🧘‍♀️ 20+ Yoga Fonts for Tranquil & Balanced Designs

🧘‍♀️ 20+ Yoga Fonts for Tranquil & Balanced Designs

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Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a wellness blogger, or simply someone who appreciates the calming effects of yoga, choosing the right font can enhance the overall aesthetic and convey the essence of relaxation and mindfulness.

To help, we have curated a collection of 15+ exceptional yoga fonts that are specifically crafted to bring a sense of tranquility and harmony to your designs.

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Whether you’re designing a yoga studio logo, a meditation guide, a wellness website, or any other yoga-related material, these fonts will provide you with a diverse range of options to elevate your design game.

From elegant and flowing scripts to clean and minimalist sans-serifs, there’s a font here for every style and purpose.

Join us as we explore the beauty and versatility of these yoga fonts.

🧘‍♀️ 10 Best Yoga Fonts: Overview

  1. FF Yoga
  2. Close Eyes
  3. Kantata Aksara
  4. Kaivalya
  5. Byutih
  6. Jakarta
  7. Ancient
  8. Florenia
  9. Rushmore
  10. Krasher

Scroll on for the full list.

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20+ Best Yoga Fonts for Balanced & Harmonious Designs 

1. FF Yoga

FF Yoga font

FF Yoga is created by a French designer Xavier Dupre in 2009. This futuristic font is also a member of the FF Yoga superfamily, which includes FF Yoga Sans.

This serif font comes in four shapes: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. It is ideal for advertising, textbooks, product packaging, festivals, occasional invites, editorial and publishing logos, brands, and web and screen designs.

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A great thing about FF yoga is its typographic support for features, which include small caps, ligatures, alternate characters, fractions, super and subscript characters, and case-sensitive forms.

This font has a complete set of figures: Old-style figures and lining figures, while each figure has tabular as well as proportional widths.

2. Close Eyes

An elegant display Yoga font

Close Eyes by Formatika is a pretty sweet product.

It’s got that curves and swirls that fit with this post’s theme, yet it manages to stand out from the crowd because of its unique personality.

We were big fans of its handwritten letterforms that gave the font an organic, natural feel. Each letter is different from the other and, when combined together, will provide a quintessential eye-catching look.

This modern playful font is all set to make your projects lively.

Close Eyes is perfect for branding, logo designs, cover pages, t-shirt designs, labels, watermarks, invitation cards, stationery, and other yoga and meditation themes.

The features of this font include simple installation and multiple file formats (OTF, WOFF, and TTF.

It can also be used as a web font, and it works on PC and Mac.

At times, the flowy-ness of Close Eyes can be a turnoff for more serious and minimalist designs and may tone down the seriousness of your message.

But if you’d like something that’s more in the field of health and fitness and has a casual appeal, go for this visual solution.

3. Kantata Aksara

A kantata Aksara Yoga font

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, coach, or fitness enthusiast, feel free to try Kantata Aksara for your next sport craft.

Kantata Aksara is an ethnic type font created by Ikiiko.

The inspiration for this font came from the Indian culture, which has many beautiful traditions.

Kantata Aksara is unique in shape, color, and style.

It’s an impressive font for ethnic stuff, beauty products, packaging, yoga, meditation, cultural logos, magazines, and quotes.

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This stylish text style enhances the elegance that helps to further beautify the background of the font.

The features include dual-case letters, numerals, punctuation, and alternates. This multilingual font functions on both PC and Mac.

You can download this amazing font in OTF and TTF file versions.

The only thing that didn’t satisfy our creative buds was its too-tight kerning and minimal spacing, making the font unreadable at smaller size points.

But if you’re looking for something purely for jumbo vision screens and other on-the-face designs, Kantata Aksara would make a perfect fit in your design toolkit.

Try Kantata Aksara, and let your creativity flow with this yoga font.

4. Kaivalya

A kaivalya Yoga font

Whether you’re trying to get your YouTube workout channel off the ground or opening your own fitness studio, Kaivalya has got you covered.

This cultural typeface is here with a traditional touch! And that’s what we love the most about it.

The tribal letterforms, with their beautiful gestures, accurately represent the power and richness of the historical practice of yoga.

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Kaivalya contains many stylistic alternates and ligatures, which are suitable to create a perfect illustration.

It is ideal to make enticing logos, yoga, meditation, spas, beauty products, community logos, magazines, and quotes.

With a simple yet attractive text style, this font deserves all the praise.

This font supports several languages. The features of this font are Upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, alternates, ligatures, and punctuation.

You can run this typeface on PC as well as Mac, and it is available in OTF and TTF formats.

5. Byutih

A luxury and modern Yoga font

If your yoga institute does things a little outside of the box, then Byutih is a must-have for you. It caters to a more “hipster” clientele, making it ideal for the larger millennial market in your city.

Byutih is inspired by the Women Empowerment theme.

This tiny yet modern display font is the best fit for making headlines, especially for fashion events, movie titles, album covers, branding of yoga and meditation centers, logos, and other social media displays.

This sans typeface is also used for printing designs of merchandise.

The textural shape of the font reflects wildness, which gives a bold look to your design.

What really sets it apart from the rest in the bunch is its simple yet strong presence that ensures to get your message across and communicate to your clients that you are willing to go that extra mile with them – to help them get in touch with themselves.

The prominent open-type features of Byutih include stylish alternates and ligatures, which make it authentic and high-standard.

It is available in multiple file formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT.

6. Jakarta

A natural script Yoga font

Check out Jakarta if you want to create an epic, unforgettable logo to attract clients from afar.

The typeface has a sporty spirit and is easy on the eyes, so that you face no problem using it on that new project you have been working on.

Jakarta depicts deep thinking at work for creating a rhythm with its ink-pen and handwritten style letters with swashes.

The font shows the true colors of calligraphic craft in the designs, along with the chic look that adds a casual flair to projects.

This modern font is perfect for making brand designs, logos, invitations, and cards.

It has lowercase to give a hand-letter style, and it is available in OTF and TTF versions.

We imagine it looking great on flyers, apparel, stickers, social media posts, and much more.

However, we understand that the slanted lettering of Byutih may look undecipherable in too smaller sizes.

The lack of alternates and glyphs can also make it fall behind in versatility.

But aside from these slight flaws, this entry definitely keys into yoga associations and makes an excellent all-purpose font in any designer’s arsenal.

7. Ancient

A geometry Yoga font

If you are looking for a typeface that deviates from the norm, this A Slowik creation can be a great go-to option.

It’s not your everyday font, and that’s what really makes it a worthy contender in here.

Ancient is a decorative font with sacred symbols.

This goddess-themed font is based on the concept of gathering energies of the moon, fire, air, and earth to make the designs lucrative and unique.

The symbols used in this font are based on sacred geometry, charms, and sacred symbols.

This geometric font goes well for creating titles, branding, posters, labels, prints, product packaging, and web design.

The only thing that didn’t tickle our fancy was the font’s unavailability of lowercase characters.

This made it suitable for only heading texts, and restricted its use within certain parameters.

Yet, Ancient is a match made in heaven for all fitness and yoga-related designs and is a natural fit for any artwork.

Once you start using it, you will find yourself coming back to it time and again.

8. Florenia

A beautiful Yoga font

Luxury, elegance, and glamor are three words that best describe the next Envato offering we have selected for you.

Florenia is the perfect blend of beauty and simplicity with its thick, straightforward serif characters and elongated, curved edges.

We were pleased to find that the font functions flawlessly on both MAC and PC devices.

Another thing that impressed us about Florenia was how well it looks with a wide range of designs, including logos, classy editorials, magazines, fashion events, boutiques, branding, stationery designs, blog titles, ads, invitation cards, and much more!

But, like all other typefaces, Florenia also has a few defects. First up, we were let down to see that the font is available in only one style and file format.

Florenia also lacks swashes and ligatures that can otherwise aid in designing a tailor-made project.

Fret not, as these hindrances can easily be resolved by opting for a more versatile option like the beautiful Lincoln typeface instead.

But if you think Florenia aligns with your project style, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this serif font and begin your creative journey at this very moment!

9. Rushmore

Rushmore Yoga font

Up next, we have Rushmore, named after the Mount Rushmore national memorial and designed to give your projects that authentic, calligraphic look they seem to be missing.

It is an organic handwritten script with an ornamental style of typography.

The letters are carefully crafted to give a natural look to the text.

We found this script typeface to be an ideal choice for brand design, photography, watermark, quotes, blog titles, posters, invitations, quotes, and everything else in dire need of an innovative, visionary outlook.

Our team of experts was left speechless by Rushmore’s included features.

With several ligatures, alternates, and support for most European, Turkish, Romanian, and Baltic languages, this font lets you channel your artistic vision directly into your masterpiece.

However, remember that Rushmore sometimes looks slightly unreadable, given its minimum spacing between the characters.

This, combined with its availability in only OTF file format, limits its use for certain designers.

So make sure you are aware of these setbacks before installing Rushmore on your device.

Other than that, this font is great for bringing life and sparking creativity to your projects.

10. Krasher

An SVG Brush Yoga font

Krasher expresses a wild style with its brushed and inked SVG text.

The inspiration for this font came from modern visual sports campaigns, so it elevates the feelings of strength, speed, and agility.

All this makes it a good choice for yoga and meditation themes.

This font is ideal for sports events, campaigns, websites, product packaging, branding, posters, gym branding, martial arts designs, yoga and workout flyers, Zumba session ads, etc.

The font provides a guaranteed solid presence in the overall look.

This font supports only English language characters.

Krasher comes in two styles: SVG and Regular

Krasher SVG: It has an authentic look with brushed text style. The SVG font requires Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 to function properly; however, SVG is a bitmap-based font style, so it is better not to make big structured designs because it might decrease the text quality.

Krasher Regular: It’s a universal style that runs on any software except for Adobe Photoshop CC.

The bonus point of this font is that you’ll get five underlined brush strokes in a PNG file.

11. Bernoru

Bernoro Yoga font

This sans font is an eye-catching display with bold text style and Latin characters, which make it perfect to make posters, headlines, and branding. This font comprises two versions with their respective features.

The features of both versions are as follow:

v0. 106:

Its features are six weights (Bold, Ultra-expanded, Expanded, Medium, Condensed, Semi-condensed, and Ultra-condensed), 116 glyphs, punctuation, numerals, dual case letters, symbols, more than 2000 kerning pairs, and multiple file formats (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT).

Also, you’ll receive free updates and new features for this version.

v0. 100 

Its features include bold ultra-expanded weight, 1638 kerning pairs, 116 glyphs, dual-case letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, more than 2000 kerning pairs, and multiple file formats (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT).

Free updates, fresh features, and fixes are also included.

Other upcoming features of Bernoru are multilingual support for characters, italic style, thin, ultra-expanded, and ultra-condensed forms, which make it appropriate for yoga and meditation themes.

12. Alstera

Oblique serif Yoga font

Meet Alstera, a modern oblique serif typeface that lives to prove the saying- less is more, be it in terms of dietary habits or designing artworks.

The font has been carefully crafted with modest, stylish, and elegant thin-thick letters.

Our team was fond of Alstera’s ability to work with a wide range of designs, including headlines, branding, packaging, t-shirt designs, typography, etc.

Apart from dual-case letters and numerals, we were pleased to see that Alstera offers numerous upper and lowercase alternates and ligatures to set your artwork apart from mundane, ordinary designs.

The font is also designed to support English and several other Central and Eastern European languages for a worldwide user experience.

However, before installing Alstera on your computer, remember that it is only available in OTF file format and may be unfit for specific softwares.

Despite its trivial drawback, Alstera remains a reliable font for creating well-structured titles and sentences that convey a positive, healthy message to its readers without going overboard.

Give Alstera a test drive today and let the font’s premium aura speak for itself.

13. Yoga Studio Dingbats Font

A Studio Yoga font

Yoga Studio was designed by Rae Kaiser and Nancy Vala, and it is a stylish yogic dingbats font.

It has a set of beautiful and elegant yoga poses from mountain pose to meditative pose.

It provides basic instructions and visual guidance for yoga practice; so basically, this font is here to provide you what you actually need.

This font also comprises 15 poses in the form of line drawings, OM graphics, and lotus flowers.

14. Wisteria

A modern serif Yoga Font

Introducing Wisteria – a luxury serif font that perfectly balances sophistication and nostalgia.

Wisteria consists of stencil letterforms with elegantly curved edges.

The font features upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and considerable support for multiple accents.

While there is a lot to like about Wisteria, our creative team’s favorite part was definitely its OpenType features.

The font includes a vast library of alternates and ligatures to add a distinctive element to your projects and help them stand out from other designs.

Another thing that impressed us was the font’s availability in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file format, making it ideal for all types of devices and editing softwares.

We loved using Wisteria on fitness catalogs, gym brochures, stationery, book covers, athletic apparel, and business cards, all thanks to the relaxed and positive vibes stimulated by it’s effortless typography style.

However, there is still a minor setback here.

The font may look a little crowded on certain projects and be challenging to read at first glance.

In such cases, we suggest going for a more formal option like Florenia instead.

15. Megante

A classy Yoga Font

Are you looking for something that instantly brings freshness and energy to your projects, similar to how yoga does to your body?

If yes, then this Envato offering is your best bet.

Megante, with its combination of modern, clean lines and casual chic shape, does wonders for a variety of design templates.

We experimented with this font with branding, wedding invites, cutting-edge sports logos, and yoga-related blogs and found the results to be awe-inspiring!

Apart from the standard upper and lowercase characters, we appreciated it’s inclusion of alternates that provided us with numerous customization options to fully unleash our true potential.

And let’s not forget about the multilingual support, which made it versatile enough to be used by international designers as well.

The only disappointing thing about this typeface was its lack of support for OpenType features.

However, if you can work through this minor drawback, get your hands on Megante right now and watch it transform your artwork into the most graceful masterpiece.

16. Wild Mango

A modern serif Yoga Font

Creative, elegant, and chic- Wild Mango paints the perfect picture of what it means to be a laid-back but aesthetic yoga font that depicts a classy, feminine, and soothing aura.

This serif font features modern, bold upper and lowercase letters and numerals.

We particularly liked how the ends of these letters have curved, circular tails for a more fancy and eye-grabbing outlook.

We were pleased to find out that Wild Mango is perfect for a range of promotional ideas and looks great on social media posts, photography, sports and cosmetic brands, and everything in between!

Another thing we admired was the font’s extensive collection of stylistic alternates that allowed us to add a fun, personalized touch to our projects.

But remember, to make the most out of this feature, it is mandatory to have a specialized editing tool similar to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Much to our disappointment, Wild Mango lacked in terms of stylistic options and only consisted of a single, regular style.

If you are looking for a font with better customization options, try swapping the font with Among the Wildflowers instead.

17. Lady Clementine

Lady Clementine Yoga Font

Heavily inspired by the authentic style of modern calligraphy, Lady Clementine is another charming typeface that boosts the visual appeal of all types of artwork.

It is a handwritten, elegant font finished with touches of luxury and romance. Our design team instantly fell in love with its textured, neutral themes that pair well with almost every yoga-based project you want to begin or enhance.

Lady Clementine’s duo-style family left us completely amazed by its versatility.

It lets you pick between a contemporary, chic, and bold design or a calligraphic, slant, and feminine one, depending on what goes best with your project.

We loved using this seamless font while working on invitation cards, magazine covers, sports class brochures, and gym posters to give amplified energy to them.

On the flip side, Lady Clementine is only available in English and doesn’t support OpenType features.

Regardless of this, this font manages to stay on top of its game and is definitely worth a shot!

18. La Luxes Font Duo

La Luxes Yoga Font

Indulge yourself in a luxurious typographic pairing with La Luxes – a gorgeous font duo featuring a ligature-rich Serif and elegant Script.

As creative experts, we loved La Luxes for its clean, hand-drawn look that lends a custom-made feel and helps the text flow naturally.

This warmness is neutralized by the modern, stylish serif set that adds to the font’s fluidity, giving various layout options.

Also included are ten bonus logo templates that are easy to edit and can create stunning logos in just a few minutes.

Open any of the templates, insert your text, and choose your own colors if you wish.

Logos are fully vector, allowing you to scale them to any size without quality loss for creating unique zen yoga-themed or fitness designs.

Just make sure to use professional design software like Adobe and Cricut to access the stylistic alternates, and you’re all set to go.

To sum up, La Luxes is an excellent addition to any roster of yoga fonts.

This pick will look great just about anywhere, from posts and quotes to album covers and lots more.

19. Abigail

A modern serif Yoga Font

Unique, charming, and functional – Abigail is a one-of-a-kind gem that’s all about being relaxed, reaching zen, and opening up the mind and body.

The font is both nostalgic and modern and works great for magazines, logos, and social media posts.

It has a real touch of class and refinement that will make your promotions look in line with the current times.

We particularly appreciated Abigail’s round curves and bold lettering that retained the seriousness of the designs and managed to get the message across clearly.

As a plus, it pairs well with other scripts, sans serifs, and handwritten typefaces and stands firmly on its own as an editorial or heading font.

Abigail is built with OpenType features and includes upper and lowercase, punctuations, numbers, and symbols. Download is available in OTF and WOFF format.

Bear in mind that this pack only comes with Western English characters and, therefore, can’t accommodate global needs. Fret not, as alternatives like Orlande have got your back in such instances.

If you’re in the market for a modern typeface with vintage influence, Abigail is for you.

20. Novara

A modern light serif Yoga Font

Designed to look expensive, this creation by Muntab Art has all the ingredients to assist you in bringing your design concepts to reality and taking them a step further.

Novara combines in itself the elegance of classic serif fonts.

This piece features geometric and stencil letterforms and beautiful contours, making any project look modern and seamless.

Perfect for any project you are looking to start or amplify.

We tried it on various occasions and were amazed by how well it blended into the theme, never once looking out of the place.

Be it for branding, illustrations, web design, badges, posters, or other advertising materials, the possibilities are endless with this one.

The only drawback is that Navora doesn’t contain lowercase letters.

It restricts the font’s flexibility and renders it unsuitable for subheadings and text body use.

Aside from this, this workhorse is nothing short of perfection and will give an aura of sophistication to any yoga project that comes its way.

What’s the wait? Try it today and see for yourself.

Apart from our fresh choices above you may want to consider these popular yoga fonts, both free and premium.

  • Aileron: A clean and modern sans-serif font that can evoke a sense of calmness and simplicity. It has rounded edges and a balanced appearance.
  • Quicksand: A rounded and friendly sans-serif font that has a soothing and gentle quality. It can give a warm and inviting feel to yoga-related designs.
  • Playfair Display: A classic serif font from Google Fonts with elegant and graceful letterforms. It can add a touch of sophistication and balance to yoga-related branding.
  • Pacifico: A casual and handwritten font that has a free-flowing and relaxed vibe. It can be suitable for yoga styles that emphasize creativity and self-expression.
  • Raleway: A versatile sans-serif font with a clean and minimalist design. It has a modern look and can bring a sense of clarity and focus to yoga-related materials.
  • Dancing Script: A flowing and elegant handwritten font that can convey a sense of movement and grace. It can be a good choice for yoga designs that emphasize fluidity and mindfulness.
  • Bodoni: A classic serif font with strong lines and a refined appearance. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to yoga-related branding or materials.
  • Montserrat: A geometric sans-serif font that combines simplicity with modernity. It has a clean and balanced look, making it suitable for yoga-related designs.


What Makes a Good Yoga Font?

In our opinion, a good yoga font should embody the essence of yoga and align with the principles and aesthetics associated with the practice. Here are some key characteristics that you should consider when choosing a yoga font:

  • Clarity and Legibility: A good yoga font should be easy to read, even at smaller sizes. It should have clear letterforms and distinct characters to ensure legibility in various contexts, such as on websites, printed materials, or digital platforms.
  • Serenity and Balance: Yoga fonts often evoke a sense of calmness and balance. They should have a harmonious and pleasing appearance, reflecting the peaceful and centered nature of the practice.
  • Simplicity and Cleanliness: Yoga fonts typically have a clean and minimalist design. They avoid unnecessary embellishments and flourishes, emphasizing simplicity and clarity.
  • Harmony with Nature: Yoga is closely connected to nature, so a font that resonates with natural elements can be appropriate. Fonts inspired by organic shapes, such as gentle curves or flowing lines, can evoke a sense of natural beauty and serenity.
  • Mindfulness and Mind-Body Connection: Fonts that reflect mindfulness and the mind-body connection can be fitting for yoga. This can be achieved through balanced letterforms, flowing strokes, or gentle variations that create a sense of fluidity and harmony.
  • Versatility: A good yoga font should be versatile enough to work well in different applications. It should maintain its legibility and visual appeal across various sizes, formats, and mediums, such as print, digital platforms, or merchandise.
  • Authenticity and Appropriateness: It’s important for a yoga font to feel authentic and appropriate for the practice. Fonts that are too formal or rigid may not align with the inclusive and welcoming nature of yoga. Choosing a font that reflects the specific style or tradition of yoga can enhance its overall authenticity.

Remember, selecting a font for yoga branding or materials involves considering the overall visual identity and purpose of your design. It’s important to choose a font that resonates with your target audience, communicates the right message, and enhances the overall experience of your yoga-related materials.

Best Yoga Fonts Summary

Having some yoga fonts in your font collection is a must when you’re working on fitness, gym, and other zen-inspired designs. Their dynamic and bold characteristics make them suitable for various design concepts, attracting your potential clients at first sight.

The aforementioned typefaces aim to provide you with the best choices, which will assist you in your yoga, meditation, health, and fitness projects. These fonts have updated features that refine your designs and create up-to-the-mark look.

In the end, we hope this article will be helpful to you.

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