Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Agencies and Studios

Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Agencies and Studios

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If you’re a designer, making your mark on the world can be crucial to your success, and with close to 60% of the world’s population having access to the internet, making this mark online is even more important. With more and more businesses, media outlets, and entertainers establishing an online presence every day, having your own can mean long-term success or long-term failure.

WordPress is arguably the most important web hosting platform in the world and there can be thousands of themes that you can use to create a stellar website. Choosing the right one for your needs can be a tough process and very time-consuming. Choosing a theme shouldn’t be an arduous process.

To make the starting process easy, we thought about diving into the deep recesses of the internet to find you the Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Agencies & Studios. With our selections, you can check off what many people believe is the hardest part of starting a website.

Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Agencies & Studios



Animo – Creative & Clean Multi-Purpose WordPress T

Whether you’re a freelancer or not, any artist will find the Animo theme by theme_bubble a breeze to work with. With tabs at the right sections and photo templates where you need them, any professional or even novice will easily thrive with this pick. 




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Created by Elementor, the Hello WordPress theme has been dubbed as the “fastest theme ever created.” With all the features that come with the theme, it’s easy to see why it has that moniker. Ready to download and go, the Hello theme offers a responsive theme with loads of customization options, and with lightning-quick load times, it earns its dubious title.



Kwoon - Multipurpose WordPress Theme


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Artists will easily fall in love with the Kwoon theme from elemis. Clean, minimal, and neat-looking, the multipurpose theme will work well for artists or any other creative thanks to its responsive design.






One-page sites are best for creatives who simply want to leave a quick bio and a snappy portfolio online. If this sounds like you, check out Shapely. Direct, straightforward, and just as stunning as many other picks on the list, this theme can easily help you differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition. 



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Blogosphere - Multipurpose Blogging Theme

Created by cmsmasters, the Blogosphere WordPress theme is all about blogging. Whether you’re blogging about health, lifestyles, or even celebrities, the clean and straightforward theme easily adapts to whatever your niche is.



Verso - Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

With multiple tab options as well as numerous page aesthetics, the Verso WordPress theme by oxygenna comes loaded with demos that you can choose from as well as use as inspiration. The amount of versatility that the Verso theme provides you with makes it a no-brainer to download.



MiniMag - Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Show the world what you have to say about your industry with the MiniMAG theme by AtiX. Whether you’re creating a personal blog or posting professional articles, this theme will help you arrange what your site will look like. 




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A multipurpose theme, Zakra can support any creative or business endeavor. One of the stronger choices on our list, anyone from e-commerce aficionados to creative entrepreneurs can find a use for the Zakra theme and are even optimized for any screen size, so your reach is unlimited.


Color Mag

Color Mag

Any writer will love the Color Mag theme. You can easily display all of your best and newest articles in sections any way you want. From topics on culture and films to the latest news on fashion and sustainability, you can conveniently arrange all of your write-ups the way you want to. 




Suitable for creative agencies that host a myriad of projects and services, Airi is a stunning WordPress theme that makes it easy to learn what your audience needs. From the clientele you’ve served to the projects you’ve worked on, you can make sure your audience knows about your business is with this easy-to-use theme.



Sassnex - WordPress Theme for App, Saas & Startup

Anyone in the startup scene will love the Sassnex theme by shtheme. Modern, colorful, and visually striking, this WordPress theme is an easy-to-use theme that gives you a better way to present and promote your work.



PartyMaker | Event Planner & Wedding Agency WP

Everyone loves a party! If you work in PR or maybe even an event planner, the PartyMaker theme by AncoraThemes will be a game-changer for you. From scheduling events and publishing stories, this theme will help you resonate with a crowd, bringing them to your doorstep.



Gist - Clean and Minimal WordPress Theme

There are way too many websites out there with a design that could be considered cluttered. For some though, a minimalist theme for their WordPress hosted website is a perfect choice. With the Gist theme from Candid Themes, you can create a simple, easy-to-use blog, news, or magazine website. With font and color customizations, you can give it whatever aesthetic pleases you.




Do you have thoughts you’d like to share with the rest of the world? Whether it’s your taste in music, your take on politics, business, or anything else, Writee is a popular WordPress theme that seamlessly lets writers convey their ideas to the web, thanks to its elegant design.




While Boxcard is marketed as a personal blog theme, that doesn’t mean that agency owners, studio runners, and business leaders won’t find this theme functional and useful. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, and completely customizable. What more could you ask for?




The theme name says it all—Portfolio is a no-fuss WordPress theme that helps creatives simplify how their folios can look. From brand designers to make-up stylists, anyone in the art scene will find this theme easy to customize to their needs. 


MT Photography

MT Photography

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, the MT Photography theme by modeltheme gives users the ability to curate their photos in a portfolio that they can customize, unlike others that may look all the same.



Rowsy - WordPress Blog Theme

Rowsy is a beautiful blogging WordPress theme that’s light on the eyes and easy on the fingers. Sporting a friendly UI and an elegant overall look, it’s understandable why creatives turn to this mondotheme creation a lot. 



TrendyMag - WordPress News Magazine & Blog Theme

Whether you have dreams of being the next New York Times or even the next Huffington Post, the right theme can start you down that path. The TrendyMag theme by TrendyTheme gives users endless levels of customization so your blog can stand out and be the one the New York Times cites as a source.



Pheromone - Creative Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Professionals will like the Pheromone theme by DankovThemes. Sophisticated, clean, and responsive, creatives can quickly curate their site they wish to build with this pick. The 70 pre-made demos that the theme allows you to choose as a starting point give this theme serious bonus points. 


Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Designers, Agencies & Studios

There is an old saying that there is someone out there for everyone. While that might not be true in terms of relationships, we wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to our list of the Top 20 Best WordPress Themes for Designers, Agencies & Studios, with all of the options out there on the internet, we feel like we might have found the perfect match for you.

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