Adobe Fonts not Syncing – Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Font Activation in Creative Cloud

Adobe Fonts not Syncing – Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Font Activation in Creative Cloud

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Now that Adobe has moved its product to the Creative Cloud suite, glitches are much more common. And there is no tab in the software’s Help menu to resolve the glitches.

So if you are facing the “Adobe Fonts not Syncing” issue, you will need to troubleshoot it manually.

We’ve put together this guide to show you how fix your Adobe fonts syncing issue.

“Adobe Fonts not Syncing” – Typekit Troubleshooting Guide

Let’s look at the troubleshooting steps for getting Adobe Fonts & TypeKit fonts working and activated again in Adobe Creative Cloud.

What to do when your Adobe fonts are not syncing?

First, ensure you are using the latest version of the software. Then, restart your PC. Log in to your Adobe ID in the Creative Cloud app. If you still face the issue go ahead and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Install Creative Cloud App

Fonts are activated on your PC through the Adobe Creative Cloud app. If you have not yet installed the software on your system, know how to download it here and get some discount.

Step 2: Open the Creative Cloud software

The Creative Cloud workstation should be running, and you must first log in at Creative Cloud before the fonts can get activated. If the app isn’t running or you logged out of Creative Cloud, the font styles will be temporarily inaccessible.

Step 3: Confirm account data

Log in to Creative Cloud with the same Adobe ID used when purchasing your Creative Cloud membership.

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Your registered information is at the top right corner of the Creative Cloud app; click your profile icon to load the name and email address registered with the account.

Adobe account data
Image credit: Adobe

To change your current signed-in ID, click Sign Out. After logging out, you will see a window to sign in with another Adobe ID.

Or you can click on the “Account” button in the Profile menu of the Creative Cloud app to visit your Adobe Account page and confirm that you have logged in with the Adobe ID that has your Creative Cloud membership on it.

Adobe account data
Image credit: Adobe

Step 4: Check the activation status of your fonts

When a font is active, the fonts menu automatically updates. You will find a red icon next to any font style with an activation issue. You can take your cursor over the red icon for more info on the issue.

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Activation error messages

Adobe activation status
Image credit: Adobe

If your font fails to activate or there is an issue with the installed font on your PC, you will see an error message displaying the pertinent information:

Error message: “This error could have occurred due to a network interruption.”

Error message: “A font with the same name is already installed.”

Step 5: Change the Adobe Fonts setting

If your fonts are still not active, turn off the font option in Creative Cloud settings.

To do so, open the Menu from the gear icon found at the top of the Creative Cloud app. Click Services and toggle the Adobe Fonts option to turn it on and off.

Then wait a minute or two and then turn it on again.

Adobe font settings
Image credit: Adobe

Step 6: Log out of Creative Cloud and restart the PC

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Logging out from your Creative Cloud app and restarting the PC stops any font-based processes that are failing, and starts new processes.

  • To log out of the Creative Cloud app, click your profile icon and click Sign Out.
  • Exit the Creative Cloud app.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Start the Creative Cloud app.
  • Log back into Creative Cloud.

Step 7: Windows 10: Check the Untrusted Font Blocking setting

Windows 10 has a setting to “block untrusted fonts” which, when left on, might restrict the Adobe Fonts from activating.

An article from Microsoft briefly discusses how to check this setting on your PC.

If the Block untrusted fonts setting is ON in either the Registry Editor or the Group Policy, it needs to be turned OFF or changed to the “audit” option for Adobe fonts to sync and work on your PC.

Step 8: Check for network proxy or firewall issues

There might be a chance that your network proxy or firewall blocks connection to any of the necessary network endpoints and if that is the case, Adobe Fonts won’t work. Your PC needs to connect to these endpoints and download the required files.

Here is the list of the required domains and in these, port 443 needs to be open.


Now your Adobe fonts should be syncing again.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Creative Cloud installation failure?

If you get a setup failure, ensure that you are not installing other programs simultaneously or have any pending device updates while running the Creative Cloud laptop app installer. Another alternative is to restart the laptop and then install the Creative Cloud laptop app.

Why does Adobe Creative Cloud keep crashing?

Adobe Creative Cloud programs are powerful, but very complex. A corrupted cache or junk files are the key reasons behind software exiting/crashing or not starting. The good news is that if you remove the corrupted cache files, the software runs smoothly.

Why are my Creative Cloud updates failing?

Usually, CC updates fail because of an internet connectivity issue when the app can’t reach Adobe servers. Also, there could be some corrupt files that you need to delete from the cache.

How do I transfer my Adobe software to a new computer?

To transfer the software, you simply need to introduce it to the new device. But first, deactivate the product on any of the old devices before introducing it to the other device. To deactivate, go to help and tap on deactivate.

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