15+ Best Filipino Fonts for Pinoy Cultural Designs 🇵🇭

15+ Best Filipino Fonts for Pinoy Cultural Designs 🇵🇭

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Mabuhay! Are you on the lookout for all of the best Filipino fonts? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Do you want to make your Filipino design stand out of the crowd? A great way of doing this is adding an impressive typeface to it.

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You can find one that offers everything from bold colors and handwritten scripts to elegant italics that suit your project.

In this blog post, we have come up with different and special Filipino fonts for YOU.

Also, you can add elegance to any project with one of these gorgeous yet versatile fonts.

Each one offers something different in shape or style, and none of them is dull, so explore some exciting fonts for your content.

10 Best Filipino Fonts – Overview

  1. Broomstick
  2. BBT Martires
  3. Mouthpiece
  4. Quiapo
  5. Charitta
  6. Cubao
  7. Subletter
  8. Kawit
  9. Sanango
  10. Batangas

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20+ Best Filipino Fonts

1. Sulat Rizal

An elegant font for your designs

The one-line script font, Sulat Rizal, is inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal’s handwritten letter to his sister.

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Jose Rizal was a Filipino nationalist who served as a physician and author during the Spanish colonial times.

He was famous for his resistance against the Spanish rule.

Since this font is based on his original handwritten text, its groovy text style gives a natural look to your designs.


2. BBT Martires – Free Filipino Font

If you’re seeking a font that speaks to your artistic sensibilities and embodies the vibrant spirit of Filipino culture, look no further than BBT Martires. We have fallen head over heels for this gem.

BBT Martires captures the playful and casual aesthetic of Filipino sign painting, reminiscent of the lively jeepney sign boards and street vendors.

We’ve had the pleasure of incorporating this font into various projects, and the results have been nothing short of enchanting.

Whether we’re crafting eye-catching headings, designing captivating signages, or adding that extra pizzazz to our Instagram posts, BBT Martires never fails to dazzle.

It effortlessly infuses our creations with a sense of joy and humor, perfectly reflecting the fun-loving nature of Filipinos.

BBT Martires’ deep connection to Filipino heritage makes it even more special.

Named after Trece Martires in Cavite, paying tribute to the 13 Martyrs of the town, this font carries a rich backstory that adds a layer of authenticity to our work.

However, we didn’t like that Its playful nature may not suit projects aiming for a formal or corporate vibe.

Nonetheless, when it comes to infusing your designs with the genuine Filipino experience, BBT Martires is an absolute winner.

3. Mouthpiece

A Modern Calligraphy Font

This unique brushstroke design makes this font perfect for branding projects, logos, wedding invitations, cover pages, advertisements, product packaging, product designs and labels, photography, and watermarks when you need to add flair to your work.

It can also be used for various media posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, where this distinctive style will stand out, making your content look more professional.

Its A-Z character set is great for the text design, and the numerals and punctuation provide good readability.

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The accents add another layer to this typeface by supporting multilingual characters.


4. Quiapo – Free Filipino Brush Script Font

Step into the world of Filipino sign artistry with Quiapo, a captivating brush-style typeface that instantly won us over.

We were blown away by its seamless brush strokes, reminiscent of the skilled handiwork found on the streets of the Philippines.

When we first laid eyes on Quiapo, we fell in love with its effortless elegance and unique charm.

The fluid brush-style design adds a touch of artistic flair to our projects, making them stand out from the crowd.

Whether we’re creating captivating quote graphics or designing eye-catching visuals,

Quiapo never fails to make a statement.

What truly sets it apart is its exceptional legibility.

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Despite its brush-style appearance, the letters are easy to read, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design contexts.

We find ourselves turning to Quiapo time and time again, particularly for quote plaques that keep us inspired during those dreaded EDSA traffic jams.

While Quiapo shines in its authenticity and distinct brush strokes, it may not suit every design need.

Its bold and brushy nature lends itself best to projects that require a touch of boldness and creativity.

However, when used in the right context, Quiapo brings a unique and captivating aesthetic that simply cannot be replicated.

5. Subletter

A modern font for your next projects

This elegant script allows you to make your letters or logotype look sophisticated.

It is inspired by brush strokes and paintings, so it is a strong yet classy enough to use on projects such as labels and printouts.

It’s just perfect to design any branding project or material like posters, logotypes, and customized designs.

With so many variations in text styles, ligatures, and alternate characters, you can assure that your text will stand out among other fonts.


6. Cubao

We’ve stumbled upon a font that’s bound to ignite your design projects with a touch of Filipino flair.

Say hello to Cubao, a typeface that channels the vibrant neon signs of Manila’s streets and captures the essence of handmade beauty.

From the moment we laid eyes on Cubao, we were transported back to the bustling city of Manila.

Inspired by the stenciled lettering on city and provincial buses, its bold and captivating design instantly evoked a sense of nostalgia.

This font’s round and curved edges create a visually striking impact, making it perfect for catchy one-liners and attention-grabbing catchphrases.

Our experience with Cubao was nothing short of thrilling.

It injected our designs with a burst of energy and charm that resonated with our audience.

Whether we were working on posters, website headers, or social media graphics, it effortlessly transformed our creations into captivating works of art.

However, it’s worth noting that Cubao’s unique style might not be suitable for every design context.

It truly shines when used strategically for headlines and titles, but it may not lend itself well to lengthy paragraphs or body text. So, be sure to harness its power where it matters most.

7. Charitta

A natural brush typeface font

This unique design is made using a brush pen, which gives it a natural feel.

It looks amazing when used for logos or branding because it easily grabs attention.

It is used to design all types of creative projects.

The font includes numerals, punctuations, and accents along with ligatures for more creative flexibility.

Other features of this typeface include dual case-letter, alternates, and multilingual support.


8. Kawit

A 3 weights Filipino Font

Step into the world of “Kawit” and let us share our passion for this captivating typeface by Aaron Amar.

With a nod to the old handwriting styles found in Philippine government emblems, seals, and documents, Kawit brings a touch of nostalgia to any design.

The calligraphic elegance of this font takes us back to a time without typewriters or printers, evoking a sense of timeless beauty.

Using Kawit in our design projects has been an absolute joy. Its graceful strokes and carefully crafted curves add a touch of sophistication and allure.

We love how it effortlessly transforms any text into a formal yet inviting statement.

Whether it’s for a poster on a Filipino history project or as a body text font, this font breathes life into the words, giving them historical significance.

While Kawit shines in many aspects, it’s important to consider its limitations.

Due to its intricate calligraphic nature, it may not be the best fit for projects seeking a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Additionally, in longer texts, legibility can be slightly compromised.

However, for titles, headlines, or short passages, Kawit truly shines and makes a lasting impact.

9. Sanango

A powerful and versatile font

The Sanango font is inspired by a plant that exists in deep forests of Peru, and it’s been used for centuries to cure addicts, and now, designers use this font when they need a natural handwritten look.

It comes in four file formats with multilingual support.

It’s available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT formats.


10. Batangas

An elegant Filipino Font

Step into the vibrant world of Batangas, the font that captures the spirit of Batangueños.

As professional creatives, we absolutely adore this font for its unique qualities.

Inspired by the rich culture of its namesake province, Batangas by Hanken Design, Co. is a true masterpiece.

With its coffee bean-shaped counters and dots, reminiscent of the renowned Kape Barako, and strokes resembling the iconic balisong knife, this font oozes the essence of Batangas.

Our experience using Batangas has been an absolute joy.

It injects life into our posters and infographics, adding that extra flair that catches the eye.

Batangas is versatile beyond measure. It effortlessly adapts to any project, delivering captivating headlines and engaging body text.

Each letter seems to dance on the page, infusing our designs with energy and authenticity.

On the flip side, we didn’t like that at smaller sizes, the intricate details might require some extra attention, affecting legibility.

However, this font becomes a storytelling tool that captures Batangas in all its glory when used effectively.

We highly recommend embracing Batangas to infuse your designs with the vibrant spirit of Batangas, captivating both locals and enthusiasts worldwide.

10. Fulgate Thin

A great typeface with unique colors filipino font

Next up is a font that is for the designers who are in a quest to make their designs amazing.

Fulgate Thin is a luxury font with a wide range of summer-themed designs and features such as glyphs and characters that won’t disappoint you.

A main feature that stands out is Capital Swash, a replacement for the first letter in your typed words that give all caps a luxurious feel.

If you don’t want your numbers or symbols in the beginning of every sentence, just switch them out with ordinals or subscripts, respectively.


11. Rositalight

A handlettered script font

Now you can instantly create beautiful hand-crafted calligraphic content with Rosita Script.

It has several bouncy curves and loops that make your content look impressive for signs, invites, packaging, headlines, or whatever your creativity holds. This font has the following two versions:

Rosita Light: A handwritten font with dual-case letters, numerals, characters, and punctuation with stylistic, titles, and swash alternates. Rosita Semi-bold: It has bold characters and alternates.

It can be used for anything from logos and stationery covers to invitations and cards.

It is available in both OTF and TTF formats and requires no additional software.


12. Hidoku

A vintage font for your designs

If you’re looking for a handmade script with a retrospective theme, this typeface might be what best suits your needs.

This brush lettering font is suitable for creating stylish logos.

It comprises two style versions: Bold and Light.

This typeface can give any project a classy look.


13. Mellisa

A unique font with multiple selections

The Mellisa Script has been recently introduced by Envato Element. It’s a beautiful font that will help you add great typography to your design projects.

This multilingual font is available in two file versions: Mellisa OTF and TTF: It has features of dual-case letters, alternates, titles, swashes, and ligatures.

Mellisa Extras OTF and TTF: It has 24 hand-designed characters. This PUA-encoded font has full access and function without needing additional design software.

It works well for logos, brand posters, love quotes, or any other design for a special occasion like a wedding invitation or a clothing label.


14. Nutty Clash

A unique and handwritten font

The Nuttyclash font was inspired by the poster design of vintage music bands. It was crafted by hand with a natural handmade feel.

This font is perfect for logo designs, brand titles, quotes, clothing, packaging, and wedding invites because of its elegant look.

The most prominent feature of Nuttyclash is 172 characters that support several languages, and include Western European characters.

This typeface is available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats.


15. Victorian

Best suited for Filipino related designs

The Victorian font is a very rich and decorative font that can bring your design back to 1800s with its Victorian style.

This unique combination of Kind Edward and Queen Victoria fonts will make your designs or documents look as if they were written centuries ago.

This font belongs to a multilingual family with 200 alternate characters, including a few characters that are not found in most fonts, so it is great for decorative purposes. You can insert a glyph when your project needs something special.

The font contains 1814 glyphs, with open-type features of a lowercase letter and contextual alternates.


16. Cherly Hills

Astounding font with great looks

The aesthetically beautiful Cherly Hills typeface is inspired by the combination of classic calligraphy and modern serif fonts.

This gorgeous font has 56 unique ligatures that will give a new life to your work with their inspirational feel.

Cherly Hills is available in two versions, regular and italic, which make it perfect for headlines and body text.

This PUA-encoded typeface is accessible through Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and MS Word.

This multilingual font is ideal for creating titles, vintage logos, invites, quotes, and other modern and vintage designs.


17. Pricisia

A powerful and versatile font

A monoline sans-serif font with two weights that creatively beautifies your greeting cards, making them look more awesome and youthful.

The ligatures of this font are in the pipeline. Pricisia is great for greeting cards, invitations, branding, and marketing.

It helps create colorful logos that are perfect for daycare and pre-schools.


18. Broomstick

A stylish and handwritten font

Broomstick is a unique handwritten font with thick lines that makes your designs come alive.

It’s a sophisticated typeface with an elegant look and feel. This brush script will elevate any design it’s used for.

It’s a versatile font that can be used for any design, from corporate documents to logos; it will certainly upscale your message into something truly remarkable.

This typeface contains Latin alphabets and numbers, multiple accents, and ligatures, which makes it perfect for any text, so add this beautiful design element to your creative ideas and see them improving.


19. Baker Street

A unique font with multiple selections

This font is inspired by a trip to London, England. The city is filled with unique lettering styles that all add to a beautiful scenic design.

Early sketches created an array of specialized ligatures, from which Baker Street font took its shape.

The font comprises regular, italic, and inline styles.

The font has a multitude of open-type features, including numerals, discretionary ligatures, contextual swashes, and stylistic and titling alternates.

This multilingual font is perfect for creating titles, logos, invites, quotes, and other modern designs.

Best Filipino Fonts Summary

The mentioned fonts are helpful to create magical and aesthetic designs for your projects of clothing, branding, brochures, invites, or other designs. With availability of so many options, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the handiest fonts to help you can find what you need.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and beautiful way to brand your clothing or create a stunning invitation, check out the Filipino fonts we just mentioned.

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