12+ Best Newsletter Fonts for Creative Marketing (2024)

12+ Best Newsletter Fonts for Creative Marketing (2024)

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Are you on the lookout for all of the best newsletter fonts? If you are, this one’s for you!

Newsletters are a fun and informative medium to keep up with something you’re interested in or passionate about.

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Whether it’s from your local pet shop, your apartment building, or your favorite content creators and creative personalities, newsletters are solid resources to foster a community. Still, we need to remember that there are quite a few rules you wouldn’t want to break!

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How to Choose a Newsletter Font

  • Use sans serifs or serifs only

Only choose a sans-serif or serif font for your newsletter. Script and display fonts are not appropriate for use in this context. We have to remember that newsletters are generally produced to give updates on matters—not particularly to take one’s breath away or make a visual statement. That said, easy-to-read and straightforward typefaces should be your only options here.

On that note, Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial are fonts you can’t go wrong with here as they are email-safe newsletter fonts. Nonetheless, there are a lot more you can choose from!

  • Legibility is key

The best fonts for the majority of newsletter articles are those that don’t stand out and shout at the reader. It won’t have a high x-height, unusually long ascenders or descenders, or letterforms with a lot of flourishes that are designed to wow.

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Even though a skilled designer may be able to appreciate the individual beauty of each typeface, the majority of readers will likely not be aware that the face is just another font.

Without further ado, check out the complete list of the best newsletter fonts we’ve compiled just for you!

10+ Best Newsletter Fonts Overview

  1. Just Sans
  2. Exensa Grotesk
  6. Open Sans Soft 
  7. Tahoma
  8. Garamond
  9. Courier New OS
  10. Verdana®

For the complete list, scroll on!

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12+ Best Fonts for Newsletters

1. Just Sans

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface | image credit: Envato Elements
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface | image credit: Envato Elements

JUST Sans is simply stunning and our pick for the best newsletter font!

We’re absolutely in love with JUST Sans’ charming warmth and clean edge that distinguishes it from other contemporary sans serif typefaces.

We think its expressive yet minimalist design makes it perfect for all kinds of projects. And its expertly hand-tuned kerning and extensive Latin language support guarantee that it can be trusted to perform.

We can’t imagine not having JUST Sans in our collection, especially for those who appreciate the expressive nature of modern sans serif fonts with a touch of personality.


2. Exensa Grotesk – Sans Serif Typeface & Web Fonts

Exensa Grotesk – Sans Serif Typeface & Web Fonts | image credit: Envato Elements

Exensa Grotesk’s expressive nature and elegant style make it a good choice for creating stunning headlines and body text for your newsletter. Choose from its 5 weights (Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, and Black), and enjoy the convenience of OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

We know it will upgrade the look and feel of your newsletter. Trust us on this.


3. ACCESS – Modern Sans Serif Typeface + Web Fonts

ACCESS – Modern Sans Serif Typeface + Web Fonts | image credit: Envato Elements

Our next pick for your newsletter design is ACCESS. This modern sans serif typeface is inspired by some of the world’s best fonts, perfect for creating eye-catching text in your newsletter.

With 5 weights to choose from, including a unique distorted version, this font has got all your design needs covered. With complete OTF, TTF, and web font formats, we’re confident that you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.


4. HAMLIN – Minimal Geometric Typeface + Web Fonts

HAMLIN - Minimal Geometric Typeface + Web Fonts
HAMLIN – Minimal Geometric Typeface + Web Fonts | image credit: Envato Elements

Another good choice for your newsletter is HAMLIN. We love that it is dedicated to minimalism and draws inspiration from classic geometric fonts while adding its own unique identity. HAMLIN is perfect for creating clean and stylish headlines, body texts, and minimal logos.

The style of HAMLIN is similar to what you’d find in high-profile web stores and portfolio sites. With its four weights and included Web Fonts, HAMLIN could be an ideal choice for your next newsletter project.


5. ORIGIN – Modern Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Fonts

ORIGIN - Modern Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Fonts
ORIGIN – Modern Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Fonts | image credit: Envato Elements

Our next recommendation is ORIGIN. It’s a modern sans-serif font inspired by Swiss Design and other sleek typefaces that keep things simple and minimal. We highly recommend using this for creating eye-catching headlines and clean, stylish page content.

Additionally, we found that it features 4 weights (Light, Regular, Bold, and Heavy) and comes with all the necessary formats, including Web Fonts.

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6. Open Sans Soft

Open Sans Soft
Open Sans Soft | image credit: MyFonts

We know that Open Sans Soft will add that warmth and friendliness you want to your newsletter. In our opinion, it adds a touch of organic-looking curvature to your communications, making it perfect for newsletters that seek to present as welcoming.

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Furthermore, it has the same great letterforms and spacing as Open Sans, making it a versatile and functional choice for all your typography needs. We highly recommend using it for branding, packaging, headlines, and communications design.


7. Tahoma

Tahoma® |
Tahoma® | image credit: MyFonts

We all know Tahoma. But did you know that it’s one of the best choices for your newsletter designs? We think this font has a clean and professional look, perfect for any type of communication.

Tahoma’s compact and legible design will make your content easy to read and engaging. We found that this pack contains four font styles: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. It also has Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters.

Trust us, Tahoma is the way to go for a polished and effective newsletter.


8. Garamond

Garamond™ | image credit: MyFonts

If you want your newsletter to look classy and elegant, we highly recommend using Garamond. This beautiful and timeless serif typeface is perfect for creating a sophisticated and professional look.

With its delicate curves and thin lines, we think Garamond will add a touch of refinement to your text, making it stand out from the crowd.

Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, so you can use it for everything from headlines to body text. We’re confident that it will also look splendid on different forms of media aside from newsletters.


9. Courier New OS

Courier New OS
Courier New OS | image credit: MyFonts

For a classic and reliable font, we highly recommend Courier New OS for any newsletter seeking that old-school look. This classic typeface is perfect for conveying information in a clear and concise manner.

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This font can be used in newsletters for corporate or community groups. It’s a timeless choice that will make your content look professional and polished.


10. Verdana®

Verdana® | image credit: MyFont

We believe that Verdana is an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their newsletter designs. Its legibility and versatility are sure to impress your readers and make your content shine.

Verdana was specifically designed for on-screen use, which means it’s perfect for creating newsletters that will be read on a computer or mobile device. One of the best things we love about Verdana is its legibility.

The font’s wide, open letters and clear spacing make it incredibly easy to read, even at smaller sizes. This makes it a great choice for newsletters and other text-based projects.


11. Optimus – Serif font family

Optimus - Serif font family
Optimus – Serif font family | image credit: Creative Market

If you want a strong serif font with sharp lines for your newsletters, we recommend Optimus Serif. This font family features aesthetic characters that are perfect for creating creative and eye-catching designs for your communications.

With 18 different styles and multilingual options, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect look to match the mood of your newsletter, from classic to modern and bold.

Plus, the combinations of upper and lower case letters in headings and texts offer even more possibilities for customization.


12. Radona

Radona | Image credit: Creative Market

Are you looking to add some retro flair to your newsletters? Then, we say Radona is a good choice. Inspired by the 80’s Synthwave music genre, Radona captures the nostalgia of the era while also pushing it to new limits with fresh twists.

What we think sets it apart is the neutral tone and structure that makes it perfect for contemporary print designs, whether you’re using it for body text or headlines.

It also comes with a wide variety of styles and stylistic alternatives, so you can customize it to your liking. And with its quirky characteristics and unique features, this font is sure to make your newsletters stand out. 


Best Email Safe Newsletter Fonts


Frequently Asked Questions

When designing a newsletter, what’s the best size for it?

In our expert opinion, it’s best to keep it by 600 px by 300 px or 600 px by 400 px. This all comes down to the width limited by the email ad size.

Will fonts help make my newsletter be more effective?

Fonts play a crucial role in keeping your readers interested in your content. Fonts make your content readable, attractive, and professional.



All in all, the best newsletter fonts are those that make it easy for your community to consume whatever update you have for them.

Whether they’re 5-pagers or 2 paragraphs, the best picks in this category are those that are easy to read and can convey your message.

What are your favorite newsletter fonts from the bunch? Let us know in the comments!

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