Adobe Photoshop is now on the Web! — First Look!

Adobe Photoshop is now on the Web! — First Look!

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The recent release of Adobe Photoshop for Web caught my attention and I was curious to see how powerful the web version of Photoshop was.

Although I’ve used online free graphic design software like Canva and Adobe Express quite a bit, they lack advanced features that the desktop version of Photoshop offers.

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So after a two-year beta phase, the full release on September 27th is a momentous occasion for designers like myself, eager to explore the next frontier of graphic design!

Here’s my first look and review of Adobe Photoshop for Web.


Embracing ‘Firefly AI’ Generative Fill

The introduction of Firefly AI Generative Fill is a game-changer, making creativity more accessible and intuitive and this is the first thing I tried on the online version of Photoshop.

Personally, I find the ability to modify images through text-based descriptions incredibly handy and its much more intuitive than other AI art generators tools that require clunky prompts.

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See here how I added a “giant robotic flamingo” simply by selecting where I wanted it to appear and then typing in the prompt.

Photoshop for Web Generative Fill
Photoshop for Web Generative Fill Feature

Efficiency Unleashed

Firefly AI’s knack for maintaining the original lighting conditions and perspective while swiftly implementing changes is a giant time-saver.

If you see in the image, there is our familiar Layers panel, with a mask around where the flamingo was inserted.

There are no more tedious manual adjustments — it’s like having a virtual collaborator that understands my design language!

My Experience Navigating the Photoshop for Web Interface

A Redesigned but Familiar Canvas

As I explored Photoshop for the Web, I couldn’t help but appreciate the familiar but redesigned interface.

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It’s not merely about replicating the desktop version; it’s about providing an elevated experience, especially for newcomers.

I actually prefer some of the more detailed ‘callouts’ when you hover your mouse over each tool icon. It’s more intuitive then the desktop version.

Adobe Photoshop for Web User Interface
Adobe Photoshop for Web User Interface

Guided Creativity with the ‘Contextual Task Bar’

The feature is a gem. Photoshop’s new “floating bar” feels like having a design mentor, suggesting the most relevant steps in my workflow. Something I wish I had when I was learning Photoshop!

It’s about more than just having tools; it’s about knowing when and how to use them effectively and this new feature is a welcome addition!

Swap from Web to Desktop Easily 

Adobe Photoshop for Web 'Open in Desktop' Feature
Adobe Photoshop for Web ‘Open in Desktop’ Feature

A cool feature was the ability to jump from the web version right to desktop version. It was seamless with a touch of a button, however I didn’t like that to swap back to the web version you had to close the desktop version.

This said, the online version is missing features I use all the time, such as the Patch Tool and Smart Objects. Thankfully these are in their pipeline which is exciting, making for an even more seamless transition.

Collaboration Made Easy

The collaborative aspect is helpful too. Like other Adobe products you can invite others to collaborate on projects seamlessly, even allowing non-subscribers to view and comment on files, making for faster feedback and a smoother design process.

Accessibility and Pricing: My Verdict

Price of Photoshop for the Web

Photoshop for the Web is included in Adobe’s paid Creative Cloud plans. But for those without it, you can get access from $9.99 per month which makes it much more accessible than their other plans.

Adobe’s Senior Vice President, Ashley Still, said Adobe does not have immediate plans for a freemium offering” while sharing the news on the Code Conference 2023 stage in Dana Point, California.

If you want a free offering, try the simpler Adobe Express.

Adobe Photoshop for Web Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Adobe Photoshop for the Web, enriched by Firefly AI Generative Fill, is an incredibly powerful tool that goes beyond anything I’ve seen online in the creative space.

Personally, I’ll be sticking to the desktop version since it is more powerful and I have no need for this online version but I think it is a welcome addition that bridges the gap between their premium and freemium offerings, Adobe CC and Adobe Express respectively.

All in all, Photoshop for the Web reflects Adobe’s commitment to empowering designers, and I’m excited to see how it reshapes the future of creativity.


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