly outdated which is why the Internet is probably the best place to learn. UX / UI is a critical part of web design and they go hand in hand. The UX / UI debate is just like the chicken and the egg debate though… they both happen simultaneously.

  8. Yes it is. I know you currently do UX / UI but have you also had to engineer any sites or applications i.e. using JavaScript, PHP or other server-side scripting for your past jobs?

  9. Yes, was there last time. There was no structure in the event, just met a lot of interesting people and had nice chatting.

    Next time it’s going to be on Sep 22nd, and they gonna discuss a book by Stephen P. Anderson “Seductive Interaction Design”.

    Well, this is not exactly IxDA, but it’s driven by the same people. More info here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/uxbookclubnyc/

  10. Hi Jacob,

    I recently started subscribing to your blog, and I really love your site. It’s been super helpful for me. I am just beginning to explore design for a potential career change (and pure interest) and am taking basic Photoshop and Illustrator classes online.

    What books about principles of design would you say are must-reads for beginners?



  11. mmm many things exciting in 1 year and half, you are my example for to fallow ,now i finished university…. here in Ecuador some know u… im learning of u.. my best wishes in your new job.;)

  12. Hey Jacob!

    It was nice reading about your experiences, all travel has its advantages, not many have the freedom to travel and find new jobs with new experiences. It’s certainly a rare and awesome combination! 🙂

    Good luck!

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