Why a “Meet the Team" Page is Vital + Examples & Trends

Why a “Meet the Team" Page is Vital + Examples & Trends

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This article was contributed by Amanda Athuraliya.

Decide quickly – which one is more like you; buying a product manufactured by a company you have information on OR by a company that hasn’t bothered to provide you with a single detail, or lack thereof, about who they are?

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I’m sure most of us can relate to the first alternative, given that none of us like to go and deliberately buy stuff from unreliable sources!

This is why an “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page on your website is of utmost importance, especially if your website is your primary marketing platform.

Desk Office

Like you would hesitate to go out with someone without any background knowledge on him or her, potential customers who visit your website will not proceed to purchase anything you have to offer, if you fail to introduce yourself to them properly.

However, gone are the days when a few paragraphs about your company in an “About Us” section next to your Home page, was compelling enough to get a web visitor to go and check out the rest of your landing pages.

In an era where openness is heavily promoted among communities, the more information on your company you divulge, the more they’d be willing to trust you. This is where a “Meet the Team” page (instead of a boring About Us section), can be an ideal (and the trendy!) way to introduce your company to your potential customers.

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What Makes the “Meet the Team” Page so Vital

1. It Increases reliability   

If your website is the primary platform for marketing your product or service, a lack of an “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page could simply reduce the reliability of your brand or send your website visitors away, instead of inviting them in.

The visitors who come to your website, upon gathering the information they want on your product, look for the “About Us” section immediately afterwards. Here they search to get an idea as to what kind of a company they are going to deal with; whether the company is reliable, how long it has been in the industry, their team, the technology they use etc.

If this page fails to convince the visitors of your company’s credibility, they certainly will be gone in the blink of an eye. This is why it is necessary not only to have a “Meet the Team page”, but also to make sure that the page reinforces the credibility of your brand.

2. It helps build a lasting relationship between you and the client 

A lasting and healthy relationship between you and your client is based on the ability of the latter to connect smoothly with the former and vice versa. As a businessman you might have your side of the deal taken care of, but it is also your responsibility to make sure that your clients take care of their side of the deal as well.

The easiest way to encourage your clients to develop a relationship with you is to get personal. A “Meet the Team” page that shows a more human side of the company’s team is an effective way to build this crucial connection with your potential customers.

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Allowing your customers to take a glimpse behind the world of your company (how your team is connected, their roles and contribution to the company or the development of the product, their personal information, their hobbies etc.) will instantly make the web visitor feel attached to you. 

3. It showcases the talent of the team

Puzzle Pieces

An essential part of a marketing strategy is showing to the customer, the ability of a company to take care of or provide solutions to her issues with its product or service. This part could easily be accomplished through an informative “Meet the Team” page where you showcase the talent of your team as an attestation of the credibility of the service or the product you provide.

With a “Meet the Team” page, you can introduce each team members individually and highlight their skills in a stimulating way. This is an effective way to get them to trust you and to convince them that you are definitely the right source to fulfill their needs.

4. It helps make your brand memorable 

All the above mentioned benefits of a “Meet the Team” page lead to one thing; the growth of your brand.

While a good “Meet the Team” page shows a level of humanness in the services you provide, reinforces the credibility of your company, encourages the visitor to start trusting you and showcases your team’s talent and skills, all these factors in turn contribute to making your brand a memorable one in the minds of your potential, as well as existing customers.

It puts a face behind a name and gives your company a personality that will assist in the growth of your brand.

What Does It Take to Create a Memorable “Meet the Team” Page?

While a “Meet the Team” page is an essential element of a company website, it may change from company to company depending on the type of business they run.

Following are the 3 main areas you should pay attention to when creating an “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page.

1. Design

Although this page should be consistent with the design of the other landing pages of your website, it should be unique, in the sense that it should be able to grab the attention of the visitor the moment she comes across it.

Use the colors that agree with your website scheme, but use them in a way that captivates the beholder. It is also important to design this page in a way that suits your company. A quirky design would match a website design agency, but it would not agree with a medical website.

But here’s an idea any “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page could use; an Organizational chart.

An org chart is a graphical representation of a company’s structure. It explains the hierarchy of an organizational structure and illustrates the job roles and responsibilities of employees.

Check out the organizational chart I have attached below. A chart like this can be used to represent the team behind any company (you can replace the cartoon avatars with real photographs).

Creately Graph

With a larger team, you can use a larger organizational chart. For an instance, this org chart represents the staff of a university.

Creately Graph

Graphs made with Creately.

2. Language

Like with the design, the language you use on the “Meet the Team” page should also be consistent with the language you use in other pages. However, if you quote the team members, it should remain in their own words as it would add a personal touch to the page.

The language you use may also vary according to the industry your company belongs to; if you are a legal firm, the fact that your CEO loves Yoga might not really impress the visitor! Hence, be careful what you choose to mention about your team, but also remember that the purpose is to get the visitor to feel more at ease when it comes to contacting you.

Their bios could include their responsibilities at work and their skills, but you can always spice it up by mentioning something personal about them that makes them more likeable. 

Including links (links to social profiles, blogs etc.) in the bio of each member is optional, but it is a great way to showcase the skills of your members.

Allowing your website visitors to follow your team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is a great way to increase the chances of building a lasting relationship with them and get them to know you better (even before they actually contact you).

Examples of 6 Awesome “Meet the Team” Pages



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Curalate, in addiction to the names and the job titles of the team members, uses funny images to introduce them to the visitor. What is special here is that, each image includes an element or a prop that sheds light on the person’s personality. Despite the fact that they only give limited information on the team members to the visitors, their ‘Meet the Team’ page is attractive and catchy.



The Moz team is presented to its visitors in a very user-friendly manner. The visitors are given the option to sort the members by the work category or the team they belong to. And upon clicking the image of the member, you can find a separate page dedicated to her with a small introduction that includes a range of information from what she does at Moz, her social media profile links to her hobbies.



The ‘Meet the Team’ page of Rethink, certainly makes the visitor rethink of them from time to time.  The staff and partners, standing on small round platforms, seem like action figures at first sight. Each holds on to a prop which highlights a certain characteristic of that person. Although their titles are not mentioned on ‘the Meet the Team’ page, once you click their images, a sufficient introduction to the person is given, including a way to connect with her. The images may be in black and white, but the page is certainly very dynamic!



Kickstarter’s Meet the Team page is simple, but attention-grabbing, especially since they consider the adorable pet dogs that commute to work with their owners, as part of the team as well.  When you hover over the picture of a member, you can see how many projects she has backed so far and which is her favorite category in terms of interests, based on which they are then divided into groups. However, the visitor is not given any other information, such as the job titles, links to their social media channels etc. on the team members.



Via parallax scrolling, Wonderwall gives the site visitor a unique experience in navigating through their ‘Meet the Team’ page.  On the Meet the Team section of the page, features an image of the team posing in front of a fictional background. Although only the name and the job title of the members are displayed here, by clicking the “+” mark, more information on their skills and their responsibilities at the company can be uncovered.

Carrot Creative

Carrot Creative

Carrot Creative uses cartoon avatars of employees instead of real images on their ‘Meet the Team’ Page. However, once you click on the avatar, you can uncover a real image of the member posing entertainingly on, in front of, beneath etc. an orange couch. On the right hand side of this image is a brief and funny description (given by themselves), explaining what they like and dislike. Plus the team can be filtered by each department they belong to as well.

What Are Your Ideas for a “Meet the Team Page”?

In this age where people expect to learn everything about anything or anyone online conveniently, remaining a “Closed Book” is the fastest way to failure. You do not have to reveal the Social Security Numbers of your employees, but letting the visitors know how your team contributes to building the product that they are hoping to purchase at the end of the day is a surefire way to get them to go through with their decision.

Follow the tips above to design a “Meet the Team” page that will both engage your visitors and encourage them to convert into your customers. If you have any other unique ideas on how to create an engaging “Meet the Team” page, do share it with us in the comment section below.

About the author: Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Cinergix, the team behind the development of the online diagramming tool, Creately. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics that differ from SEO to website designing to Organizational Charts.

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6 thoughts on “Why a “Meet the Team" Page is Vital + Examples & Trends”

  1. Nice Collections..Thankz for sharing these..I feel building a personal connection with your audience is one small step towards a mutual trusting relationship. If you provide services through your company or design studio, a nice treat for visitors is finding a team page on your website. They get to know a bit about who runs the company and who else is working on projects.

  2. Nice Collections.Thank You for sharing these.I think building a personal connection with your audience is one small step towards a mutual trusting relationship. If you provide services through your company or design studio, a nice treat for visitors is finding a team page on your website. They get to know a bit about who runs the company and who else is working on projects.

  3. I agree you Jacob ! Every website should have a team members page. This page will help the customers to understand from whom he should make contact. This thing increase trust too.

  4. Great stuff. Yes, every website should have “Meet the team” page. The customer comes to know that the hierarchy and management of the company. Thanks for sharing.

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