25+ Free Branding Templates and Mockups

25+ Free Branding Templates and Mockups

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Hello, friends. Below is a collected roundup of free branding mockups and templates, full of different categories and styles.

They all come in several formats such as PSD, AI, ID, and their styles go from photorealistic to minimalistic and fashionable. All of them were curated recently and are ready to download. Remember to share with your friends!

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When it comes to bringing ideas to life, designers are some of the best people to help you realize your vision. Not only are they packed with creative juices, they also come skilled with the abilities to help you physically picture out how your products and services can look like in the flesh.

Today, mock-ups are design concepts people pay good money for since they aid in visualizing how your graphics will appeal to your audience, what adjustments should be edited, and if your logo will look just as stunning on real-life objects.

Thankfully, we now have Envato, a global platform that fosters creative assets, talent, and tools. With their vast selection of templates and digital commodities, freelancers, leaders, and founders of all kinds will find it much easier to build projects and get inventive work done faster. That said, those looking to create mock-ups will also find the online marketplace to be a superb resource since there are virtually hundreds of mock-ups anyone can choose from.

For this blog post, we’re jotting down the most profitable mock-ups creatives utilize on the platform.

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Top 10+ Free Branding Templates & Mock-Up Graphics

  1. Logo & Branding Essential Branding Set
  2. Craft Branding Mock-up
  3. Cosmetic Mock-up 6
  4. Polo Shirt Mock-up
  5. T-Shirt Mock-up Set
  6. iPhone X Mock-up
  7. Water Frame Mock-up
  8. 3D Desktop Screen Mock-ups
  9. Men’s T-Shirt Fit On-Model Mock-ups
  10. T-Shirt Mock-ups

For the complete list, scroll on!

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50 Million+ Fonts & Design Assets

mockups Envato
Mock-ups. image credit: Envato Elements

Download all the mock-ups you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need!

Top 25+ Free Mock-Up Templates for Branding, Logo Design, Packaging

Free Logo & Branding Mockup Template Pack Download

Free Logo & Branding Mockup Template Pack Download
Free Logo & Branding Mockup Template Pack Download. Image credits: Design cuts

Get 8 incredible branding mockup products for free! Included are logo templates, packaging design mockups, business cards, signage and more. Enjoy!


Craft Branding Mockup
Craft Branding Mockup. Image credits: Envato Elements

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If you’re looking for professional stationery mock-up mock-ups, let the platform’s Craft Branding Mock-up selection be your primary choice. Packed with ten template files and changeable backgrounds, this bunch is perfect for creatives thinking of creating wedding invitations, handouts, media kits, and other similar marketing collateral.


2. Cosmetic Mock-up 6

Cosmetic Mock-up 6
Cosmetic Mock-up 6. Image credits: Enavto Elements

The cosmetics industry is worth trillions of dollars, so it’s understandable why entrepreneurs aren’t shying away from entering that corner of the business industry. That being the case, Envato’s Cosmetic Mock-up 6 is a classy set of graphic designers that can utilize to check out how their product designs fare in actuality. With eight photorealistic presentations, designers can choose which containers they’d need to envision their products.


3. Polo Shirt Mock-up

Polo Shirt Mock-up
Polo Shirt Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Whether you’re an employer looking to provide uniform polo shirts to your staff members or are a digital personality thinking of producing brand merch, Envato’s Polo Shirt Mock-Up delivers a realistic look at how your clothing project could look like. Edit the labels and backgrounds, and feel free to develop seven photorealistic presentations. The sky is the limit with these graphics.


4. T-Shirt Mock-up Set

T-Shirt Mockup Set
T-Shirt Mock-up Set. Image credits: Envato Elements

Envato’s T-Shirt Mockup Set is an equally lucrative collection of mock-ups. These mock-ups are excellent examples of how actual t-shirt designs might seem. It makes perfect sense why this set is a favorite among the crowd, given that more people are advancing their ideas through t-shirt printing. Designers can create any apparel designs they think appropriate using any body type with the ability to select a v-neck or crew neck.


5. iPhone X Mock-up

iPhone X Mock-up
iPhone X Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

As the digital world continues to thrive, more leaders are leaning toward developing their own web apps and websites. As a result, the need to envision how digital products look on smartphones has become more apparent. But don’t take our word for it; check out Envato’s third-most used mock-ups. The iPhone X is one of Apple’s most popular phones in that this particular smartphone offered a fresh rear design with a notched bezel in front. That said, creatives continue to use this mock-up to capture a premium look, displaying their product.


6. Water Frame Mock-up

water frame mock-up
Water Frame Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

A popular set of graphics for product photographers, the platform’s Water Frame Mockup helps achieve a dynamic water splash painted against another focal subject. From cosmetic items to frozen goods, countless products look much more attractive in print and online when drips and splashes are present in a picture. Check out this Envato favorite for yourself, and see what you can do with these mock-ups!


7. 3D Desktop Screen Mock-ups

3D desktop screen mock-ups
3D Desktop Screen Mock-ups. Image credits: Envato Elements

The internet shows no shortage at all when it comes to emphatic websites and robust digital platforms. As a result, startup founders and creative visionaries are optimizing 3D Desktop Screen Mockups to capture how their online projects look on computer screens. If you’re about to launch a spanking new web app or blog site anytime soon, impress investors, and instantly improve your design portfolio with this Envato gem.

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8. Men’s T-Shirt Fit On-Model Mock-ups

mens t-shirt fit on-model mock-ups
Men’s T-Shirt Fit On-Model Mock-ups. Image credits: Envato Elements

Clearly, the fashion industry is a bankable space, as confirmed by Envato’s 6th leading mock-up template. As the name suggests, Men’s T-Shirt Fit On-Model Mockups feature designs of potential t-shirt graphics. From shirts worn by male figures to shirts on hangers, the selection is particularly abundant for this category of mock-ups. It doesn’t matter what you’re designing a shirt for; if you’re looking for a realistic picture of how a t-shirt might look like on a guy, these graphics are for you.


9. T-Shirt Mock-ups

T-Shirt Mockups
T-Shirt Mock-ups. Image credits: Envato Elements

Like the second and sixth sets on this list, T-Shirt Mock-ups are a popular category designers can’t seem to get enough of. Albeit not exponentially different from the first set of graphics of its kind, it’s refreshing to know that creatives can choose from a vast pool of options in the t-shirt mock-up department. Loaded with eight unisex T-shirt templates, these particular t-shirt mock-up mock-ups are bound to accurately help you anticipate if your shirt designs are promising or need more work.


10. Urban Poster Mock-up

urban poster mock-up
Urban Poster Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Designing a poster? Check out Envato’s Urban Poster Mock-up. With options to paste your posters on the wall or let them lie unevenly on concrete, you can picture out how your design fare in person. Whether you’re producing a film or opening a business, these mock-ups are a sure bet to creatives coming up with something big.


11. T-Shirt Mock-up

t-shirt mock-up
T-Shirt Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

The last T-Shirt Mock-up set on this list offers an equally extensive selection of how worn shirts look outside. Best for designers looking to envision clothing projects made for the great outdoors, creatives are sure to find realistic-looking pictures that make visualizing their designed shirts much easier.

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12. Responsive Device Mock-Up

responsive device mock-up
Responsive Device Mock-Up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Another mock-up for the aspiring website and web app founders is the Responsive Device Mock-Up. This set is perfect for leaders looking to sell their services online with options to display digital products on mobile devices and desktops. From copywriters to web designers and graphic artists to online lecturers, tons of visionaries can make good use of these graphics.


13. Business Card Mock-up

business card mock-up
Business Card Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Despite the irreversible domination of digital technology, business cards will never go out of style. As they’re a powerful emblem of credibility, leaders looking to grow their networks and impact as many people as possible still utilize these cards. That said, it isn’t surprising why Envato’s 11th most popular mock-ups is the Business Card Mock-Up. If you’re starting an agency or simply looking to connect to more people, hoping they remember you when the need arises, check out this set and see how your potential business card looks like in person.


14. 50 Signs Mock-ups

50 signs mock-up
50 Signs Mock-ups. Image credits: Envato Elements

As the name implies, 50 Signs Mock-ups is a wide selection of store sign selections that allow business owners to envision how their shop signages and logos would look like at a physical location. Whether you’re opening a pastry shop or launching a salon, 50 Signs Mock-ups is the perfect set of graphics to turn to when you’re brewing something big.


15. Mug Mock-up

mug mock-up
Mug Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Mugs are a staple giveaway both for companies and for influencers looking to hand out merch. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re essential kitchen items that make waking up in the mornings much more meaningful. Whatever your reason is for developing a mug logo, feel free to use these graphics.


16. Hatchback Mock-up

Hatchback Mock-up
Hatchback Mock-up. Image credits: Envato Elements

Some companies go all out with their advertising efforts. Want proof? Envato’s Hatchback Mock-Up mock-ups is a popular selection for many creatives and business leaders alike. Perfect for those looking to customize their hatchbacks’ designs, your chances of going wrong with these graphics are 0.01%.


17. Restaurant and Bar Mockups

restaurant and bar mockups
Restaurant and Bar Mockups. Image credits: Pixelbuddha

This is a rocking couple of mockups for restaurants and food services-related businesses displaying not only business cards but notebooks. This mockup contains envelopes and menus for the perfect scenario. Show your good taste using the provided PSD files.


18. Stationery Mockup Art and Craft

Stationery Mockup Art and Craft
Stationery Mockup Art and Craft. Image credits: byPeople

This is a trio of intriguing fashion Stationary mockups featuring Apple gadgets. This mockup features a hipster style and a business card in a scenario with numerous small elements, such as a camera lens and a cigar. You may use the PSD smart objects to integrate your ideas into these striking settings. This collection is available for both private and public enterprises.


19. Branding Stationery Mockup

Branding Stationery Mockup
Branding Stationery Mockup. Image credits: TECH&ALL

A quite interesting dark mockup for stationery and branding, it includes a business card, folder, letterhead, and a cd with its cover, plus some office supplies for ambiance. Use the PSD file as templates or just a mockup for free. For personal or commercial use.


20. Print-Ready Branding PSD Template

Print-Ready Branding PSD Template
Print-Ready Branding PSD Template. Image credits: Graphic Design Junction

Print-Ready Branding PSD Template , Templates of stationery and branding pieces, covering all the must-haves, including an iOS app icon. All of them are CMYK and full resolution PSD print-ready files, except for the iOS icon. They are totally free for both personal and commercial projects.


21. Branding Mockup Vol. 18

Branding Mockup Vol. 18
Branding Mockup Vol. 18. Image credits: TECH&ALL

This pack of Branding mockups includes four different layouts of letterhead, booklet, folder, and business cards (combined). Each one of them in different PSD files, plus a proposed background which you have to place manually. The files are released freely for personal and commercial use.


22. Stationery Device Mockups

Stationery Device Mockups
Stationery Device Mockups. Image credits: Pixelbuddha

Three interesting fashionable mockups with Apple products. Stationery Device Mockups, designed with a hipster style this mockup has a business card in a scene full of details, including a camera lens and a cigar. Use the PSD smart objects to put your designs in these eye-catching scenes. This collection comes for personal or commercial projects.


23. Branding Stationery Mockup Vol. 6

Branding Stationery Mockup Vol.6
Branding Stationery Mockup Vol. 6. Image credits: Graphberry

One mockup scene containing a letterhead, cover, business card, and envelope to portray a company’s main identity elements in a very clean way. Editable through smart objects in a Photoshop PSD file. Branding Stationery Mockup Vol. 6 free for both personal and commercial use.


24. Tablet Free Mockup VOL. 2

Tablet Free Mockup VOL. 2
Tablet Free Mockup VOL. 2. Image credits: behance

Tablet Free Mockup VOL. 2, set of nine very appealing and elegant business card and tablet mockups with eye-catching camera angles and beautiful wooden surfaces. The files are in high resolution and free for both personal and commercial use.


25. A4 Horizontal Brochure Mockup

A4 Horizontal Brochure Mockup
A4 Horizontal Brochure Mockup. Image credits: themeraid

A4 Horizontal Brochure Mockup, very complete and thoroughly organized mockup for a landscape-oriented brochure. This pack contains 14 angles,  portraying front, back, and inner pages, allowing lighting adjustments for each shading effect independently. Made with smart objects for easy edit. Enjoy this beautiful PSD file that’s available for free for personal and commercial projects.


26. Free Customizable Newspaper and Advertising Mockup

Free Customizable Newspaper and Advertising Mockup
Free Customizable Newspaper and Advertising Mockup. Image credits: zippypixels

This Free customizable newspaper and advertising mockup is the latest addition to this awesome library of newspaper ads. This is exclusively free for download. 3 half-fold newspapers stacked on top of each other, with an opened broadsheet newspaper (12.4″ x 22.5″) showing a 1/2 page of advertisements. Simply open the appropriate smart object layer, add your newspaper page design and ad design, and your photorealistic presentation will be done in no time. It’s a sophisticated PSD mockup that lets you modify the background and adjust the lighting and shadows thanks to layers that are kept distinct from one another. Enjoy using this free newspaper mockup to showcase your newspaper advertisement designs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are branding mockups?

Mockups for branding consist of unified elements such as business cards, documents, posters, etc. They are used to demonstrate your brand identity design concepts. They provide a mock-up of the finished item so your client may better comprehend your vision.

How do you build a brand mockup?


  1. You can create a custom mockup from scratch.
  2. Create utile mockup templates.
  3. Start creating your brand logo.

What is the difference between a template and a mockup?

A photo template would be used for something like a Facebook timeline, or perhaps a photo book, portfolio, or anything that would highlight just images. A mockup would be for a buyer to show off their goods, like a poster or stationary.

25+ Free Branding Templates and Mockups

A customer can view how their new logo might look in the real world or how a color matches the packaging before approving the final design.  Anything can be displayed with digital mockups, and designers have access to an infinite number of high-quality mockups. Check out these 25+ mockups and let us know your favorite mockup template in the comment below.

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