Winner Of The Free Professional Logo Competition

Winner Of The Free Professional Logo Competition

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Well the time has come to announce the winner of the free professional logo design competition. After reading through 53 entries I have finally narrowed it down to just one and let me tell you, it was no easy task.

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And the moment you have been waiting for… the winner of the free professional logo design goes to…

Janette Toral from Influential Blogger who wrote:

“I’m joining! I want a free logo (or badge) that the top 10 emerging influential blogs 2008 winners can post in their site.

Cheers to your blog success!” – Janette Toral

This short and simple sentence really got me intrigued because the logo could be used by many bloggers rather than just one individual. Now even more can share the logo design love.

Congratulations Janette and also the top 10 emerging bloggers of 2008 (to be announced July 26th) who will be able to grace the badge on their own blog in the short future.

Thank you everyone else for your entries – it was not easy to choose just one!

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19 thoughts on “Winner Of The Free Professional Logo Competition”

  1. Brilliant move on selecting that winner!

    Congrats to the winner, and to you. You are gonna get a lot more attention from potential costumers 😀

  2. Hey Jacob,

    I’m a big fan of your site and this is a fantastic competition for you to put on.

    However, I had a question regarding your .pdf questionnaire. It appears it’s almost exactly the same as David Airey’s – questions, words, layout, etc.

    Is this not considered a big deal for designers? As a writer, I’d be disappointed to see my questionnaire swiped word for word…

    Again, awesome competition. I’m not trying to accuse you of anything – because it’s obvious you aren’t looking to hide. Just looking for your opinion on it and wondering why you chose to borrow his .pdf questionnaire instead of creating one that is completely your own.

    Chads last blog post..Top 60 Blogs for Freelance Writers

  3. To All (except Kristarella),
    For some reason your gravatars show up in my admin comment section however on the site it does not show up except for Kristarellas for some strange reason. Any idea why?

    I have a feeling that I may not even get one… everyone loves something for nothing and I guess that is why they posted in the first place but who knows? It would be good to have some more guaranteed work for August as I am not around to look for it during my time away.

    Yeah I was genuinely surprised to see so many entries and to see so many people without logos that wanted one – one of the reasons I am offering that bonus to them.

    Well maybe a little bit of exposure of my logo however people won’t know who designed it just by looking at it 😛

    Carpe Diem right?

    Very good question Chad, and glad that some one brought it up. Yeah of course I am not trying to hide it, David provides a great resource and he wrote a great tutorial on creating PDF forms… it just so happens that we are both in the same business and our needs were the same.

    I did a lot of research into logo design questionnaires and even had my own in a Word Document before I came across David’s interactive PDF. I found that the questions in his questionnaire were much more concise and sculpted around what I needed as a logo designer and in a more logical order that those that I found on other sites so I used his PDF as a template for mine and changed some of the questions throughout the form to how I work.

    And yes as a writer I would get appalled to see my work swiped word for word – it does happen to some of my articles… However, we are designers and our questions are very similar to each others so I do not see it as a problem in that respect. What is your opinion?

  4. Congrats to the winner, fully deserved and going towards a good cause 🙂

    Good to see an amazing turn out for the competition and we hope you can host more of these jacob over the course of the summer holidays if you find the time from your busy schedule.

  5. Congratulations Janette!

    Jacob, we’d better get to see this logo when it’s finished!

    Looking forward to more innovation,

  6. Chad,
    Yea, I will write up a blog post about my whole process too hopefully!

    Congratulations Janette! I have just sent you an email!

  7. Hi Nathan,
    Well I get back from my trip July 18th so I guess let us say the discount is open to all who qualify till the end of August. I should have probably mentioned that before. If you do want it please email me.

  8. Hey Congratulations to the Winner!
    Jacob, I’d love the discounted logo, how long do I have to confirm the discount?
    Being a High School student, I just don’t have the money right now. (I’m not asking for a loan, just how long the discount offer is open until)

    Congrats again, and thanks Jacob!

  9. Hey Jacob,

    I agree – it’s always useful to borrow proven processes from others.

    I wouldn’t consider it plagiarism to copy an interactive form like you did – since it’s being used in a unique way: to extract information from your clients to ensure they get a better final product.

    I know Michel Fortin, a leading copywriter, has posted his sales letter questionnaire for others to borrow in the past. I chose to take it and modify it to my needs instead of swiping it completely.

    So I guess I agree with you. Copying a questionnaire is much different that copying a logo or article. One is a means to an end while the other is simply an end.

    Chads last blog post..Always Make Your Purpose Greater Than Your Paycheck

  10. Looking for logo design before my startup site goes live, but Im still not sure how much I should pay based on some of the discussions here. Also any opinions web designs and flash content costs?

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