Your help needed: Looking to find a new full time job in NYC

Your help needed: Looking to find a new full time job in NYC

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Update 4/8/10: Job found!

Thank you all for your support, I managed to secure a job just in time. You can read about my experience + job hunting tips here.

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As of today, I am unemployed & looking for a full time job at an agency, ideally in NYC where I am currently living with my girlfriend.

My former employer and I have parted ways due to undisclosed reasons and I now have three weeks to find a full time job in USA. If I do not have a job after these three weeks I will have to move back to Australia due to my E3 Work Visa becoming exempt and me not being allowed to work in the USA.

If you know of any agency job vacancies in NYC or have help in any form I would indebted to you for your kindness.

My email is jacobcass[AT]justcreativedesign[DOT]com.

Thank you.

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71 thoughts on “Your help needed: Looking to find a new full time job in NYC”

  1. I would open a new company just so I can hire you… The company hiring you would make a great move.
    I am pretty sure you will have a new job in no time.
    Btw, love your work!

  2. What are your salary requirements?

    We don’t have anything official up yet here at the University of Maryland, but our communication director has been actively seeking to add a graphic artist/designer to the team.

    Also, you would have to relocate to Maryland, which I’m sure is not optimal.

    Let me know, either via email or dm me at hrodrig

  3. Oh no! Why! I admire your work so much! I’m unemployed too. Check on mediabistro, aiga, spd, coroflot, ogroup.com, design observer. You’ll find something soon, you are very talented. Good luck

  4. We’re hiring Senior Designers & another Creative Director!!! But we’re in New Orleans, if you’re interested in a smaller city…

  5. Hey,
    good luck,,
    I am from Pakistan,
    and a Pakistani freelance graphic designer.
    I will not able to help you in find a job in NYC.
    Best of luck…

  6. Bummmer, Jacob! I’ll be rooting for you! And worst (or best?) case scenario…. perhaps you’ll be hearing wedding bells in 3 weeks?

  7. Tough break, Jacob. Good Luck in your job search. If I come across anything, I’ll be sure to forward it your way.

  8. Sorry to hear that man! Good luck with the job hunt, you’re very talented so I’m sure you’ll land the first job you go for! You can bring a lot to anyones company I’m sure.

    Is there nothing you can do about setting up your own company or working self-employed in the US to increase the length of your working Visa? I know nothing about the US laws! Wish you all the best!

  9. Sounds like a bum deal Jacob. You’re a superbly talented designer and I wish the best in finding something more fitting. I’m sure you’ll find a new opportunity that will be super amazing! Best of luck.

  10. Sorry to hear that, Jacob! I know that Behance network’s Joblist has some that are based in NY (http://www.behance.net/joblist) I shall be RT-ing this & hope someone out there in the twitterverse has a job for you! You are an extremely talented designer & you shan’t be unemployed for long. All the best!

  11. Very sorry to hear that Jacob. You probably know this already, but agencies often advertise on their own websites. Good luck with the job hunt. Try HUGE, they’re next door in DUMBO (possibly moved).

  12. Terrible to here Jacob. I’m half way there myself – dropped hours because they can’t afford to keep the whole studio on at once.

    It’s a pity you’re not in NZ, as talent like yours is extremely sought-after at the moment rather than aaaaaaverage designers like myself. I’d be in at Saatchi or Ogilvy in a blink of an eye.

    Here’s hoping you pick something up in those 3 weeks – and that your freelance can pull you through the worst of it.


  13. Have been a long standing but silent admirer of your quite extraordinary work, but I can’t stay quiet any more : they’re nuts if they’re letting you walk. Good luck and have a great time choosing the lucky company that manages to get you… ! I wish we could hire you here …

  14. Good luck Jacob.

    Keep making those calls/enquiries, I’m sure you’ll find something. May be worth trying recruitment agencies as well as the businesses directly.

  15. I do hope the former company didn’t treat you poorly. Employers seem to do that a lot lately. I wish you good luck to stay here!

  16. Jacob, if I didn’t know better, I would say they scammed you for a job for more exposure. You have thousands upon thousands of followers and lots of exposure. You getting hired there pushed their name to the masses.


  17. I’m sorry to hear about this Jacob. I can somewhat understand your feelings – I just graduated from design school and the start date for my first full-time job keeps getting pushed back. It’s a disheartening feeling, and in the back of your mind you can’t help but to worry. But keep your chin up! You clearly have all the right skills so succeed anywhere in the world. As a few people have said, any agency would be lucky to have you.

    You have been a mentor of sorts and a source of inspiration for myself throughout my design school years. I thank you for this, and I wish you the best of luck in obtaining a new job. You’ll be amazing wherever you are and whatever you do, no doubts about that.

    Take care!

  18. Sorry to hear about that, good luck. Tweeted the post, I wish I could help more. Like all the other comments, you’ve been an inspiration to us. Keep your chin up we’ll do what we can to help.

  19. Jacob, i am really sorry to hear about your situation. I will comb the job boards and see if I can help you out. You are a great designer and belong working here in the USA.

  20. Hey Jacob,
    That is a shame to hear mate. Best of luck with your job search. I have a couple of friends in the States and will put the word out for you. I hope everything works out for you – these things tend to work out for the best in the end.

  21. Dude, sorry to hear that. I came across your tweet and noticed your Twitter avatar had changed. I hope you find one soon, just know you have some real talent and I don’t think you’ll be unemployed for too long.

  22. Sorry to hear that. I just went through a similar situation. Like you, I really needed to find a new job within three weeks. I was able to do that within the timeframe, so I have a feeling you’ll be able to as well. Best of luck!

  23. Hi Jacob, I just found you a few days ago and love your work. I know you’ll find something soon. You’re very talented! Nothing that is for you can be taken away, so there must be something better and this experience will take you higher. Have faith and know that everything is in divine order. “A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free” ~Nikos Kazantzakis

    All the best! It’s all gonna work out.

  24. im in a dilemma – first of all, i do not understand why companies let go off such great talent .. then i also feel this could be a calling to a talent to set up his own empire than to continue working for others. the same happened to me .. before i could get laid off by the companies that i got feelers were allergic to my creativity and free-mind, i decided to take the quantum leap and started my own company. its been three years on my own, its tough, but im happy im doing what i so love to do .. i trust this is an option you may also have .. if not, how about an opportunity to team up? why empower others when we can empower our own selves? either way, good luck buddy, i love your work .. you are way more talented than i am and if you have no job now, there is a better one waiting for you .. not too far off .. 🙂

  25. Tough break man, wish you all the best with your job search. It’s ironic because of your last post “Agency Vs. Freelancing” stating the security of a job as compared to finding work yourself. Good thing you can find work yourself:)

  26. Hi Jacob,
    Been Following you for sometime now and really sorry about the new. Your a great designers and a lot of design students are looking up to you. With your skills you should be able to find a new job even within the relatively short period of time. But like many people here I’ve re-twitted your post in the hope that a great agency looking to boost their creative power will hire you.
    Best of luck Jacob. All the best

  27. Very sorry to hear this Jacob. It’s unfortunately a situation many of us face at some stage of our working life. But with your talents, skills and great attitude, I’m sure you will find something very soon. Any agency would be lucky to have you, as you’d be a great addition to any team.
    Good luck!

  28. Hey Jacob,

    i hope you’ll find something very soon. You’re a good designer! You can’t just go back. You will find a job in NYC.

    Good luck!

  29. Gutted for you – retweeting your blog post. Hope the right channels pick it up.

    Best of luck mate. Sending you employed thoughts!

  30. Keep your head up. You got the talent to get a job anywhere in the world. Something good always comes out of the bad. No doubt,
    and good luck!

  31. Hi Jacob

    On behalf of the students who attended your lecture at City Tech’s Meet the PROS event, I wish you luck in finding a new job on time. You are a great designer and a good person! Keep up the great work!


  32. Your an inspiration… so I have no worries you’ll find something soon and better than before. Stand your ground and keep your passion alive. I can see it in your work.

  33. Ugh, I wish I could help you. Your blog has helped me tons! I am sure you will be OK. I’m sorry if the situation was one that may have caused you hurt or made you second-guess yourself. Try not to worry, you’re going to come out on top here!

  34. Hey dude! I’m based in Singapore but I totally feel you there! Retweeting your post so that the few US followers I have might read about it! Hang in there bro, and do let me know if you need a job in Singapore!

  35. Sorry Jacob, to hear that. I am creative manager in a firm in Pakistan, fan of your blog, website, work. I can only wish you best of luck finding an ideal job.

  36. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, but I guess it happens to the best of us. You’ll find a job in no time. You’re extremely talented!

  37. Hi Jacob,

    No job or connections to offer (I am in CA), but I did want to offer my support. You are very talented, and I am sure something will come through. Best of luck to you!

  38. I recommend checking the AIGA job board, Creative Hotlist, Filter, and contacting agencies directly that you’re interested in. In this market, lots of jobs are never posted for fear of the 100’s of resumes pouring in. Good luck.

  39. Hi Jacob,
    How are you? Read your tweet & now your post.
    Best of Luck…..I am sure you will get job very soon.
    Take care.
    Love& Regards
    Rupam (@xhobdo)

  40. This might just be the wake up call you have been waiting for. Everything comes to an end at some point. Hmmm…Is it time to start your own company perhaps?

  41. Hey man was just surfing thru and saw this… http://www.cheetahmail.com … hiring designers for email marketing.. need to be able to code up your designs which im sure you can already do… if interested lemme know and I’ll tell you the name to put as a referral… we’re all the way downtown at 29 Broadway in Manhattan.. pay is good and the people are nice

  42. Hey Jacob,

    So sorry to hear this… You’ve been quite an inspiration in my time at home for a year. I am sure you’ll find something soon. All the best!


  43. It was not till I went to your website ‘Just Creative Design’ that I read about your latest challenge and quest. I am a software developer from Chicago that is a graphic designer at heart. I have circulated a message among my friends and contacts in NYC to see if anything comes up to aid you in your search. Best of Luck Jacob. Your website has been inspiration to many for years. It’s our turn to return the favor.

  44. Hi Jacob, I’m sorry to hear this, but remember everything is experience, without a doubt you´ll be able to get another job soon! And it will be better than the last

  45. Hello Jacob

    I think that you should start a company for yourself and have other people work for you. You are great at what you do, you have a sucessful blog, many friends on social networks
    and you have won many awards for the designs you have made. You have excellent skills. I know there are designers that would want to work for you.
    Alicia D
    P.S. I appreciated
    that you came to
    City Tech to share
    your thoughts on

  46. I think everyone is having a problem in the last couple years in the creative industry.
    Have you had any luck yet?

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