Brand Masterclass Workshop with Marty Neumeier

Brand Masterclass Workshop with Marty Neumeier

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I am super excited to share with you a new partner of JUST Creative.

It is none other than International Brand Master, Marty Neumeier!

Marty is is running a Brand Masterclass Workshop at the LA studio of the infamous Chris Do & The Futur (sold out, other locations below)

Yeah, you read that right…

If there was ever a time to level up your brand skills, this is it!

Marty Neumeier is facilitating a two day hands-on certification workshop.

The workshop is called Level C because they are on a mission to permanently place the role of “BRANDING” in the C-Suite (aka CEO, CBO, CDO).

This best part? This Masterclass Workshop is a certification so when you’re finished, you will become a Certified Brand Specialist.

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Graduates from the London masterclass have already used this credential and are leveling up into roles such as Global Director of Marketing, Head of Strategy, Head of Brand, and more — which means higher levels, broader scopes, more influence, better titles, and more money!

I had a long chat on the phone with Marty’s team about their overall goals and what makes this course so unique and what stood out to me is that the course is in person.

You master modern brand building disciplines hands-on, and in the process build connections along the way, meaning you can level up together.

It goes without saying, this is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best in the industry and get certified in the process.

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Seats are extremely limited, so don’t wait too long on this one.

Links below.

Dates, prices and more info:

» Los Angeles Brand Masterclass (Sold Out)

» Philadelphia Brand Masterclass (Sold Out)

» Dublin Brand Masterclass – May 6, 2020 ($1060-$1560)

I was going to be joining this masterclass myself but the dates conflicted with prior booked travel, however, an exciting potential is that I am working with Marty’s team to bring this course down to Australia, in time.

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[Cyber Monday Deals LIVE!]