Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Your Logo is Not Your Brand

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Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Your logo is not your brand.

Your logo is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding.

Your brand is the EXPERIENCE your customers have with your product or service. It’s “what people say about your business behind your back”. It is a promise delivered. It is value received.

Your brand is everything and everything is brand!

Your brand is your people, your facilities, your communication tools, the way you speak, your calls to action, your messaging, your overall strategy and yes, your logo and visuals too.

Consider this… could you remove your logo from your product, website, ad or flyer and still know it is you?

If you answered no, then strongly consider working on your brand’s identity and overall strategy.

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Your brand should be built around your WHY. Your why is what you want to remembered for, not just your logo.

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2 thoughts on “Your Logo is Not Your Brand”

  1. Rightly said, Logo is just a symbol to be uniquely identifiable among the crowd, but a brand is like a subjective thing that is related to the product or services concerned by the brand and its influence on the user which creates the popular narrative.

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