XPPen Magic Drawing Pad: The next best tablet for artists?

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad: The next best tablet for artists?

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Currently, professional digital drawing devices in the market are mostly drawing tablets or displays. Pads for digital drawing still have room for improvement in terms of professional drawing performance, such as pressure levels, stylus responsiveness and a screen that feels like drawing on paper.

Enter the brand new XPPen Magic Drawing Pad, which is an innovative product in the digital drawing category. Here’s my first hand review to help decide if this tablet is right for you!

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XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad
XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad


The XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is a professional drawing pad that has been made ultra portable while maintaining advanced technical functions.

It represents a new product category established by XPPen, focusing on “professional drawing” and “portabability.”

Through this product, XPPen hopes to build consumers’ awareness of the new category of professional drawing pads and promote the product’s features like professional performance of digital drawing and the application of various scenarios, to encourage users to go out to create.

“We are beyond thrilled to introduce the Magic Drawing Pad to the world,”

said Brian Huang, Marketing Manager at XPPen.

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“Our aim is to present artists with tools that combine creativity and technology, and the Magic Drawing Pad accomplishes that target. We can’t wait to see the reaction of the artistic community to our latest innovation.”

Eager to learn more about the Magic Drawing Pad? Fret not, as in this article, I’ll share all the exciting features and my first hand review of using this product!

Magic Drawing Pad Features Review

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis of its features. From the smart passive stylus to the professional drawing screen that blends ergonomic functionality with futuristic visuals, I aim to provide a detailed overview of what makes the Magic Drawing Pad one of the hottest gadgets on the market.

X3 Pro Pencil — Professional passive electromagnetic stylus

One thing I really enjoyed using was the X3 Pro Pencil with its industry-leading 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels. This customized passive stylus is designed specifically for the drawing pad. It redefines the traditional paper and pen experience, which made it feel quite authentic!

A handsome boy using XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad
Using the XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad On The Go


With such a wide curve of pressure levels, the X3 Pro Pencil accurately captures the subtleties of hand movements, guaranteeing precise and smooth drawing with no room for lag, broken lines, or accuracy errors. Felt pen nibs are also present to replicate a realistic drawing experience, making it intuitive for designers.

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This stylus is all about efficiency with its customizable shortcut keys to enhance the workflow and creative process.

The best part for me? There’s no need for charging, so you can continue designing without any interruptions.

This will be of great help for those days when you need to get things done more quickly.

Considering these impressive add-ons, it’s safe to say that X3’s performance will be on par with both S Pen and Apple Pencil, or even better!

X-Paper — Professional drawing paper-like screen

With XPPen’s strong commitment to technological development, this pad represents the closest paper-like drawing experience. It features a professional etched glass surface with anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coating, offering a tactile experience in both indoor and outdoor settings.

What really stands out to me is the expansive 12.2-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio that provides ample space for creating designs in both landscape and portrait orientation. I loved how the tablet was nearly around the same size as the iPad Pro 12.9 but without the hefty price tag of Apple products.

XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad - Freely used at anyplace
Best for freelancers – XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad

The display provides a high resolution of 2160 x 1440 as well as an impressive 109% sRGB color gamut coverage that helps deliver bold and vibrant colors. It’s like a feast for the eyes, making your artwork look exactly as you imagined.

The Magic Drawing Pad has even earned TÜV Rheinland certification for optimizing eye comfort. It achieves this by reducing harmful blue light emissions without influencing color accuracy, ensuring an immersive viewing experience while reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Portable and Mobile Drawing Experience

In today’s era of digital art, people love to express themselves through photography, videos, and other forms of media. XPPen has come up with just the perfect device that encourages the idea of “going out to create” with its 6.9 mm thick and 599 grams weighing slim, lightweight, and hand-held drawing pad.

Its portable design combined with the standalone functionality and no need for external devices provides both professional artists and casual creators like me the opportunity to capture inspiration and create art anywhere, anytime.

XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad hold by a lady
A girl holding XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad

Moreover, Android tablets are known for their exceptional drawing apps and XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is no exception. The device comes with pre-installed ibisPaint (with a three-month trial), ArtRage Oils, and MedibangPaint professional drawing software to get you started as soon as you switch it on.

The Magic Drawing Pad also features an easy and user-friendly installation of various Android drawing apps like Infinite Painter and Sketchbook for a smooth and versatile drawing experience. All in all, XPPen offers the ideal tool for “light creation” and mobile drawing experience for us, the aspiring young audience.

Strong Performance

The Magic Drawing Pad not only pushes the creative boundaries of the artists but does so while supporting some powerful features. For starters, the tablet boasts a large 8000 mAh battery capacity and 18W fast charging. While the 8000 mAh battery capacity is lower compared to the 12.4-inch Samsung Tab S9+ and iPad Pro 12.9 which have 10,000+ mAh, it’s still more than adequate to guarantee uninterrupted creative sessions for a long time without charging.

And let’s not forget about the pad’s reverse charging capability that will enable users to conveniently refill the juice using their smartphones when on the go.

Use XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad anywhere
XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad used in a cafe

The Magic Drawing Pad offers 8 GB RAM and a sizeable 256 GB  internal storage to save your high-quality creative artwork. Another noteworthy factor is how the storage is expandable up to 512 GB and can be easily connected with Google Drive and Cloud Storage.

To capture inspiration for outdoor sketching and travel documentation, XPPen features dual; 13MP rear and 8MP front cameras. This, combined with the four built-in speakers, provides an immersive visual and audio experience for all sorts of multimedia entertainment.

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad Video Review


Frequently Asked Questions

When will XPPen release its Magic Drawing Pad?

Following its debut at CES, XPPen is set to launch its new product, the Magic Drawing Pad, on January 22nd 2024. Coined as “a magic studio on the go,” this portable Android tablet will bring a new era of artistic possibilities to both aspiring creators and professional artists.

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How does XPPen compete with Apple and Samsung Tablets?

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is an Android tablet that combines creativity and technology. It competes with Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad Pro but also offers unique features including an advanced stylus and paper-like screen for a realistic drawing experience. The tablet delivers specialized drawing features but at a much more affordable price tag as compared to its competitors.

My XPPen Magic Drawing Pad Review Conclusion

The XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is an innovative, powerful, and admirable device that is here to bring to reality the concept of “light creation“, fulfilling a digital artist’s desire for self-expression at any time and place.

Combing an EMR smart chip stylus, anti-glare and expansive display, and portable body with a long-lasting battery, this drawing pad offers the most user-friendly interface to capture inspirations on outdoor trips and craft visually stunning masterpieces.

The versatility of Magic Drawing Pad expands to various other scenarios including art education, editing photos, reading, and streaming multimedia. The sky’s the limit!

So is this tablet right for you?

If you value portability, affordability, a paper-like drawing feel and strong performance, then the XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad is for you.

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