Wolda 2008 Annual Arrives

Wolda 2008 Annual Arrives

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Back in October 2008 I announced winning two major logo design awards – the ‘Best of Continent’ and ‘Best of Nation’ for my Just Creative Design logo (the logo you see at the top of this blog)…


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and then in December I announced receieving the actual awards in the mail of which you can see below…

Wolda Trophies

Jacob Cass Wins Awards


And just today, the actual book arrived in the mail… it is a great little publication and a real keeper! Below you can find photos of the book and my logo being showcased (got onto 3 pages which was great!)

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Wolda 2008

Double Spread



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Wolda is now accepting entries for the 2009 Wolda Annual so get in before the first deadline of June 31st.

28 thoughts on “Wolda 2008 Annual Arrives”

  1. Heeeyy, congratulations man, well done.. Even though you obviously knew you did so well a few months ago and received the awards, it must be so great to see your logo and name in print in such a publication.. well done again 😉

  2. Well done Jacob. I didn’t know much about the Wolda Awards until you and David Airey mentioned them on your blogs. I’m thinking of entering myself…€88 is quite a price though 😉

  3. Congratulations, Jacob! Same here, never knew about Wolda’09 until you mentioned it. I might also give it a try, but I’m not sure about the rule on ‘being published online’, does it have to be used commercially online, or can it be used on just my website? Sorry, I just want to clarify.

    Thanks and congrats again! I’ve always liked your site, learned a lot of things.

    – Blue Cuevas

  4. Congratulations! Aside from the great logo and getting the Award. Your landscaping is beautiful. Is that your home?

  5. Alex,
    Thank you and yeah it is always great to see your work in print!

    Joann, Dave, Fabian, Skysofly, Qmer
    Thank you!

    Thanks for the tweet 🙂

    It is quite a high price indeed, especially for Australians but it can pay off in the long term. Awards help build confidence in your potential clients, among other things. I see it as an investment (if you win). You also get a free copy of the book this year when you enter (minus a ridiculously large postage price tag).

    Not entirely sure about that rule of it being published online, I haven’t read the rules yet as I was going to enter later in June so I can choose the best logos before the deadline.

    Yeah always a great feeling, was exciting opening the package!

    Thank you and yeah, that is the backyard! My office is just to the side of that, so I’ve got a lovely view 🙂

  6. Hey man congrats again for this. It’s pretty cool that the one you win an award for is the one you kept for yourself.
    I just have to ask one thing. What is the Wolda logo? And why does it look like a funnel?

  7. Anthony,
    Indeed it does, and thanks!

    Thank you and yeah it was pretty cool, in fact Wolda sends out two copies of the Wolda book to all continent winners, one for the client and one for the designer so I got two copies of the book funnily enough.

    I do believe the Wolda logo is a funnel, maybe symbolising that many logos get sorted and only the best come out? Not really sure about that one – good question.

    Rebel, Gaurav, Jaz
    Thank you!

  8. Hello to all and.. Jacob, congratulations again on your distinction. It is Areti, the project director of Wolda. I happened to notice your blog and discussion here about our project and would like to point that the logo of Wolda is a funnel indeed and the concept is exactly what you have correctly figured out: a funnel that sorts many logos but only few come out..

    As for the “logos being published online”, this means that Wolda accepts any logo that has been visible online between the set dates for eligibility (see the Rules online >eligibility) for commercial or non-commercial use. The only restriction is that the logos to submit for the Wolda Professional must have been designed for a real client. This is not obligatoy though for the Wolda Talent which is a special category of the contest only for students.

    Entry fee for Wolda ’09 includes a ’09 book copy free of charge, including shipping costs. In addition, we do not require any extra money by our winners for promotion or inclusion in the book. It is all included in the entry fee.

    And again, thank you all for your interest and feel free to contact me for more info or discussion on our activities. We particularly enjoy exchanging ideas with people.


  9. Hello Areti,
    Thanks for the clarifications and glad I was right about the funnel, it was the only logical conclusion I could form.

    Good to hear that this year it includes free shipping too. I was really surprised (to say the least) when last year it was 80 euro to post the book! That is around $160 Australian!

    Anyway, will be entering again this year, thank you!

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