Win a HP ENVY 14 Spectre Laptop

Win a HP ENVY 14 Spectre Laptop

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HP Spectre
Win this HP ENVY 14 Spectre. Details below.

I was recently invited to attend a ‘top secret’ event held by HP. They emailed me and asked if I would like to attend an exciting ‘hunt’ between 4 and 8pm on a Thursday afternoon, at an undisclosed location. They were extremely vague about the event and they said to just show up, “it would be worth it”. Knowing how HP works with PR, I agreed and showed up.

What was to follow was a set of extraordinary events, especially if you know how the company Accomplice works – the company that runs the show / hunt / tour / experience. Without giving too much away the hunt consisted of a variety of random, extremely funny events and objects. A few are outlined below.

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Singing Italian construction workers, fortune cookies, live frogs, 3D maps found in locked boxes held by paranoid bums, Russians on the the run from the police, USB sticks with self exploding videos, blind men giving directions, albino midgets holding lemons and flying snakes.

With a line up like that you can just imagine how interesting, weird & fun the tour was – I highly recommend checking out Accomplice if you are in New York, London or Hollywood.

Anyway, at the end of the hunt, a winner was chosen from our group to win a HP Spectre laptop. Unfortunately I didn’t win, however I do have one to give away! Check out the photos and how to win below. (Entries now closed)

Jacob Cass at Dinner
Me, awaiting the announcement of who won the HP Spectre at the event. Sadly, I didn't!
Live frog with construction worker
We picked up a live frog from a singing construction worker.
Blind Man Giving Advice
The "blind" man who gave advice to the group.
Eating with the group and an Italian Accomplice actor / comedian.
Eating with the group and a 'Russian' Accomplice actor / comedian.
HP Spectre Laptop Demonstration
The group testing out the HP Spectre at the end of the hunt.

About the HP ENVY 14 Ultrabook

  • It has scratch-resistant glass on three surfaces for a stunning look
  • Beautiful 14” inch high definition display and up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Beats Audio sound technology, designed by HP with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, and an analog dial to adjust audio levels
  • Backlit keyboard for those late nights

You can read more about the HP ENVY 14 Spectre here or a review here.

Win a HP ENVY 14 of your own. (Now Closed)

I’d love to get some feedback on my blog and how it is currently running, so to enter, simply let me know what things you think could be improved on my blog. Let me know what you like, don’t like and what you would like to see (or not see) on the blog. Simply leave your comment below, that’s it!

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  • Only USA residents can enter
  • Only one entry per person
  • The winner will be drawn from the best ten answers
  • The winner will need to fill out a a W-9 tax form
  • The winner will be emailed directly and announced on this post on May 20th

The Winner!

Congratulations to Stan Banks of Delaware, the winner of the HP Envy. Thank you everyone else for your entries, and may the odds ever be in your favour.

Legal Disclaimer:
Prizes and promotional support was provided by HP. I was not compensated for this post in any way. Good luck!

98 thoughts on “Win a HP ENVY 14 Spectre Laptop”

  1. Jacob, like the new design. love the simplicity of it all. overall it’s great.

    my only pet peeve is your “back to top” button (bottom right of the page) and social buttons at the top. the circular form they use just doesn’t fit the nature of the rest of the site design, which makes use of mostly angled hard edge shapes. Maybe go with a pink angled triangle (with the current mini arrow inside, just make it white) for the “back to top” button instead? the circular back to top button is especially frustrating on the mobile version as it gets int he way, overlapping the actual content (my experience on iPhone 4S).
    maybe for the social buttons, use angled shapes, kind of like your search button. you could even rotate every other one 180 deg., so the first/second and third/fourth social buttons “fit together”.

    anyway, here’s hoping I win! and hope you find my suggestions useful.

    • I like the new site, though I mainly read your content from my RSS feed. I too would love more articles on things you are working on & the process. Unlike others, I like the ’round’ buttons… unique!

      ThanX for the entry! 🙂 Keep the content coming!

  2. Jacob, I’d love to see more articles about the projects you’re working on and the process you use to achieve the final result. I absolutely loved those articles when I first started reading your blog a few years ago, they even helped me design my personal logo. I feel like I haven’t seen too many of those lately, and I’d love for you to bring them back!

  3. Well this is exciting. I hope this whole contest isn’t one giant joke on me because this seems too good to be true as my laptop takes its last, dying breaths to help me enter for it’s betrayal. If this is a joke that would be one thing I don’t like about your site, what a mean joke. If it isn’t a joke then that’s one great thing about your site. But seriously, I think you offer very high quality articles with good information and I personally think that you write well about the topics. You do a great job of linking to other relevant articles as well. I often start on your site and find myself 20 sites away researching topics that I’ve been interested in but can’t seem to find too much high quality information on. I enjoy the clean look of the site (though I”m still adjusting to the changes in looks) and the easy navigation. Unsurprisingly, you do a great job of carrying the look and your brand throughout the site. You do a great job promoting yourself.

    I don’t have much bad to say as you are doing a far better job running a blog than I could ever hope to accomplish. My only request would be for more content more often. I understand that you have a job as well and your time is likely limited but maybe in lieu of more updates you could make a weekly topic for debate or the like to spark more conversation by your fans on your site. Also I always prefer reading the entries about projects you’ve worked on and your processes as I always find these types of articles interesting, so more of those would be great as well.

    You dah bomb.

  4. Hello Jacob, what a cool experience you had with HP!

    I love the redesign of your website and how it adapts with mobile devices. The only thing I would change, or rather rethink, is the “scroll to top” button. On the iPhone I feel it keeps pulling my attention away from the content. I get the point of it and it’s a unique solution, but after a while it gets in the way.

    Keep up the great work, you’re a constant inspiration.

  5. Jacob, well first of all I would love to give praise on the subtle features your blog has. Such as the changing of the JUST logo as your hover over nav links and the B&W to color change on your picture on the home page as you hover it. But, a suggestion would be to maybe look back to on your career and give personal examples of steps, hurdles or give comments/suggestions to those starting out.

  6. Greetings!
    My name is Khalilah and I am a full time graphic designer (part time zombie slayer). I’ve been studying graphic design since my high school years and I can honestly say that your blog is the HOLY GRAIL of inspiration. It’s been 4 years since I stumbled upon your site for the first time and I LOVE IT!! This site inspired me to appreciate the design process and the beauty of logo design.
    It’s always great to see design professionals like yourself giving back to the community and taking time to spread knowledge that will help other designers in the their journey to great success.

    Thank You!
    And May the 4th be with you (….It’s Star Wars day)


  7. Hi Jacob, I’d like to give you some feedback on your site. What is working on the site is how easy it is to contact you, it’s very clean and easy to read, love the typography.

    What doesn’t work (for me) is that it comes off as being a bit egocentric. I understand that you are trying to attract clients, but your work is wonderful and I think that it should stand for itself a bit more.

    Examples: there are many photos of you on the site – home page, left navigation menu, in the content itself. Yes, you are a handsome man, but I think it would suffice to put a pic of you in the “About” section. Otherwise it begins to feel like a real estate agent’s advertising placard. Also, the rollover on “About” changes the title to say “JUST(TM) Extraordinary” which seems a bit boastful (notice I didn’t say untruthful).

    Tone that down a bit and I think your site will hit the mark.

  8. Jacob, I’ve been reading for quite awhile and have found you as a great “mentor” for my design work. Your ideas on how you manage your work as well as the insights into how you developed some of your work are both fascinating and extremely helpful in opening my mind to further ideas.

    Just keep bringing more of both, and I’ll be happy.

  9. Hey, thanks for the contest, Jacob.

    To be honest with you the biggest issue that I have with the site is the line spacing.

    I know that it may be small quibble, but i find it oddly difficult to travel from line to line. I confess though that I primarily read via RSS, though.

    Thanks for the great work and thanks again for the contest.


  10. Hello.

    I have been a relatively long time reader and subscriber. I liked the 3 column layout of the original site and I especially like the redesign. I love how the hot pink pops and I think you’ve come up with something special and fresh.

    For improving the site I think it’s a simple as merging your fresh new look while heading back to the root of the site’s beginning. Back then, you authored more posts, more frequently and while I understand that you can only do as much as time permits, I would like to see more of what made this site popular, your insight and life experience. I too would like to see more process posts showing sketches, hurdles, rough drafts and client problems. A process post I enjoyed was about a window company and the work that led you to the final result. I remember once you wrote a post about a potential client emailing you through the site attempting to low ball your prices, but to no avail because you stuck to your guns and declared your worth. I found that helpful at the time. Another favorite post was about pricing and why design doesn’t cost 5 bucks. That article will be useful to anyone, anytime. More recently I thought your post on the perfect web design Photoshop layout was more of I used to see from Just Creative Design. Insightful, unique, and very helpful. Summing up, blend the old with the new and you have something timeless here.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  11. I do think you can utilize the text space more. It doesn’t seem like the blog text stretches out as far as the width of the blog area. Also, the comment form could use similar css curves like the comment boxes… maybe. If it’s not distracting.

  12. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

    I really do love the new layout. Very simple, but appealing. However, I also think the line-spacing may be a bit much. The site seems too long and while I praise you for considering legibility, it’s still a bit much.

    Otherwise, your articles are great and I truly enjoy this site!

  13. I personally love your blog and find it as a source of inspiration. I love to look at your work. One thing I find lacking now, however, is that the personal section of your portfolio is rather empty now.

    Another thing is that I feel like you use the curves and the JUST™ a tad too much. While I understand that the more people see your brand, the more it will be in their mind, I feel that they’re already at your site and they see the logo/domain/etc. No need to plaster your brand all over.

  14. I like the look and feel of the website, especially the mixture of symmetry and asymmetry. The posts are informative, but I’d like to see a little more depth with the topics. Specifically, more topics that allow readers to engage each other within th context of a post or a design topic…


  15. I love this new redesign. Have been in touch with articles here since 2010. Am revisiting after a month.

    This is really exciting and also an opportunity for winning a laptop but since its only open for US residents I need to ask if I get lucky, can my cousins in US fulfill those W9 form filling and other related stuff and receive the prize ?

    I like : The change of header-image after the JustTM upon hovering the nav.
    I guess this needs a mod : And I too agree with Paul Jobson’s comment about the “Back To Top” Button coming in the way. I would suggest decreasing the size.

    I can’t much as am still not so good at it. 😛

  16. The new simplistic design is amazing. It leaves me with a fresh, clean feeling. I agree with Paul Jobson concerning the “Back To The Top” buttons however. It just seems they cold be more prominent in color, yet less obtrusive on a mobile platform.

    As a budding designer myself, I really enjoy the content you put out on your blog. Fresh, new ideas help the creativity juices flow within me and so I make use of several blogs and yours is one that I frequent regularly. It has proven to be a source of inspiration to me and I thank you for that.

    I would love to see “start to finish” articles appear more frequently. In order to see what makes you tick so to speak and the methods you use to get to the finish line, from though, to inception, to design, to finished product.

    I am still learning and find that sometimes my methods are disorganized and wish that I could find some rhythm to make the journey more seamless. So seeing how others work is a great asset to me. I am able to achieve my goal eventually, just feel like i could evolve into a work mode that would be a lot less bumpy and chaotic along the way.

  17. I am a relatively new fan. I first saw this blog about a year ago. I’ve noticed in that time that you are writing less. I’d love to hear more about what keeps you away (workwise) but I understand how time consuming it is. As a novice designer, the articles on your process are great mentorship for me. Thank you. I don’t mind the pink color and the sweeping corners. They are examples of your prescient design. I went to the articles archive to better give advice as you ask. I was unable to access any in the WordPress section, not even the one on how to create an 404 page! So my suggestion is to check those links and the non-existent error message. I’d like to read well-written and unbiased opinions on hardware, software, frameworks, editors, languages, and development for designers.

  18. I enjoy the varied perspectives provided by you and your guest authors. I’m also a fan of the new design. The one gripe I had appears to have been fixed; the portfolio category buttons didn’t work previously, but they now break things down as they should.

  19. Hi Jacob.
    I love the insights you give all designers on the blog. You’re way of looking at things and enthusiasm for design is a valuable resource for any designer.

    I would like to see more of your current work, and more interviews with working professionals. What originally got me hooked on your blog was a fantastic interview with Jeff Fisher.

    I am really enjoying your re-branding. although I always loved that pencil logo.

  20. Dude…. If it’s you, it’s perfect just the way it is! PERIOD…. I am unable to pick pieces out of a perfectly YOU site to win…. If it’s your heart & ideas, that’s what matters.

  21. I do like the redesign, and I especially like the addition of the “Back to Top” button. It’s extremely convenient and not distracting at all. I like your hover (mostly the ‘back to top’ and social network buttons you customized) features all over the site, especially how they match your color palette. I do think the banner on the home page takes up too much real estate. I’d say take that out and just add your photo on the left like you had before, or find other place for it. I liked being able to get on your page and be able to click on your most recent blog post.

    Overall though, really nice job. I enjoy looking through your site and reading current and previous blog posts. -Carolina

  22. I love the new site design! The adaptive layout is wonderful, but why not go for a fully fluid and responsive layout? Extremely high resolution monitors are going to continue to become more common, and your site currently stops expanding at 960px. Perhaps your site analytics reflect differently, but I’m guessing that high resolution monitors are especially common with your visitors due to the audience of the site mostly being designers. I’m sure that coding your current CSS breakpoints was already a lot of work, but you might as well take that extra step and make the site completely fluid on all screen sizes. I think that limiting yourself to a makimum width of 960px is a step backwards in terms of the ideology behind responsive design.

    Thank you for all of your contributions to the design community, and I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future!

  23. See, now my improvement would be ask HP to open the competition to your friends in the UK!

    Looks like you all had fun,
    Good luck with the competition!

  24. Hi, I love you site. I just wish I had found it before I turn in my portfolio to get in the graphic design program at Georgia State University.

    I do have some question: Is a degree in graphic design necessary? Or just a strong portfolio. If I don’t have any clients how do you create that strong portfolio. Would it be unethical to create project (tutorial) that I found in books and website and put those in my portfolio. Or should I just redo my class assignments?

  25. This blog is one of the blogs i seen and I check back often. I still think the old logo was better then this one i came i few month before the change, but I guess it was time for a change. This logo while not as symbolic I think it stands out more and has a stronger appearance. This website as a whole stands out more. Everything is accessible and the interaction gives the since that the website is alive. And the branding is freakn’ awesome, you engage your audience well with things like this competition and the random JUST… Competition.

    There are some articles as of recent that I have been missing as of recent. The logo design process articles gave me a great in site to whats going on as a newbie into the design game. I think if possible there should be more of those. Hands down the best article i read on the blog was about making people respect your work and how to get them to do so. That conversation article has helped me out tremendously and gave me a new outlook on dealing with clients looking for the cheapest price. I would also like to see more moving and motivating blog posts.

    As far as recommendations I would say try videos here and there. This is the only blog I a willing to read, I am a visual learner as most of us creative people are. you do a great job with the imagery on the website. Due to a learning disability I have to read thing two or three times to commit it to memory. This is nobodies fault, but a video here and there would be great. Lastly, if you can find anyone on your caliber try having guest blogs or featuring work from the community once a week or so to give out more interaction.

    I’d like to thank you for the help you provided throughout the blog and also for this opportunity to possibly win… most importantly JUST JUST JUST KEEP THE CONTENT COMING.

  26. Hi Jacob!

    First off, enjoyed the pictures from the event, seemed very interesting indeed! As for the site, I am loving the design and how smooth and clean everything looks. I don’t have any real suggestions for improvement to be honest. I think it has more on your personal preference as far as the layout/colors etc. The “rollover” on the main menu is pretty cool! With all that being said, thankyou for a resourceful and very informative blog!

    Best wishes!


  27. Hey Jacob,

    Before I leave a splinter in your heart,
    I’d like to say that your blog has both Style & Substance.
    which obviously reflects your ability as an all around creative.

    Thank you for providing such an amazing resource
    and sharing much of what you’ve acquired in
    your short but amazingly meaningful career as a designer.

    About that splinter…
    Just a personal preference,
    but I’m just not used to the content being on the right side.
    Having your pic and navigation on your left
    definitely gets them read though.

    With my Best Regards,
    A l a n

    PS. The fact that the last paragraph looks like a bird being flipped

  28. I love how you cover a wide of topics. Keep up the good work. I usually read your blog posts in Outlook, as I follow a large number of blogs, and I appreciate that you use full posts in your feed.

  29. Very Clean, easy on the eyes, and the bright color really grabs you attention. JUST’ Simple!

  30. Jacob,

    I love your blog! I have recently finished my Associates degree in Web Graphic Design and used many of your posts as references in my classes. I’ve also saved some of the posts that had information I wanted to refer back to in the future while on the job. I especially like the articles that explain the whole process of creating a project. The “how tos” are very helpful for me as a beginner.

    Of course, I also loved the blog posts about your trips with all of the pictures. It is great to see vacation photos from places that I have never been. Thanks for all the great info!


  31. Hello,
    This was actually a really hard task because your design is excellent (well-thought out and executed, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and effective). Here are my suggestions:

    Portfolio – Consider adding a brief description of the project in the image slideshow frame if possible. Also if you have written a post about that project, maybe include the link to that post as well. I believe the amount of pieces in your portfolio has been reduced from the previous site. I understand the need to showcase what you consider the best of the best, but given your experience in a way I feel there should be more or at least an almost equal amount of pieces in each category. Are you on Behance? If you are you may want to add a link to your profile to your social media list. If not, it’s another portal to showcase your stuff.

    About me: You have by far the most extensive about me section I have ever seen on a personal website. It’s great, but there’s so much information. Maybe consider adding a menu on the top for the different sections like you did with your FAQ page or your Articles page.

    Home page: This may be an error with my browser, but all your featured article information does not show up. I only see the title and the article image which has been cut off. I’m guessing that there is supposed to be a preview of the article which includes the title, an image, and the first paragraph? (I’m using firefox btw).

    Articles: I’m a fan. I love when you write and I find the information extremely informative. You always provide references and solid advice. I agree with many of the others, I would like to see more of your work and the process.

    Overall, you do a wonderful job and you inspire me. So thank you!

  32. Hi Jacob,

    I pretty much like the Just Creative website. Great and simple design, I like the “one rounded corner” thing, donno how to call it, but I like how you are using it.

    I think it has pretty good usability, clear&neat UI. Responsive design > Awesome.

    The content is well structured, the main navigation menu at the top is easy to understand and the new JUST brand has a clever touch to it.

    I’m not that crazy about the magenta(pink) color, but this is quite subjective.. and it it were my website I would use more colors…

    So my improvements advice:

    Have some “balls” and try to add some more color to the website, I would say its a bit dull cause its only gray and the magenta… but that’s just my point of view 🙂

    And I also think the vertical sidebar on the left could scroll with the content, that is: have a fixed position, so the content scrolls but the sidebar is always fixed in one place, just to make it more easy [but just for higher resolutions, as its responsive design, make this work only for large displays and leave it as it is for smaller displays[mobile] 🙂

  33. Hi! I am brand new to the site. Although I don’t know anything about design, I am fascinated by the process, by the way designers think. Getting inside a designer’s head is like a peek behind the scenes of everyday life- the graphics and logos that surround us and influence us daily. So from a consumer (as it were) viewpoint, I agree with the requests for more content! Tell me about the process and how designers see the world. And an ‘Ask the Designer’ feature would be awesome- a way to make the site more interactive. Does it make sense to say I’d like to be drawn in more?

  34. Jacob,

    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog these past few years, it’s survived several rounds of “pruning” of my feed reader. 😉

    Your articles on your design process is what drew me here. At a time when other blogs were posting industry news and “Top X lists,” you were posting your thought process on various (and great) design projects. Learning from someone’s work for real, actual clients is worth a hundred “tutorial” articles elsewhere.

    Please keep articles like these coming. They are what make this place unique, and they are something only you can do.


  35. Wow, difficult to pick a quibble with this site…it’s just a little thing, but the line widths don’t seem to extend the full width of the blog container, which would be nice…I like a longer line width when I’m reading. Also, reading the comments brings up something I’ve not noticed: the round doesn’t really match with the angled corners, although they’re different enough that it’s pulled off in a strange, awesome, way. Keep up the good work!


  36. Wow, what a great contest. My suggestion is to go back to older style process articles, show behind the scenes stuff. That (and I see a lot of other commentators) is really what made me like this site and I’ve been reading for a number of years now. Some of the guest posts I could really care less about. Another thing that I think you did very well is your call to action right at the top of the home page. Your footer is rather enormous, but it doesn’t bother me, I rarely, if ever, scroll down that far anyway. Overall, I really like the site, even though most of the blog posts (unless I have something to say) I read in my email anyway (and please keep it that way, i hate being forced to click the link).
    Cheers Jacob, keep up the great work, and I always welcome great contests! 8)

  37. The new layout is an ideal example of a responsive and usable design. Looks great on my tablet, phone and large monitor. A few things that seem to bother me is that the site doesn’t necessarily give you the credit you deserve.

    I always say “Show, don’t tell”. Landing on this site for the first time it has the typical blog feel, it doesn’t feel, to me, like an amazingly creative designer owns the site, I do understand the trade off of crazy graphics for responsiveness and usability but for a designer I know you can create a little more of a unique feel for yourself.

    And who’s to say the site is complete? I’m always adding and upgrading little things on my websites to improve site experience without trying to totally revamp it, although it is hard when your never satisfied 😛

    Also think the new logo is a bit too plain, pretty much just a font face, that is the direction a lot of larger and more prominent brands are heading though and that is understandable, no one can mistake the new name.

    Regardless I still like the white theme, really hard to pull off in my opinion but you did a great job organizing everything on the site. Also it’s really interesting and useful for clients to get to know the designer in a more personal way, your not just another guy behind a screen and your blog shows that your active, social and friendly and that can be excellent for someone to know prior to hiring you.

    Take Care.

  38. First off let me say I find your blog very informative and inspirational. What I think could be improved is the way in which material is presented in your articles section. I think the ‘pick a topic’ option could be eliminated and each topic could have its own group with a picture, title,and a preview of the latest article under the group name and when the viewer clicks in that group for ex. ‘Logo Design’ they will see all articles in chronological order showing a picture, title, and a preview of each article. A drop down box at the end of each article allowing the viewer to chose which article he/she would like to read within the same group would save time instead of having to go back to the previous page to select another article would also be helpful.

  39. Hello
    I love your tips and strategies. The articles are very much to the point and easy to follow your tips and strategies. You pose questions that one can develop their own creative energy.

  40. Love your work and site content! It has been a great source of inspiration for me when I hit a creative block. There are a few things I love about the new site:

    1. Fonts From link (is that new?)… Genius! It’s like food bloggers who are willing to share their recipe.
    2. Cool Features… the drop down menu from the top is great. Very unique.
    3. Not overloaded… I hate sites that are overloaded with too many features, graphics and junk
    4. Great content… I love that you did a post about digital vs. offset printing. No one talks about print design anymore! Old school design geeks like me (even though I’m only 34) still love the art of printed design work, the nervous sense of excitement you get at a press check, and the smell of freshly printed press ink!

    The only thing I don’t like about the site is that it is almost too sparse for my taste. I love minimalism but I’d like to see more of your work showcased around the site. The only prominently featured image is your face, which while handsome I’m sure, doesn’t showcase you’re awesome talent!

  41. I was sad to see the pencil logo retired, but I love the new site. My favorite part is the pull down ribbon and rotating phrases.

    The only things I could see changing about the site is a works in progress area with a RSS feed from your Dribbble page and what seems like an abundance of whitespace when viewed on a large monitor.

  42. Hi Jacob! LOVE your Blog. Admire your style! The information you share is very helpful and inspirational. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  43. love your site redesign. very clean, very easy on the eyes, very easy to navigate.

    the only things that bug me are the navigation being on the left… just feels awkward as i read.

    and the limited color palette. love the pink but it still feels sterile. another, warmer color would help liven the space up a bit.

    other than that, great work.

  44. It sucks that only people in the USA can enter. Alot of us were with you from the beginning. A few in the start and others picked up along the way. It seems that now that your in the U.S. your only audience is there. Weve followed you across the world and sat bitting our nails when your first job did not pan out. Your experiences are our experiences, and your journeys are our journeys. Whats next…Brazil and only catering for brazillians ? We should have the option to pay for shipping if we won and want the prize. Its more than a free gift, its something from you! something valuable…sort of a medal on the fireplace moment. Proud and we want everyone to see it.

    • Hi Rosleigh,
      I understand and I would certainly ship to other countries if I could. I asked HP about this but due to shipping and tax complications they restricted the competition to the US only. Thanks for the kind write up. In the future I will try get prizes for the world. 🙂

  45. Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with your site, though I do miss your old logo of your initials as a pencil, I thought that was very creative and original.

    I’ve gotten some great information from your blog, but the one thing I would love to know is how do you work full-time and keep up your blog? I know for the best SEO you need to have a blog and it’s the one step I haven’t taken yet because I don’t want to be one of those designers that only blogs once every 6 months. Help for NOOB designers would be greatly apprectiated. I don’t plan on supporting myself completely with Freelance work, but I would love to get some freelance jobs on the side…how did you start out when you got out of school? When you look back, what were the biggest achievements that got you to where you are today?

    Thanks Jacob!

    Ric Faust

  46. Hello Jacob,
    I believe the blog is well designed and functions very well. The only I would like to see is video. You attend some amazing events and have equally amazing experiences that pictures just draws us in to a certain point. I feel that I could be a part of all your great experiences more with video. Just think about it.

  47. At first I really didn’t like the pink color you chose, but then I realized I kept thinking about it and then I would think about it some more. Then I realized I was thinking about it and further realized what a good choice it was.

    I would change the headshot. As good as the design of this site is, something just feels a little fake about the smile. The headshot you had on your old site was so much more natural.

  48. Honestly, this site annoys me. It annoys me because it seems no matter how hard I try I just can’t make my sites look as good as this one. It’s well organized, aesthetically pleasing, not cluttered, and user friendly. I don’t have to dig around through pages to find what I’m looking for. Honestly, the only thing I would change is the color. I don’t like that hot pink, I’d go with a blue. But that’s just me. As for new features, I’d definitely like to see some video tutorials. You’re doing a wonderful job and I wish more sites looked like this. Keep up the good work!

  49. First off Jacob, you can not improve perfection. I find that your blogs are so much more reader friendly, easy to navigate and altogether more appealing than others out there. Sometimes I check out a new bog site and realize that the writer really has no clue what blogging is about. Keep up your great entries and great designing! By the way, I really think that the name site additions when navigating to new pages are clever!

  50. Most of the site looks good and functions very well. However the web design portion of your portfolio could be better. For one thing the images only give a very general idea of the layout design which is only the aesthetic dimension of what was produced.

    A web design client needs to be able to make a buying decision off of functionality, usability and flow in addition to the visual design elements (which are very good). There is also very little information about your web design skills and what technologies you utilize, such as JQuery or whether you build for content management systems.

    If you either allowed the websites to be launched from the portfolio or better yet did a video walk through that could be watched in full screen so they can have the “experience” of the site while you get to explain the functionality and design process first hand, I think that would be a huge improvement.

    I also think a video explaining your logo design methodology whiling walking a viewer and potential client through that design process would go a long way toward educating both other designers and clients, quickly and easily.

  51. I will admit that I have “lurked” this site for a few years now. But to be honest a chance for a new laptop was just TOO tempting to pass up. I’ve always admired the minimalist approach to design on your site. So I welcome the sleek beveled and sharp edge combination with open arms. I’m glad you kept what appears to be the same color scheme. My dislike comes from a place of understanding but I’ve grown accustomed to the old logo (as I’m sure many have). I say a place of understanding because the rough edges of the Just Creative mark would not have integrated into the new look of the site as well.

    At the end of the day I really had to force myself to come up with a dislike for the site for competition sake. Other than that, the new look suits you well. All the best.

  52. I think that you website look great. If I could add anything it would be some type of background theme just to bring the page out. The pics are just the right size. I think if you were to add a media section consisting of videos whether it be your personal vlog or videos about your life chronicled at this current phase in your life, it would give readers and viewers a more personal connection. Keep up the excellent work.

  53. Hi Jacob,

    I agree with most of the comments that the new site is really great. It really shows the possibilities of a responsive site.

    One thing that I think might help improve the UX would be to have a “add comment” button right at the end of the article. I know it’s logical to have it after all the comments since they are listed in chronological order. But, I think having the add comment box readily available might provide a better experience. It could even just scroll the user down to the comment box.

  54. Hey Jacob,

    I love JUST Creative and come to it for inspiration, and come to it very recently as I develop my own site.

    If there’s a suggestion I have, it’s that I’d like to see more interactive / experiential sections to your site. Your site is very text heavy and it’s great since you can write efficient copy, but I know that you are a highly skilled designer and it’d be great to see what sort of interactive and “Web 3.0” ideas you have about the web. As an interactive developer, I have been seeking out more inspiring resources for unique / new experience design, and I’d love to see your perspective on that.

  55. Bring your tutorials and process to the fore front. It took me some time to dig around to find out where it was hidden at. You are a sharp individual so why not share that? A few more how-to-ish articles might be a fun change of pace.

  56. Hi Jacob. I like you new site design with the updated logo. I especially like your use of the bright pink color (it is an unexpected choice of sorts from a design standpoint (though I know it carries over from the last design) that really jumps as an accent color).

    If there is one thing that I find myself wanting to see as I look at your site it is to see your logo just a little larger in the top left of the page.

    I’m also wanting to see the “Just Take a Look” button a little larger as well.

    That’s my 2 Cents.

    I appreciate your work and have enjoyed your site for some time. Keep inspiring us!

  57. I love that this blog is very simple and real. I especially love the lack of banner ads everywhere. A few more videos would be good but overall I am loving this!
    Keep it up!

  58. I love the mobile version. I haven’t had as much time to keep up with your site since the redesign, but the one thing that gets old for me is that the “tm” is so frequently used. I understand its importance, but you could probably do a little toning down on the usage.

    For instance, I’d be inclined to revert to “comments” rather than “Just Creative Comments”

    Keep up the good work!

  59. Honestly, it’s hard to criticize this site. It’s very easy to use. Perhaps you could include more giveaways? Video articles? Polls? Just a bit more interactivity would be nice. Thanks!

  60. Well, I like the logo change. It’s ok to make changes as your style gets more sophisticated. I think that’s what happened there.

    The site always provides great talking points and new ideas. I follow the logo of the days pretty regularly and like seeing new inspiration and learning a little bit of history. It gives something for me to build on within my own design.

    Overall it’s nice to follow the career of a young designer- and pick up some great tips!

  61. I love a lot of things about your site, but have a little issue with the large header (which features your picture) in general. I don’t have an issue with the picture, but the unnecessary links (and clutter) the header adds.

    The blog is listed right under it, so a link is unneeded. There are two visible links to click through to your portfolio (top bar, side bar), so the link to the portfolio is unneeded – the same can be said for contacting you and for learning about you, as those also have links in the top nav bar and side bar. All of this can also be found through that drop down menu from the top right.

    To me, it’s all unnecessary and clutters up an otherwise beautiful page, as it takes up a decent amount of space. I would work on simplifying the header and making it smaller.

    Side note, I think you’re an incredible designer. Much love.

  62. Jacob,

    Let me first say that this is my first time visiting your site on my phone – and wow! It’s a great experience. I think it was a great idea doing this contest – I’m sure your traffic and exposure will increase.

    Also, it’s lit a bit of a fire under me to finally freshen up my own site.

    In regards to the HP Spectre – what a beautiful machine. I, for one, am a fan of the styling. I’m an Apple fan for sure, and I think HP has done a great job blending some of the best design elements out in the market today. This is a windows machine is be proud to crack open in my local coffee shop.

    When I first saw it, I did react a little to its MacBook similarities but I thought the quote I read from an HP rep that made the statement that a lot of similarities exist in nature was well put and I recognized quite a number of HP’s own style implementation.

    Big standouts for me were the concentration on audio – I think the recognized how important this is to the design community and youth in general! Also I love the brushed metal – I won’t be surprised to see this become the next norm in laptop styling.

    As an adult learner who is just finishing up my degree in Interactive Media Production and Marketing I know this machine would be an excellent tool for me. I want to win it.

    Good luck to you. I’ve enjoyed following you on twitter and I’ve got you bookmarked on my phone to keep an eye on what you’re up to.



  63. Love the site. Clean look with the single accent color really shows your experience and knowledge of design.

    One of the things I really like is the “easter egg” like approach to some of the hidden things on your site, like the black and white to color roll-over of your image, the way the header text changes as you roll over the menu items and even the changing text in the upper right hand corner of the page. These are simple coding elements for very engaging results.

    The only changes I would suggest is that your About page is very long, maybe a menu or collapse icon on some of the sections, It just takes a while to get to all of your accomplishments, maybe even an anchor at the top to take you to them.
    I would also like a like to see links on your portfolio pieces that takes you to the site.

    I have followed you here and on twitter for a long time and you are always inspiring. Thank you for all of your inspiration and great work. I look forward to more great designs.

  64. It is a good clean site. Type is large enough to read very comfortably. Not crazy about having to scroll to the bottom of the comments in order to make a comment. Love the button that takes you to the top. Maybe add one next to it that takes you to the bottom.

  65. I think what you are doing with the trademarked ‘JUST’ is great branding. It’s simple and very memorable for designers and clients.

    The best critique that I could offer is the site’s performance on phones. Right now it seems to be hit or miss when I’m browsing on my own device (android). It appears to get stuck every now and then to where I’m not able to scroll down after the page loads. I tested it on different browsers and a co-workers phone and was still seeing the same problem.

    My gut suggestion would be to check how your scripts get loaded. Hope that helps!

  66. Love the new site and layout! I usually read your blog through Feedly (my RSS feed), but occasionally, I’ll click on your Twitter links.

    I like that your content is pretty diverse – from tips and tools to podcasts to your work – it keeps things interesting. As a junior art director always looking for inspiration, your site is one of my favorite reads. I’d like to see more of your work, though!

    I dig the usage of the pink accents, but it might be cool to switch it up every few months. Change the pink to blue or yellow, so that your site keeps looking fresh, yet minimal. All in all great site, Jacob!

  67. You’ve set out a high bar, I’ll admit, in asking for site critique. While I’m hesitant to say “Jacob Cass has won the internet”, there was obviously a high level of thought and detail that went on when creating the new site. I have tested it in numerous browsers, all of which gave good results, and the mobile site is excellently done and easy to read. Simple color scheme and good font choice make it easy to read in all mediums.

    I suppose like others, my wishlist is in the content department. Many people have been visiting your site for years, and find your information on branding and identity to be keen and spot-on. However, I think some new designers who find inspiration from your site would like to see more about how you process things, how to get started, how to develop as a designer. That’s not to say we need a “JUST Tutorials” section, but the next generation of designer is looking towards today for inspiration and guidance and, in this case, more is more.

    Also, and this was really only a momentary curiosity, when I pulled up the site, I somehow expected to see more of your work front and center. A small grid box with portfolio links, for instance, or a side bar with projects. It was easy enough to get to your portfolio and browse your work, no issues. But for just a moment when I loaded the site, I hoped the header was a rotating banner, or that it were half width with 3×3 thumbnail grid to the right.

    Anyway, cheers on all your success and your new direction. You and David Airey have been the top influences on how I approach my own work. I can’t thank you enough for it.

  68. I’m a big fan of the new site and identity design. Your previous JCD mark was cool but this whole new direction has a lot more going for. The dynamic element of changing the copy after “JUST” will be fun to explore over the next couple years. It’s pretty limitless.

    I don’t have much to comment on the actual web design but would love to give you some feedback on content. I get the biggest kick out of your case studies and industry standards posts. You’re Fitucci post a few years back was a standout for me and really helped me in my thinking of the client/designer relationship. I also remember a post you wrote about sticking to your guns—in a professional way—in a negotiation and not only knowing but getting what you’re worth. The full email thread with the client you included was very informative.

    You’re very obviously hitting your stride and getting some good client. It would be cool to see more behind the scenes type stuff that younger designers haven’t really been exposed to yet.

    Keep up the good work!

  69. I’m a new visitor and I love the clean look of the site. i also love the amazing photographs. Very nice.

  70. I like the responsive design. The site overall is very clean and good looking. I like the use of Typekit. The blog content is great and useful (at least to me), keep doing what you are doing.

    Not sure how I feel about the magenta. I know it’s part of the logo, but I am still partial to your old logo.

    Another thing I think needs to be fixed is that you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment. For any article that receives a lot of comments (like this one), that can get annoying especially if you are not trying to read them all. Maybe move the “Submit A Creative Comment” above the actual list of comments or (and probably better) have some sort of anchor link that pushes you down to the leave a comment.

    And that reminds me, I do really like the auto scrolling when clicking on links, it’s very smooth and looks great.

  71. I’m new to the site but I’m already hooked — leaving a comment to try to win something will be my first interaction here, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Great stuff.

  72. The site looks great, the amount of responsiveness and adaptiveness is perfect and the layout is readable on all my devices.

    The only thing I think you could improve is the overall layout of the site – it looks like a very generic blog. While that’s not a bad thing at all, switching it up a bit from the run of the mill WordPress setup might be just what it needs.

    Of course, sites are really living things and I’m sure you’ll make it your own as you find little things to tweak here and there.

    The content, of course, has always been great and I’m sure it will be in the future. Your photography here is great as well. Good job on the site so far and good luck taking it into the future!

    Thanks for the drawing!

  73. Your blog consistently has some of the best images I’ve seen to support the blog entries. The colors/filters give each addition some nice Pop. Your how-to articles are well written and paced. One might guess you’re good at your job.
    The blog’s simple white background is a stark contrast to most of the blogs I read. And with the graphic skills you show on the photo editing I think it would be a visual statement to add some color back to the theme.

  74. I would love to share my personal critique of this fine blog. However, this is my very first time ever being here. I’ve followed your twitter for a few months and this is the first time I’ve clicked through a link. As an avid Apple product only young designer, I had no real motive to go for this HP. That was until my roommates laptop died last week and I’ve allowed her to use mine. She would love this HP, and so would I…for her…to have mine back. So I will gladly comment on this nice, clean and very useful piece of webspace you have here. My favorite thing thus far, besides the fantastic information you post, is the fact that there is nothing surrounding it that is distracting. I come in for great tips, take some notes and after that, there’s not a chance of me being sucked into the vast hole that is the interwebs. I then continue on my savvy trek of seemingly responsible-focused-no, I’m not in my pajamas watching YouTube videos while I design your logo-graphic design way.

  75. Thank you everyone for your comments so far, I’ve read through all of them, and appreciate what you all have to say. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to reply everyone individually, however, I will attempt to reply to some this week. I will be making some changes based on your comments so thank you again.

  76. I stumbled upon your site immediately after the redesign, so as to my own preference… I love what you have now! Thanks for your contributions to the design community.

    For design students such as myself, your website is a great example for solid design decisions and clear branding. Good minimalist design is something I aspire to, and your design has given me a better grasp of what that should look like. For the most part, the intentional interactivity of the website flatters the readers and makes them feel important. This makes your content immediately attractive to a wide range of people and keeps them coming back for more!

    The content on your blog is top notch as well. It is not updated as frequently as some (as others already noted), but I don’t think that is necessarily a shortcoming. It’s clear that you post only after research and consideration, and your posts almost never fail to provide useful content presented in an interesting manner. Perhaps this is one factor in the “integrity of your work” mentioned in your post about the blind client. Your expertise is appreciated by many, so keep up the quality work!

    As for don’t likes, of which there is exactly… one.

    The portfolio section is wanting in interactivity, and it just doesn’t offer the same depth of content as the rest of the site. A brief summary of each project would be a great addition, and I’m sure more extensive descriptions (obstacles, process, what-you-learned, etc.) would engage readers and potential clientele even more!

    Thanks again,


    P.S. I’m using Chrome, and in the past few minutes, the Home page started going blank when it loads; other pages work fine. I hope it’s just me.

  77. I am completely new to this site, but I do like the simplicity. Of course, I’ve always been a very simple person! Surprisingly for me, I actually like the magenta, and I usually hate pink! It somehow works here though. To be fully honest, my main purpose for coming here is to help a friend in need. Her name is Shelbie Huff and I figured this Mother’s Day would be the best time to do this.
    Shelbie is a mom at only 19. She is incredibly dedicated to her 2 year old daughter, Nora, and works tirelessly to provide for her. Although Shelbie comes from a rough background, she has truly come a long way and has grown tremendously in a very short period. Nora is the reason for this. She has been Shelbie’s saving grace and guiding light since the day she was born.
    I first met Shelbie in Nov 2010, when she began training as a dental assistant at my practice. It was her first job. Although she lives an hour away from my office, she was always one of the first employees to arrive to work and one of the last to leave. She consistently maintained a cheerful attitude and never once complained when she was asked to do something. These personal qualities allowed her to grow incredibly quickly as an employee and as a person, in the short time she was with us. Now, at her current office of employment, Shelbie is acting as both a dental assistant and front office representative. One look at the numerous duties she performs is a testament to how hard working and dedicated she is.
    Now, to be honest, the previous paragraph describes many moms, not just Shelbie. So what sets her apart? Considering her background, Shelbie, by all accounts, should be a failure. But she isn’t. Life has given her reason after reason to give up. But she hasn’t. Growing up, Shelbie had a very unstable childhood, as troubles between her parents affected her in many ways. As a young teenager, Shelbie got into a lot of destructive habits (drinking, drugs, partying, etc), which got her into a lot of trouble. She cared very little about school. Her life was rapidly going in a very scary direction. Becoming a mom at 17, however, changed all of that.
    When Nora was born, I believe Shelbie was, herself, reborn. Since her parents were either unwilling or unable to help her much financially, and Nora’s father was denying her as his own, Shelbie knew she would be almost solely responsible for caring for her daughter. So, while many at her age were busy being kids, Shelbie took summer classes so she could graduate high school early and begin working. She took out a loan to attend dental assisting school. Once finished with school, she began training at my office, as I described previously. Shelbie’s story doesn’t end there, however.
    Since meeting Shelbie, I have come to know her extremely well. Throughout our friendship, I have seen her constantly pushing to make herself a better person, for the sole reason of providing a good life for Nora. As an employee, she is always looking to enhance her skills and knowledge in order to put herself in a better position financially. She is also planning on taking online college courses when she’s not at work, so she can get better educated and open up more opportunities for herself.. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the money for a computer, so that’s where I hope you are able to help her! Just as important, she is working so hard to improve herself personally. She has completely cut drugs from her life, doesn’t party anymore, and rarely drinks any alcohol. Every day she simply goes to work, then comes home and takes care of Nora, that’s it. She has become completely dedicated to her daughter. And she has also had some success in getting Nora’s dad to make his own changes, and to be a consistent part of Nora’s life. Shelbie has truly had to fight tooth and nail to achieve this, and I admire her greatly for what she put herself through in order to get to this point with Nora’s father. It truly proves just how devoted Shelbie is to her daughter.
    In the end, Shelbie’s life is still very difficult. She still has many struggles financially and personally. Amazingly, even when times are tough, she still always puts Nora ahead of herself. When money or food is low, Nora eats first. Nora is clothed first. Nora is cared for first. Shelbie is certainly not a perfect mother (and who is?). But she works so hard every day to be as good a mom to Nora as she can be, and she does great! Unfortunately, she is virtually never recognized for it. And this is ultimately why I feel she should win this nomination. Not just because she’s deserves to be recognized, because many moms out there deserve recognition. But because Shelbie needs to be recognized. She needs to know that she is a good mother, an amazing mother, and an awesome person. Nora is what changed Shelbie for the better, and Nora is what keeps Shelbie going. Though she doesn’t talk about it much, I know Shelbie sometimes fears that she isn’t good enough for Nora or isn’t doing enough for her. This is obviously not the case. And for Shelbie to know this would mean so much to her! As I said before, Shelbie doesn’t have the money for a computer. She’s found financial aid to help cover the cost of the courses, but it won’t cover a computer, which is such a shame! So, if she were to get this laptop, it would make a huge impact for her as it would remove the biggest obstacle for her beginning online courses.
    Shelbie has inspired me, probably more than she realizes. Because of her, I appreciate my own parents, my own life, so much more. I see how lucky I am to have the life I have. And I have a great deal more respect for young moms, like herself, who struggle everyday and work so hard at life. I am so inspired by her and I hope her story inspires you too! If anyone could & would be helped by getting this laptop, it would be Shelbie. Thanks & sorry for the long post!

  78. I just found your site recently while researching graphic designer portfolio sites and sadly don’t know what changes were made – since it’s all new to me… But I find your site inspirational for any graphic design students, such as myself.

    Keep up the awesome blog!!

    Thanks for all the information and inspiration…

  79. I’ll try to keep this short since you have so many comments to go through:

    – The expandable “Jacob Cass +” on your picture in the sidebar is slightly confusing, so I would suggest that you change the “+” to the downward arrow like you have on “Hire Me” in the navigation bar. Maybe even make it expandable on roll-over so people might accidentally discover it even if they overlook it.

    – I really like the reponsiveness to the window size but I think the menu is a little too subtle for many people to notice when it adjusts to a smaller size. Between your logo at the top and the prominent article title, I think many visitors might overlook the drop-down navigation menu.

    – When your website is adjusted to a smaller screen, the menu and search bar are nicely aligned to the left and right respectively and the text matches the width of the pictures. When the site is maximized, the menu and search bar are squeezed a bit toward the middle and the text is narrower than the pics. I know it’s a bit picky, but the consistency of having the menu and search bar aligned to the sides and the text width matching the pictures would feel better.

    – I also think it would make sense to have a “submit a creative comment” link at the top of the comments section to save people from having to scroll down – especially when you have a lot of comments on an article.

    Overall, I really like the changes you’ve made. I hope the comments I’ve made help!

  80. Just read through the other comments and it gave me a few other things to say:

    – You’ve obviously become busier since the beginning of Just Creative Design so I definitely understand that you can’t post as often as you use to. I think you should recruit some more people to contribute some guest posts. Hopefully you can find more people that match your personality because that’s what helped draw people to your posts in the first place.

    – I agree with an earlier poster about collapsing the sections in your “About Me.” You have a lot of great things to say about yourself but people can be impatient and might want to skip around more.

    – I like how this incarnation of your site isn’t a huge jump from your old design. It still feels familiar while having exciting, new elements. Don’t change too much!

  81. Well, I don’t know. Your blog is really cool and I totally like that minimalist style you consistently stick to. I’d just like to see more posts on your blog. Like more regularly. 🙂 And it’s pretty cool as it is now.

  82. That’s a good opportunity to all viewers of that site and jacob i m only disagree with your web theme color why r using pink color on that site.

  83. Awesome opportunity.

    I think for me, I would love to see more case studies on project you have worked on. It is always also see how other designers come up with their final product. I would like to see more logo design case studies. Also, you couldn’t go wrong with more contests 🙂

  84. I was directed to this site as a result of a google search. Can’t recall specific words used, but I got here…..and then, well. Thanks for this site. I have never come across such a democratic, inspiring wealth of design knowledge accumulated in one space before. In a word, it’s generous. Designers are competitive people, but every submission, article, or blog that I’ve come across here accepts that, and quickly moves on to how to use that in a way that can only make us all better. Did I mention it was the most easily navigated and engaging design of a website that I have come across in a very long time? And not one thing is overwhelmingly responsible for that visual harmony. True mastery at work.
    I have been trying to get myself excited about freelancing again after leaving a large corporation as a senior graphic designer, and went on to have three kids in three years. So, I’ve been out of the game for a bit. After a few articles, the sketchpad was out and I was tripping over diapers to get to my Prismacolors.

    More process articles, please! I love seeing how other minds work through a design problem from start to finish. And I love to hear how designers have had to change up their process when *cough- outside opinions make that necessary. Love that.

    Please know that your work on this platform is so appreciated. I’d forgotten how much I love the art of graphic design, and thank you for tapping into that once dormant, but now reawakened, pure excitement of creativity.

  85. Jacob, here are several tips that will add great improvement to your blog.

    a. One of the biggest problems is, I would like to view a selection of your best graphic projects on your home page. I believe, hiring managers/job offer prospects would want to see your great work the moment they view the homepage of your blog. It is a bit of an inconvenience for a prospective job offer to click to second page to “View My Portfolio” to see your work. I think you are losing out on numerous job prospects because of this. You only have a few seconds to catch a users attention when they come to your home page. You want to “wow” people with your work, and they need to see a few selections on your site with they view your homepage. This will draw the user in, and engage them with your work and article posts.

    b. Some of your best work could be incorporated into little rectangle boxes on the right-hand side of the homepage. It could move with the blog and be separated with a vertical line to distinguish it from your blog posts. Your blog updates could take most of the page, and leave the right side with the title “Completed Projects” that takes up possibly 1/4 of the page with small images of your work. The images could take the user to information about that particular project, etc.

    c. Home About Hire Me Contact Me Portfolio Articles
    Should be switched to
    Home About Portfolio Articles Hire Me Contact Me

    “Hire Me” should come after “Portfolio”, since a person would have to “View Your Portfolio” before they gave you a job offer. It is a minor change, but it would make everything in chronological order and flow better.

    d. It would great if you could incorporate your Twitter Feed into your blog.

    e. I think Red may be a better text color for the only text color other than black on the blog. The “pinkish” is hard to tell apart from links, I have already clicked on your blog.

    f. If you have time, maybe post an occasional V-blog to update us on whatever you choose.

    g. I don’t think the “up arrow” is necessary at the end of the page on your blog.

    h) You probably already know this, but no images of your “print, personal” work pop up on the “View my Portfolio” page heading links.

    I think these changes, especially adding some of your graphic work on your homepage would give you even more job offers.

    i truly hope I win this laptop! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  86. Hey Jacob!

    As a budding web designer your site has been invaluable to me as a source for inspiration. I would like to see more insightful posts about design, your thoughts on the direction it is going, etc. I enjoy the cerebral side of designing sometimes. 🙂


  87. I am one of your twitter followers @tannawings and see your updates there, so of course I had to give this a go!

    I read alot of blogs, and I mean a LOT and what I like about yours, is it is visually appealing. It is easy to read- you don’t have tons of fluff or fillers you are straight to the point. I also like that you don’t run a TON of irritating ads on your sidebar nor do you have blinking flashing advertisements strewn all over which slow my computer down and make everything crawl.

    I also like how the articles don’t speak ‘over’ the average persons head. You don’t use techo-speak and keep things on a level that is easy to understand and to respond to- I also like how generally you end the post with a question opening it up for discussion rather than having a one sided conversation with yourself.

    I like too how you have the share buttons on the bottom of posts- you don’t make sharing more complicated for your reader.

    What I would like to see…… is more links from your twitter feed leading to your articles. here- your links lead us the majority of the time to your other site Creative Bloq, which is nice, but it isn’t this one, I had to become a facebook fan on order to find the articles.. so perhaps more links here would be a good thing?

    Most of all I enjoy the KISS approach to blogging- it is refreshing, and a pleasure to read.

    Thanks for the chance at the HP by the way…. the Sepctre quite frankly makes me drool and I am a frustred Diablo player since my current HP (desktop) is graphically challenged and I can’t play the game = maybe thats a good thing so I spend time outside but it would sure be nice to go after the devil again! Thanks much!

  88. Really love the new site! It feels much more professional than the old one. The only complaint I have is with the search box. Everywhere else on the site, the curved corner goes downward, and the Subscribe bar in the left sidebar has the same styling as the search bar but without the curved corner. I just think the curved corner on the search bar looks out of place. Maybe try making it square like the subscribe box?

  89. Most of all I enjoy the KISS approach to blogging- it is refreshing, and a pleasure to read.

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