22+ Best Hunting Fonts 🦌 for Wild Designs

22+ Best Hunting Fonts 🦌 for Wild Designs

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Are you on the lookout for all of the best hunting fonts? If you are, then look no further!

Whether designing an invitation card or a poster, all designers aim to achieve excellence in this craft and create a template that leaves the audience captivated by its beauty and uniqueness.

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Fonts play a vital role in helping designers achieve this goal and ensure their project outshines similar works.

But what if you are looking for a bold, masculine, and rugged image instead of elegance and beauty?

This is where hunting fonts come into play. These fonts, just like their name, are used to draw the attention of the audience and be readable at a glance.

Hunting fonts are sometimes also referred to as outdoor fonts and are commonly used on letterheads, signboards, and posters related to the natural outdoor landscape.

These fonts do not beat around the bush and give off a strong and memorable message to its readers.

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So are you ready to try hunting fonts and watch your otherwise ordinary and forgettable project turn into a memorable piece of art?

Dive into this article to get familiar with the finest examples of the best hunting fonts right now! We have tested these fonts and provided you with our honest experience, along with likes and dislikes, to help you pick out the best hunting font.

No matter what type of project you are working on, our list of 22 hunting fonts promises to assist you in all your creative ventures.

Without any further ado, let’s get going!

🦌 Top 10 Hunting Fonts

Here is a list of the best 22 hunting fonts that are sure to spice up your artwork in a matter of a few seconds!

  1. Northern Passage
  2. Wild Hunt
  3. Made by Bears
  4. The Midnight
  5. Explore Hunter
  6. Foregen
  7. Explorer
  8. Dale Adventure
  9. Baby Wildly
  10. Wrong Hunt

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For the complete list, scroll on!

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22 Hunting Fonts for Wild Designs

1. Northern Passage

A rugged handmade Hunting Font

Be it for camping, hunting, or hiking- Northern Passage promises to add an organic, rustic feel to your projects in just a few seconds!

The font consists of sleek, thin letters with sharp edges and a weathered texture.

It is a handmade font we enjoyed using for blogs, logos, business cards, social media posts, and other special events in dire need of a rustic, macho outlook.

Northern Passage has a wide collection of letters, numerals, and punctuation for utmost ease.

Unfortunately, it only consists of uppercase letters and is, therefore, unsuitable for the primary and secondary text of the poster.

We are also not fans of Northern Passage’s support for only one file format, making it incompatible with certain design software.

All things considered, if you are looking for a rugged, woodsy font to use as the display on your camping and hunting posters, then Northern Passage is right up your alley!

So, download it right now and add the finishing touches needed to transform your projects into a masterpiece.

2. Wild Hunt

A natural handwriting Hunting Font

Designed by TypeCoconut, Wild Hunt is one of those fonts particularly adapted for logos, branding, and other advertising projects.

This hunting font features strong, rugged sans-serifs with sharp terminals and a raw look that gives it an aggressive appearance.

The characters are easy to read as well as scalable, making your content easier to digest.

We were amazed by the font’s aesthetics when we used it on insignia, header, and packaging.

It got along well with most themes and always looked in the right place.

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Another thing we admired about Wild Hunt was that it included everything needed for discriminating typography: upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and alternate forms – accounting for its unrestricted use.

On the flip side, it’s important to note that Wild Hunt includes only one weight and is a rather bold or heavy font, rendering it unfit for use as a body copy.

But for billboards, titles, and other attention-demanding texts, there isn’t a better option than this workhorse.

So, what’s the wait? Try it today and take your designs to new heights!


3. Made by Bears

Made by bears Hunting Font

Are you looking for a font that instantly teleports you to the calming environment of a jungle surrounded by nature and wild animals? If yes, then we have just the right font for you.

Made by Bears features a striking bold handwritten style of lettering with the perfect blend of horror, nature, and wilderness.

It is a sans-serif font containing numerals, characters, and punctuations in OTF and TTF formats.

Our favorite part about Made by Bears is undoubtedly its dual-style family. The font features a regular and slant style, making it ideal for photography, branding, logos, and Halloween theme posters.

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Unfortunately, Made by Bears can sometimes get a little too crowded as the body, all thanks to its bulky letters.

This makes the font slightly hard to read at first glance and unfit for minimalistic projects.

But, for designers who don’t mind this slight limitation, Made by Bears promises to leave a permanent imprint, similar to that of a bear claw, on the minds of the readers with its attractive and daring design!


4. The Midnight

The midnight Hunting Font

Next, we have the perfect font for those wanting to add a retro touch to their ruthless hunting projects.

The Midnight is a sans-serif font that makes use of sharp, uneven brush strokes to give off an eerie, evil vibe.

We loved the fact that Midnight comes with free illustrations, alternates, and swashes, apart from the regular upper and lowercase characters.

These provide the designer with a wide range of options and greater creative control when designing their posters.

We tried using this font on various projects and liked it best on mixtapes, video game covers, band posters, and the packaging of hunting equipment. Its grunge aesthetic also makes it a good choice for the Halloween season.

The Midnight features a regular and slant style of typography to choose between, depending upon the theme of your project.

Our only concern with Midnight is that it is difficult to understand and use as an amateur designer.

If you are looking for a more flexible hunting font, try going with the Nature Breath instead.

5. Explore Hunter

A brush Hunting Font

Passion, adventure, and young spirit- our next hunting font depicts the perfect picture of the true characteristics of every professional hunter.

Explore Hunter consists of striking, big, bold characters and impressive standard ligatures.

We particularly liked how the font hooked the audience right away and looked great for gore movie posters, advertisements, hunting gear packaging, and any other artwork that otherwise may look mundane.

Our creative team also appreciated the font’s availability in both OTF and TTF file formats for compatibility with various software.

Additionally, Explore Hunter supports multiple languages adding further to its versatility.

However, keep in mind that this font is strictly in all caps and works best when used as the display text.

If you are looking for something more subtle to go as the body text of your poster, try the Allexist typeface instead.

Apart from this minor drawback, Explore Hunter is one of our top picks and the ideal font to explore your creativity while giving your boring artwork a touch of horror, thrill, and excitement!


6. Foregen

Regular version Hunting Font

Are you looking for a font that is heavily inspired by the vintage period and screams resilience?

If yes, then Foregen is the top pick for you.

Carefully crafted by Vultype CO, Foregen is a well-built font sporting a boxy structure and sharp features.

Our creative team was relieved to see that the set includes upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation.

We tried using Foregen on different signboards, labels, posters, and headlines and found the results impressive.

However, our favorite pairing of this sans-serif font was with letterheads and hunting-related clothing apparel.

Still not satisfied with the rugged feel of this font? Don’t ponder this question anymore, as Foregen comes in a regular and rough regular style to add an extra touch of wilderness to your designs.

It also supports multiple languages and basic Latin characters.

The only flaw we found while trying Foregen was how it feels out of place in certain outdoor-based projects.

So make sure to use the font over business-related designs to make the most out of Foregen’s extraordinary features.


7. Explorer

A four weight Hunting Font

Bring a little classic sailor charm to your logos and titles with the Explorer.

This unique typeface pays homage to the ancient sailing period by combining a jagged retro design with adventurous typography.

The font contains uppercase alphabets in addition to various alternate characters, symbols, and numbers.

Moreover, Explorer offers unlimited multilingual support to go well with diverse projects worldwide.

Our design experts were left in awe of Explorer’s four-weight font family.

The font offers light, medium, regular, and bold styles with elongated edges to fit with a variety of design templates, including headlines, advertising, branding, and signboards.

Explorer stays true to its name and promises to let you explore your true potential by being accessible on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

At the same time, we admit that Explorer can sometimes turn out to be too sophisticated on masculine posters and end up killing their vibe.

To prevent such cases, try going with fonts similar to the Batoon typeface.

But if you are sure that Explorer is the right one for you, watch it take your project’s visual appeal to the next level!


8. Dale Adventure

Wild desert Hunting Font

Dale Adventure has reinvented the whole image of what it means to be the best hunting font in town!

The font features a bold, playful, and urban style of typography that looks equal parts energetic and riveting.

We admire Dale Adventure’s ability to fit right in with anything related to jungle, wildlife, and adventure.

At the same time, Dale Adventure also looks great on children’s books, insignia, signboards, and posters, all thanks to its friendly and easy-to-read characters.

Another thing that made Dale Adventure stand out to us was its support for up to three file formats, including TTF, OTF, and WOFF.

The only lacking we found in this typeface was in terms of stylistic sets.

To our disappointment, Dale Adventure features only a single regular style that is promising on only limited project themes.

But suppose you are willing to compromise your creativity in terms of better readability.

In that case, we guarantee that Dale Adventure will make all your quests worthwhile and magical with its daring features!


9. Baby Wildly

Handbrush Hunting Font

Just like its name, Baby Wildly is what happens when you combine childlike innocence with an organic outdoor feel.

Our next typeface is one of its kind, as it successfully balances out adorable hand-drawn letters with a bold, eye-catching, and robust outlook.

We particularly loved how the modern calligraphy style heavily inspires Baby Wildly and seems to go well with branding, logos, labels, posters, and various design themes.

Another feature of Baby Wildly that left us starstruck was the inclusion of special characters included in its package.

From uppercase letters to alternates and over fifty hand-drawn leaf illustrations, Baby Wildly has just everything you need and is so much more packed to boost the attractiveness of your projects!

While Baby Wildly is as perfect as a calligraphic outdoor font, we still found a minor drawback.

This typeface only supports the English language and has a slightly difficult interface.

But, if you are working on an English-based project, you are in luck.

Get your hands on the unique Baby Wildly font right now and watch your poster stand out everywhere it goes!


2. Wrong Hunt

A brush Hunting Font

Wrong Hunt is the ideal typeface for designers who want to portray a rugged, masculine, and powerful energy to their readers.

With its jagged yet playful lettering, we found Wrong Hunt to be the right match for a variety of design templates, including band posters, album covers, books, apparel, logos, and so much more!

It also includes a regular and underlined style for greater versatility.

Another aspect our designers love about this font is its natural, dry, and confident brush strokes, which instantly grab the viewers’ attention and leave a long-lasting impression in their minds.

However, we don’t like how Wrong Hunt is only available in a single TTF file format and has limited stylistic choices.

We were also disappointed to learn that the font lacks numerals and punctuation and consists solely of upper and lowercase letters.

But if you can work around these minor limitations, then be sure to try Wrong Hunt.

After all, you can never go wrong with the artistic brush-style lettering of a font this versatile.


11. Hunting Season

A hunting season Hunting Font

Next up, we have Hunting Season – a rugged brush font bound to get your competitive blood pumping.

We are fans of its big and bold letterforms explicitly designed for maximum visual and emotional impact.

The strong and sturdy serifs lend a very commanding presence and are a fantastic choice if your goal is to get noticed.

Another standout factor for us was that Hunting Season has many different characters supporting Greek-based languages and Latin.

It includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as contextual alternates, ligatures, currency figures, and some extra glyphs.

Our only concern regarding this typeface is that it does not support the WOFF format and, therefore, can’t be used for web-related applications.

Fret not, as fonts like Black Rider always have your back in such situations.

However, for designers who aren’t bothered by this slight limitation, Hunting Season is the way to go.

Use it with animal overlays or on a plain background, and prepare to get your daily adrenaline dose with style.


12. The Hunter

A modern display Hunting Font

Want your designs to stand out? If so, this Envato offering is your best bet.

The Hunter is a clean athletic typeface with just the right balance of smooth curves and hard lines, each letter bold and engaging.

Its stencil lettering makes it a good choice for hunting gear because of the “roll up your sleeves” attitude and hard-working grit.

Our favorite thing about this font is that it looks outstanding in a wide range of contexts and can fit right in most templates.

The credit for this goes to the contemporary design that added a dash of timeless spirit everywhere it went.

From sports and entertainment to pamphlets and other branding endeavors, The Hunter can tackle anything that comes its way.

The only drawback is that it can only be accessed through OpenType-compatible software and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But once you get your hands on such tools, what awaits ahead is unlimited design possibilities.


13. Hunter Heart

Hunter Heart Hunting Font

Get ready to celebrate the hunting season in full spirits with this FeyDesign Studio creation.

Hunter Heart is a retro decorative font that carries with it innate style and personality.

Sporting sharp and calculated sides, this contender doesn’t shy away from taking all the limelight, making it fit the stereotypical hunting vibe a lot more than other options on the list.

Our creative experts particularly loved Hunter Heart’s included alternates, accented characters, and ligatures that presented us with an extensive collection to choose from.

To make things even more flexible, this typeface comes in five styles and multiple file formats—a special mention of the 3D variation that allowed us to create dynamic, hyper-realistic designs.

We were also impressed with its carefully designed metrics and kerning that accounted for the font’s enhanced legibility and smooth reading experience.

Bear in mind that the grunge aesthetics of this typeface may not be a good match for seasonal and casual designs.

But despite this minor flaw, it’s safe to say that Hunter Heart never fails to understand the assignment and always delivers.

Download Hunter Heart right now to bring your dream layouts to life!


14. Hunting

A monoline script Hunting Font

Reminiscent of thick jungles and cozy cabins, Hunting is a one-of-a-kind gem in this line-up.

We instantly fell in love with its monoline, rustic appearance that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of exploration.

This font features natural shapes and curves that evoke the feeling of being out in nature, rendering it fit for more than just hunting space.

Use it for camping, shooting, rock climbing, or any of your favorite thrilling activities, and you won’t be disappointed.

Another thing we can’t help but admire was Hunting’s smoothly transitioned letters and ending swashes that imparted a sense of surrealism to our designs.

Hunting includes a complete set of glyphs and uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and numeral.

Like other fonts, it provides similar basic functionality without becoming too showy.

This striking simplicity is what truly makes it unforgettable.

But since Hunting only supports limited languages, you may want to keep an eye out for alternatives like Timber to suit your global project needs.

Regardless, this piece stays true to its theme and promises to provide an outdoorsy look to anything it is used on.


15. Valorica

A monoline Hunting Font

For those wanting to bring a touch of elegance into their designs, look no further than Valorica.

Released by Keris Maker, this typeface is a dream come true for all hunting enthusiasts.

With its faded brush strokes and monoline script, it’s bound to bring a sense of rustic nostalgia to anything it’s put on.

We experienced this first-hand and were impressed by how Valorica managed to upscale the projects it was used on.

The results, be it books, merchandise, or packaging, were always swoon-worthy.

To top it all off, Valorica is also PUA-encoding and has just about everything needed to create a thorough design.

From standard characters to alternates, ligatures, and support for a wide range of languages, it indeed is a complete package.

However, in order to access its glyph panel, you must have Adobe or other specific software installed.

Ever-convenient fonts like Headley can certainly help in such circumstances.


16. Hinterland

Handcrafted sans serif Hunting Font

Another distinctive typeface on our list, Hinterland, is all you need to take you to the strong winds of the mountains and jungles.

It is a newly designed handcrafted serif font featuring uppercase and small caps letters.

We were also thrilled to find out that Hinterland has a wide collection of decorative swirls and other elements that can enhance the outlook of any project with its charm and natural feel.

All the letterforms of Hinterland are designed to complement each other, from its numerals and punctuation to its special symbols.

We also like how Hinterland supports most European languages for better compatibility with global designers.

Another admirable aspect of Hinterland is its stylistic set duo featuring a regular and rough variation to add an extra rustic touch. The font is available in three file formats, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2, for use on various design applications.

We would have preferred if Hinterland was designed to support international languages, too, apart from just English.

But all things considered, Hinterland stays true to its promise of adding the final touches of machismo to social media posts, logos, and hunting gear.


17. Batoon

A Batoon Hunting Font

Batoon is a sharp, handmade sans-serif font that captures the rugged beauty of hunting grounds.

Its bold lines and jagged edges evoke the rocky trails and craggy peaks of rocky mountains, rendering it an excellent choice for any seasonal project.

Each letter is carefully crafted, imbuing your artwork with a sense of natural ruggedness and handcrafted authenticity.

We were thrilled with how each character was different from the other, acting as a marker on a trail and guiding you through the untamed wilderness and breathtaking vistas of the great outdoors.

Batoon helped us create designs that were as unforgettable and adventurous as the mountains themselves, inspiring the viewers to embrace their inner explorers.

Moreover, its included elements and OpenType format allowed for more convenient use.

The lack of glyphs and special characters did take out some of the fun during the designing process.

This wasn’t a big problem for us, but those who like playing around with different features might want to skip Batoon for the time being.

Regardless, this Design Cuts creation remains at the top of the charts for transforming any mediocre project into an extraordinary masterpiece.


18. Parkland

A retro collection Hunting Font

Introducing the Parkland Typeface Face – a vintage-meets-modern fusion pack of fonts celebrating the splendor of the outside world.

Featuring four retro-styled styles: Display, Rounded, Brush, and Script, Parkland allowed for a higher degree of customization and creativity.

All these variants enabled us to create amazing designs and add just the right amount of emphasis to where it was needed.

We also enjoyed the extensive collection of glyphs along with the four park-inspired replica badges that take heavy inspiration from the park signage and travel brochures of the early WPA posters.

And this retro-stylized charm makes Parkland a suitable pick for projects revolving around hunting.

Our personal experience using Parkland has been fantastic.

This font splendidly balances out the counter elements, making its use delightful. It is neutral yet expressive, technical but overt, and friendly but serious.

And therefore, can we throw just about anywhere: from formal and business cards to casual projects, Parkland fits the bill for all.

So buckle up and enjoy the journey because designing with Parkland is a blast!


19. Amateur Hunter

A handdrawn sans serif Hunting Font

Meet Amateur Hunter, a hand-drawn sans-serif typeface inspired by the outdoor lifestyle.

Sharp, boxy, and legible, you’d be surprised to find that this piece is quite the opposite of its name.

Amateur Hunter is a safe choice for visual projects and hunting campaigns, all credited to its authentic vintage aesthetic.

On experimenting, Amateur Hunter turned out to be one of the most user-friendly options in the bunch.

Be it on Mac or PC, the font provided easy installation and hassle-free use throughout the designing process.

What we liked the most about this beauty was its availability in 4 styles: Regular, Regular Stamp, Stencil, and Stencil Stamp, each designed in the same metric.

These variants effortlessly blend to create out-of-the-box designs.

And let’s not forget about the multilingual diacritics and stylistic alternates that further helped get the message out with a boom.

The only thing that didn’t tickle our fancy was the font’s condensed spacing which affected the legibility at smaller sizes by leading to visual crowding.

However, if you’re looking for something solely for logotypes, covers, and other big body texts, Amateur Hunter is worth a glance.


20. Iron Lake

A frontier inspired Hunting Font

Only the best hunting fonts can match the rigor and energy of this sport, and Iron Lake by Alphabet Agent does just that with its expressive slabs and terminals.

Inspired by the pioneer era, Iron Lake can elevate any design within instances.

It combines bold and rugged lines to help create something powerful and sophisticated.

The font works well with country, western, rural, outdoors, and vintage themes and can be used for pretty much anything. Sign boards, bags, album covers, you name it!

The showstopper for us, however, was Iron Lake’s availability in many file formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF, which simplify its use and make it a reliable companion for designers who are new to this domain and in search of something basic yet impactful.

On the contrary, Iron Lake comes in only one style, which may not be a good fit for those who like to experiment with their creations.

Additionally, its support for only English can also scare designers away, particularly those with international audiences.

In such cases, don’t shy away from swapping it with a more global alternative like our all-time favorite Frutiger.


21. Pine Forest

A handcrafted outdoor Hunting Font

If you are looking for a woodsy, rustic font to give your creation an association with hiking, camping, or hunting, Pine Forest is a splendid choice.

It has that deeply weathered look that is reminiscent of the great outdoors.

Pine Forest is a display sans-serif font that boosts a playful and hand-drawn character, perfect for anyone wanting to lend a natural, human touch to their design.

This typeface lends itself to product packaging, typography designs, invitations, label badge posters, quotes, and more.

Another thing we liked about this Dikas Studio product is its two font styles: press regular and press italic, when worked meticulously with one another, and paved the way for greater creativity.

While Pine Forest is a complete package with its extensive range of alphabets, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and alternate, it’s important to note that it does not include any lowercase.

This restricts its use for larger chunks of text, making it less versatile compared to other fonts.

But for those wanting to bring an outdoorsy charm to their upfront or on-the-face designs, Pine Forest is a must-have.


22. Lake Side

The great outdoors Hunting Font

Our next camping font is surely a well-loved typeface by nature-loving people all around.

Lake Side by Bruised Goods is a stunning outdoor font inspired by warm summer days spent hunting, camping, boating, fishing, and drinking beer at Lakeside.

Unlike typical options in the category, Lake Side is not just style over substance.

It comes with a wealth of ornaments for creating thorough designs.

These include beautiful ligatures, multiple swashes, and stylistic alternates to give your typography a unique look. Other features include English alphabets, currency symbols, numbers, and standard punctuation.

We are especially fond of Lake Side’s collection of font duos, which harmonizes well with one another.

The regular weight is ideal for headlines, while the lighter, italic weight fantastically adds flow and movement.

As a plus, both weights held their stature at smaller sizes, and the details were not lost, making Lake Side a perfect visual solution.

From digital screens to hardcopy documents, this one really fits all mediums.

A few drawbacks we faced with Lake Side were that it’s only an all-caps font and does not include a web font, making it less versatile than our other picks. Want to steer clear of such limitations?

Worry not, as fonts similar to Mangrove may come in handy in such instances.

Best Hunting Fonts Summary:

Hunting Fonts are indeed one-of-a-kind typefaces and are always ready to assist your outdoorsy projects regardless of where you are in your design career.

Look anywhere, and you are bound to come across these remarkable fonts.

We hope our list presents you with enough choices to pick from.

From retro-inspired gems to those with a sleek and contemporary style, we have featured all the best ones in one place.

All you need to do is analyze your needs and target audiences and select one accordingly.
Until then, Happy hunting!

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