The Best Hip-Hop Fonts for Urban Designs & Album Covers

The Best Hip-Hop Fonts for Urban Designs & Album Covers

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Are you looking to add the hip-hop style to your upcoming design projects? You can now do this by using the best hip-hop fonts that we have listed in this post.

The hip-hop music style is very popular and found its way into fashion, art, and design fields. This style is unique and suitable for multiple design contexts. Hip-hop fonts support different styles, such as modern and graffiti, and bring an urban vibe to the project.

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So, let’s now check the below list of the 20+ best hip hop fonts and find the perfect font for your upcoming rap albums & mixtapes. Whether you want contemporary looks or classic styles, you will surely find something among these cool hip-hop fonts.

10 Best Hip-Hop Fonts – Overview

  1. Permanent Park – Hip-Hop Font
  2. Luser Graffiti Bold
  3. Fillings Urban – Graffiti Font
  4. Quick Blast – Bold Graffiti Font
  5. Crossbar – Hand-Drawn Font
  6. Toughart – Graffiti Font
  7. Dirtysick – Graffiti Font Logotype
  8. Menor – Graffiti Style Display Font
  9. Angombe
  10. Bekorg

Scroll on for the full list. 

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20+ Best Hip-Hop Fonts for Urban Designs

1. Permanent Park – Hip-Hop Font

Permanent Park

Permanent Park is a hand-drawn all-caps font inspired by the hip-hop era and 90s TV shows. The letterforms of this font have a graffiti style and give a genuine look to any design. It comes with a set of alternates and extra lowercase characters to let you create anything you want.

This hip-hop font supports multiple languages and includes symbols, numbers, and punctuation. It adds an urban feel to designs and is perfect for sports, food, and travel-related designs. It is available in TTF, OTF, and web font versions.


2. Luser Graffiti Bold

Luser Graffiti Bold

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Luser is a unique and modern graffiti font inspired by graffiti and hip-hop music. The font features bold characters to add strength and power to the artwork. It has a playful vibe and is suitable for any casual design.

The font file includes standard characters, numbers, and punctuation. Luser graffiti font comes in TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats.


3. Fillings Urban – Graffiti Font

Fillings Urban - Graffiti Fonts

Fillings Urban is a modern graffiti font that comes in two styles – regular and outline. It comes in TTF and OTF file formats for ease of use. The graffiti font includes uppercase & lowercase letters, multilingual characters, numbers, and punctuation. You can consider this font for cartoons, kids’ book covers, hip-hop music, posters, etc.


4. Quick Blast – Bold Graffiti Font

Quick Blast - Bold Graffiti font

Quick Blast is a street-style old graffiti font. It is available in OTF, TTF, and web font formats to suit different applications. The font is perfect for YouTube thumbnails, music posters, hip-hop designs, magazines, social media posts, and many more. It can also be accessed in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word.


5. Crossbar – Hand-Drawn Font

Crossbar - Natural Hand Drawn Typeface

Influenced by graffiti style and street tagging, Crossbar is a unique font. It is hand drawn and is suitable for kids’ posters, flyers, cartoons, hip-hop music, and others. The font provides a natural handwriting style to any artwork.

With support for multi-language and PUA-encoded characters, this font lets you use it in many designs without having to install additional design software. Crossbar font can be accessed in Microsoft Word and Adobe apps.


6. Toughart – Graffiti Font

Toughart - Graffiti Font

Toughart graffiti font is a unique choice for designs to add a sense of classical and hip-hop style. It recalls the golden hip-hop age and infuses the touch of natural handwriting style. The font is suitable for movie titles, posters, magazines, YouTube thumbnails, etc.

It comes with PUA-encoded characters that can be accessed fully without additional design programs. The font file contains standard upper & lowercase letters, numbers, and a set of punctuation.


7. Dirtysick – Graffiti Font Logotype


Dirtysick is a graffiti tag-inspired font that lets you create beautiful designs using uppercase, lowercase, and alternate glyphs. The font also comes with some vector ornaments to assist you in your design work. Dirtysick supports many languages and includes several special features to provide endless possibilities.

The font provides lots of options to design with many OpenType features accessible in adobe photoshop, illustrator, Microsoft word, and Corel draw. Also, it can be accessed without additional software because of PUA-encoded letters.

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8. Menor – Graffiti Style Display Font

MENOR - Display Graffiti Style Font

If you are looking for something special and tempting to bring uniqueness to your projects, then Menor font is a perfect option. This graffiti-style font gives endless ways to decorate any design and make it outstanding. Menor is suitable for headlines, logotypes, poster titles, logos, and other design concepts.


9. Angombe


Angombe is a stylish hip-hop font designed to make your design projects more appealing and beautiful. Every letter of this font has been crafted in such a way as to provide uniqueness to any design.

Whether you are looking for a trendy font for logotypes, graffiti designs, headlines, posters, packaging designs, or anything else, Angombe is a perfect choice. This font will make your creative projects outstanding and eye-catching.


10. Bekorg


Bekorg is a stylish graffiti font created to give a weird touch to your designs. The letterforms are perfectly balanced and look pleasing to the eyes. It will help you get the attention of your audience effortlessly.

The Bekorg font enables you to create cool designs as you have imagined. It is suitable for movie titles, logos, packaging designs, headlines, posters, etc.

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11. South Crew – Graffiti Font

South Crew - graffiti font

South Crew is a handwritten hip-hop font perfect for social media page covers, YouTube thumbnails, magazines, music posters, and more. The font contains uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

It can be accessed fully without additional design apps. Also, you can access south crew font in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word.


12. Maldito Font – Tattoo Style

Maldito Font

Maldito is a tattoo-style font that brings a unique look to any design project. Apart from the regular style, this font is available in italic and swash versions. It comes in TTF and OTF file formats to suit various design contexts.

The font package includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, a set of punctuation, and several ligatures. Furthermore, the lowercase letters of this font have ending swashes and alternates, allowing you to craft superb creative projects. Maldito font also has multilingual support and OpenType features.


13. Westcoast


Westcoast is a gangster-style font suitable for hip-hop design contexts. It supports many languages and includes uppercase, numbers, and punctuation. Westcoast font is available in TTF and OTF file formats. It is suitable for tattoo designs, shirt designs, branding projects, posters, and other design concepts.


14. Southside – Decorative Font


Southside is a tattoo-style font with a black letter design. It includes bonus ornament to help you in your design projects. The regular and ornament versions of this font come in TTF and OTF file formats. Southside is perfect for logo design, branding, tattoo design, shirt design, etc.


15. Heaven Spot – Cool Graffiti Font

Heaven Spot - Rad Graffiti Display

Heaven Spot is a beautiful graffiti font ideal for modern design concepts. It is inspired by the golden era of hip-hop music and street art. You can make your message clear and easy to read with this modern graffiti font.

Heaven Spot graffiti font is perfect for album covers, posters, packaging, social media posts, headlines, and other designs.


16. The Concrete Graffiti Font

The Concrete Graffiti Font

The Concrete is a graffiti-inspired thick font that allows you to create stylish designs. It adds a natural hand-drawn style to the artwork. This font comes with many features, such as 130 glyphs, uppercase & lowercase letters, ligatures, swashes, stylistic alternates, and elements.

This feature-rich graffiti font is great for flyers, titles, posters, logotypes, and many other design projects.


17. Mayhem


Mayhem is a blackletter font for bold and modern designs. The font has uniquely shaped letters and is available in TTF and OTF versions. It is ideal for shirt designs, posters, branding designs, tattoo designs, and more. Mayhem font features a gangster style and adds a strong feel to the project.


18. Bandito Script – Tattoo Font

Bandito Script

If you are looking for a font with beautiful ending swashes and multiple alternate characters, Bandito Script is a perfect option. This font is rich in ligatures and gives endless options to design.

The package includes upper & lowercase letters, numbers, and a large number of punctuations. Bandito script comes in TTF and OTF formats. It is excellent for hip-hop albums, movie titles, shirt designs, etc.


19. Shockwave – Graffiti Font

Shockwave - Graffiti Font

Shockwave is a graffiti-themed font that brings an urban feel to any artwork. It gives a unique power and energy to the design making it stand out. Shockwave is ideal for posters, movie titles, fast food menus, YouTube thumbnails, magazines, online games, and other designs.


20. Urban Starblues – Font Duo

Urban Starblues - Font Duo

Urban Starblues is a combination of two font styles – graffiti and sans. This dual font offers unique combinations to let you design anything you want. Also, the letters are PUA encoded for easy accessibility.

It supports multiple languages and is available in TTF and OTF file formats. You can consider this font for posters, covers, clothing designs, graffiti-themed designs, merchandise, and other projects.


21. Jena & Gula

Jena & Gula

Jena & Gula is a playful and lovely font perfect for special event designs and other casual designs. Some examples where this font can be used are wedding invitations, posters, carton designs, comic-themed projects, and more. It comes with TTF and OTF file formats.



20+ Best Hip Hop Fonts for A Traditional Urban Vibe

The style of font you use determines how the overall look of your project will be. So, experimenting and picking a font suitable for your designs is always a good practice. We hope these hip-hop fonts complement your designs and help you create something stylish and appreciable.

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