The 20 Best Car Logos of All Time: Luxury, Electric, and More

The 20 Best Car Logos of All Time: Luxury, Electric, and More

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Car logos are not just a mere symbol but a representation of the brand, its values, and its products. A well-designed car logo can communicate a lot about a brand’s identity and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, car logos have become an essential element in the marketing and branding strategy of every car manufacturer.

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From luxury car logos that exude prestige and elegance to electric car logos that symbolize innovation and sustainability, there is a lot to explore in the world of iconic car logos.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best car logos of all time, including those of luxury and electric cars, and explore their meanings and design elements that make them stand out.

So, let’s dive into the world of car manufacturers’ logos and discover the stories behind some of the most iconic designs in the automotive industry.

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Top 10 Best Car Logos: Luxury Car Logos

1. Mercedes-Benz Logo Design

Mercedes-Benz Logo (Best Car Logo)
Mercedes-Benz Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Did you know that Karl Benz faced many challenges when he patented the world’s first internal combustion engine in 1886? He had a hard time finding investors and companies who believed in his groundbreaking technology. But he and his wife Bertha did not give up.

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They worked tirelessly to demonstrate the performance, durability, and safety of their invention. This set the stage for a brand that focused on luxury, quality, and customer satisfaction.

After joining forces with Daimler-Motoren-Gesselschaft, the “Daimler-Benz” company started to create and test vehicles that had a unique and sophisticated style. In 1909, two sons of Gottlieb Daimler were assigned to design a new logo for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

They merged their iconic car logos, a laurel wreath from the old Benz & Cie company with the famous three-pointed star, which represents Mercedes-Benz’s vision of motorizing land, sea, and air. Interestingly, they also registered a four-pointed star at the same time, but it was never used.

The star logo was inspired by Gottlieb Daimler himself, who had sketched a star above his house on a postcard of the city when he became the technical director of the gas engine factory.

He hoped that his factory would one day achieve great success and become a historical landmark.

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It’s amazing to see how such a simple and elegant logo, based on the dreams of a visionary engineer, has become such a strong symbol of Mercedes-Benz’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

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2. Ford Logo Design

Ford Logo (Best Car Logo)
Ford Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with a vision to make automobiles affordable, reliable, and efficient. To represent his brand and vision, he chose a simple and powerful design: the iconic blue oval we know today.

In 1912, Henry Ford’s signature was used to create the “Ford” and an oval blue crest. The logo’s ability to remain consistent over the decades has contributed to its timelessness, which is why we appreciate it.

The current Ford logo replaced the Chevron design in 1927, symbolizing the carmaker’s commitment to building long-lasting and dependable cars that inspire confidence.

Despite a subtle fresh coat of paint, the current logo design is the same as that of the 1960s, making it easily recognizable and instantly associated with the reliable and all-American mentality that Ford represents.

Ford has successfully maintained its visual identity throughout the years. The logo continues to represent the company’s values and strengths, such as reliability, durability, and innovation.


3. Lamborghini Logo Design

Lamborghini Logo (Best Car Logo)
Lamborghini Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Lamborghini is the dream of Ferruccio Lamborghini, a tractor maker who wanted to beat Ferrari at their own game. He founded his own car company in 1963 and unleashed the 350 GT, a stunning debut that wowed the world.

But he didn’t stop there. He created the Miura, a beast of a supercar that roared through the 1960s and became a legend. It was one of the greatest sports cars of all time.

Lamborghini kept making masterpieces of speed, performance, and design. The Countach, Diablo, Gallardo, and Aventador are just some of the names that make car lovers drool. They are the ultimate machines for thrill seekers.

Lamborghini also made some rare and futuristic cars, like the Veneno, Sesto Elemento, and Terzo Millennio. They are the visions of a brand that never stops innovating and challenging the limits of automotive engineering.

Lamborghini is more than a car. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a symbol of luxury, power, and exclusivity. Its sports cars are admired by millions, and its logo – a charging bull – is iconic. With its Italian flair and cutting-edge technology, Lamborghini is a leader in the sports car industry.

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4. Ferrari Logo Design

Ferarri Logo (Best Car Logos)
Ferrari Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Ferrari’s logo, the ‘prancing horse’, is one of the most recognizable and iconic in the luxury sports car industry. It was inspired by a World War I fighter pilot’s horse emblem and his mother’s suggestion to use it on their cars for good luck.

The logo represents their passion for excellence and perfection in their work. The brand has used various slogans over the years, with the current one being “We are the competition,” emphasizing their commitment to being the best.

The Ferrari badge also features the colors of the Italian flag, showcasing their Italian heritage and identity. This design element is not technically required but is essential in conveying the message of the brand.

The logo reflects Ferrari’s brand values, which include the desire to excel in every aspect of its business and a belief in continuous growth and learning. As a global luxury brand, they remain a symbol of Italian style, speed, and innovation in the automotive industry.

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5. Rolls-Royce Logo Design

Rolls Royce (Best Car Logo)
Rolls Royce Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce logo is a symbol of luxury, elegance, and prestige. It features two R’s intertwined, representing the company’s founders, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

The logo has remained virtually unchanged since 1904, a testament to the timeless nature of the brand. The Rolls-Royce logo is recognized as a mark of excellence and craftsmanship in the automotive industry.

Learn more about Rolls-Royce logo history


6. Maserati Logo Design

Maserati Logo (Best Car Logo)
Maserati Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Another example of the best logo car is Maserati. The Maserati logo features a trident, inspired by the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna, Italy.

The trident represents strength, power, and authority, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating high-performance sports cars. The logo has changed slightly over the years, but the trident has always been present.

Today, the Maserati logo is a symbol of luxury and style, representing the brand’s passion for engineering excellence.

Learn more about Maserati Logo History


7. Porsche Logo Design

Porsche Logo (Best Car Logo)
Porsche Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

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The Porsche logo features a horse with a black and red shield, inspired by the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg of former Weimar Germany.

The horse symbolizes power and speed, while the red and black colors represent the region of Württemberg.

The Porsche logo design has a mysterious origin story – some credit it to Ferry, the son of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche. But Germans insist that it was Franz Xaver Reimpiess, an engineer, who crafted the crest.


8. Volkswagen Logo Design

Volkswagen (Best Car Logo)
Volkswagen Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Volkswagen is a huge car company, right? They have three of the top-selling cars ever: the V.W. Golf, Beetle, and Passat. Their name means “people’s car” in German, and their slogan is “Das Auto” (“The Car”).

Their logo is pretty cool, too. It’s a “V” and a “W” that are stuck together, making two “V’s” that look like one. The logo’s design is important, because if you take away the line between the letters, it would look totally different.

You know what’s amazing? Their logo was not made by a designer, but by an engineer named Franz Reimspiess. He worked on the Beetle engine in the 1930s. He entered his logo idea in an office contest, and he won 50 Deutschmarks for it. It was one of the first times that crowdsourcing worked.


9. Alfa Romeo Logo Design

Alfa Romeo Logo (Best Car Logo)
Alfa Romeo Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

The story behind the Alfa Romeo logo is a testament to the importance of a strong brand image. Giuseppe Brera recognized this over a century ago when he commissioned Alphonse Girardo to design a logo for his fledgling car company. Since then, the badge has become one of the oldest and most recognizable car logos in the world.

But what makes the Alfa Romeo logo so special? It’s the recurring themes that have been present since its creation. The cross on the left represents medieval Milanese soldiers during the crusades, while the serpent on the right is associated with the Visconti family of the 11th century. The man, likely a Saracen or Moor, is depicted as a victim of the serpent.

And let’s not forget the crown, which appeared after Alfa Romeo won the first Automobile World Championship in 1925. All of these elements come together to create a logo that is steeped in history and symbolism.

So, the next time you see an Alfa Romeo on the road, take a moment to appreciate the legacy behind that iconic badge. It’s not just a logo – it’s a symbol of over a century of innovation, and passion.


10. Bentley Logo Design

Bentley Logo (Best Car Logo)
Bentley Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Bentley is a renowned British luxury car manufacturer that has long been associated with opulence, prestige, and celebrity appeal. Established by W.O. Bentley in England in 1919, the brand was later acquired by Rolls-Royce in the 1930s.

The Bentley logo design is a masterpiece of simplicity, featuring a pair of stylized wings and tail feathers, with the letter ‘B’ prominently displayed in the middle. This iconic emblem has remained consistent over the years, with only minor adjustments made to its shape and layout.

The logo symbolizes speed and elegance, with the wings evoking the graceful motion of a bird in flight. The color scheme of black, white, and silver reflects the brand’s sophistication and refinement, conveying a sense of timeless luxury that has become synonymous with the Bentley name.

As we wrap up our exploration of the best luxury car logos of all time, it’s time to turn our attention to a more recent development in the automotive industry: electric cars.

Electric cars are rapidly becoming more popular as people seek out more eco-friendly and sustainable transportation options.

With this in mind, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to appreciate some of the best electric car logos out there.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top electric car logos and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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10 Best Electric Car Logos of All Time

11. Tesla

Tesla Logo (Best Car Logo)
Tesla Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

When it comes to iconic logos that truly embody the essence of a brand, Tesla is undoubtedly one of the first examples that come to mind.

As a world-famous American company that has revolutionized the automotive industry, Tesla’s logo is a perfect representation of its innovative and forward-thinking nature.

At first glance, the simple yet striking “T” emblem may seem like a mere design choice, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look to see how Tesla’s logo is a masterclass in a minimalist design with hidden depth and meaning.

Learn more about Tesla’s logo history


12. Rivian

Rivian Logo (Best Car Logo)
Rivian Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Rivian is an American automaker that specializes in producing electric adventure vehicles. Founded in 2009, Rivian has been making waves in the automotive industry with its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability.

The company’s logo features a simple yet striking letter “R” in black, which stands for Rivian. The logo’s minimalist design represents the brand’s dedication to simplicity, efficiency, and forward-thinking.

With its impressive range, off-road capabilities, and sleek design, Rivian is poised to be a major player in the electric vehicle market.

Learn more about Rivian’s logo history


13. Canoo

Canoo Logo (Best Car Logo)
Canoo Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Canoo is a Californian electric vehicle startup that wants to change transportation. It was founded in 2017 by automotive experts who cared about a clean and sustainable future.

Canoo’s logo has some unique features that set it apart from other electric car logos. Also, the wide gaps between the letters of the wordmark make the logo stand out.

Moreover, Canoo logo reflects the company’s vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future for transportation. It’s simple and powerful, and it will become more famous in the future.


14. Lucid

Lucid Logo (Best Car Logo)
Lucid Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Lucid Motors is an American electric vehicle company that wants to change the automotive industry with its advanced technology and innovative designs. It started in 2007 as Atieva, making electric vehicle powertrains and batteries.

In 2016, it began making its own electric cars and renamed itself Lucid Motors. Lucid is famous for its luxury sedan, the Lucid Air, which has amazing performance and range, and a sleek and modern design.

Lucid’s logo has a timeless appeal; it uses either black or white (on the official website) or classic silver mostly on vehicles.

This simple approach will always remain stylish and relevant.

15. Lordstown

Lordstown Logo (Best Car Logo)
Lordstown Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Lordstown Motors is an American electric vehicle manufacturer that started in 2019. It is based in Lordstown, Ohio, where it makes electric pickup trucks. Its first model, the Endurance, will start production in late 2021.

The company claims to be a leader in the electric truck market, with the Endurance’s high range and towing capacity. Lordstown Motors also says it is creating jobs in Ohio and boosting the automotive industry in the area.


16. Nikola

Nikola Logo (Best Car Logo)
Nikola Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Nikola Corporation is an American company that makes zero-emission trucks and other green vehicles. It has advanced technology, like a fuel cell truck that can go up to 900 miles on one charge.

Nikola’s logo has a letter ‘N’ with horizontal lines, which show energy and sustainability. Nikola wants to create sustainable transport solutions and lead the clean energy revolution.


17. Faraday Future

Future Faraday (Best Car Logo)
Future Faraday Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Faraday Future is an electric vehicle (EV) startup that has impressed the automotive industry with its innovative designs and technologies. It started in 2014 and became a major player in the EV market, with a goal to change transportation with advanced engineering and sustainable practices.

The logo looks like an upward-facing fish at first sight.

But if you look closer, you’ll notice eight lines that make a slanted double F symbol.

These letters stand for the company’s name and the brand’s future potential.

Also, the top of the letters resembles an upward arrow, indicating a focus on growth and success.

Faraday Future is still a leading innovator in the EV industry, always pushing the limits of automotive design and engineering. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Faraday Future will change how we think about transportation and mobility in the future.


18. NIO

NIO Logo (Best Car Logo)
NIO Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

NIO is a Chinese electric vehicle company that makes high-quality, innovative EVs. NIO means “Blue Sky Coming,” which shows the company’s vision of a cleaner, brighter future. NIO’s logo is a stylized “N” that looks like a tire in motion.

The logo’s sleek, modern design shows the company’s cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

NIO’s vehicles have advanced features, like swappable batteries, autonomous driving, and smart AI systems that learn from their drivers. NIO cares about sustainability and innovation and is changing the automotive industry and the world.


19. Polestar

Polestar Logo (Best Car Logo)
Polestar Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Polestar is a Swedish car brand that makes awesome electric vehicles. It used to be part of Volvo, but it became its own thing under the Geely Holding Group.

Polestar’s logo is simple and cool, with a star in the middle that reminds us of the Pole Star — for example, it includes a polar star that has been stylized to consist of two arrowheads in silver-gray, positioned in such a way that their tips face each other.

Polestar’s vehicles are powerful and efficient, with amazing features and technology. The brand’s mission is to create a more sustainable future with creative design and engineering, and its logo shows how passionate they are about it.


20. Karma

Karma Logo (Best Car Logo)
Karma Logo. Image Credits: Wikipedia

Karma Automotive is a company in California that makes luxury electric cars. It used to be called Fisker Automotive, but it changed its name to Karma Automotive when a Chinese company bought it in 2014.

The logo has a shiny silver ring with a noticeable diagonal cut at the top.

A blurple color fills the ring, with a subtle orange and red border around it — this gives the logo a sleek look, creating a sense of courage, luxury, and precision.

The orange and red colors on the borders represent Karma’s passion and determination.

The wordmark also catches the eye—the letters are in 3D with a glossy silver look.

Best Car Logos Summary

The world of car logos is a fascinating one, full of symbolism and history.

From the luxurious and classic designs of Bentley and Rolls-Royce to the modern and sleek logos of Tesla and NIO, each car brand has a unique identity that is reflected in its logo.

The rise of electric vehicles has also brought about a new wave of logo designs, such as those of Polestar and Lucid, which convey innovation and sustainability.

Overall, car logos continue to be an important aspect of a brand’s own image and identity and a representation of its values and aspirations.

If you’re after a custom car logo design of your own, please contact us.

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