14 Best FREE Online Web Design Courses to Learn UX/UI

14 Best FREE Online Web Design Courses to Learn UX/UI

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The Internet is full of information you can use to learn new skills and even change your career.

Go from a manager to a web designer in your own time and at your own pace using free Internet courses. Here are ten online free web design courses you can take to help you become a web designer.

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What is more impressive is that all of them offer courses, be them full or beginner, for absolutely nothing. You get all the information for free, though some do insist that you start up a free account before you begin so that you may track your progress and buy more advanced courses later.

You may also be interested in our compilation of the best free graphic design courses and the best UX/UI courses.

Top 15 Best Free Online Web Design Courses to Learn UX / UI

  1. Skillshare (Editor’s Choice)
  2. HTML, CSS and Javascript for Web Developers (Coursera)
  3. Web Development – Basics and Coding Specialization (Coursera)
  4. Don’t Fear The Internet
  5. Learn Layout
  6. PluralSight
  7. Dash General Assembly
  8. Channel 9 Web Development
  9. Aquent Gymnasium
  10. Webmaking 101
  11. Shaw Academy
  12. Udemy 
  13. Domestika
  14. CreativeLive


Top 10 Best Web Design Courses (Premium)

Course Provider Cost (USD) Length
Skillshare (Editor’s Choice) 2 weeks free trial then $10/month 1-3 hours
Coursera (UI/UX Design Specialization) 5 day free trial then $49/month 6 hours
Coursera Intro to UX  5 day free trial then $49/month 3-5 months
Domestika $10+/course 2-7 hours
LinkedIn Learning 1 month free trial then $49/month 12 hours
CreativeLive $20 class or $39 subscription 12 hours
Springboard $5900-$8200 9 months
Udemy $10+/course 2-4 hours
LearnUX.io $12/month 3.5 hours
Mike Janda $299 16 hours


Web Design Courses

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Top 10 Best Free Web Design Courses Online

So if you’re looking for the best free web design classes online, let’s dive into our post featuring the best website designing courses online.

1. Skillshare (Editor’s Choice)

Best Web Design Courses
Best Web Design Courses. Image Credits: Skillshare

What we love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time!

They have thousands of classes in many different categories, including web design and UX/UI, with a huge variety as you can see in the image above. The courses are current and up to date vs some of the other free online web design courses which may have outdated elements inside them.

The best part is that you can get a two week free trial to Skillshare and take as many courses as you would like in that time.

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After the trial you get to go on their Premium Membership which gives you unlimited access to all courses, so you can join the classes and communities that are just right for you, to help you keep learning and thriving.

The best part is that it is incredibly affordable—especially when compared to pricey in-person classes and workshops.

An annual subscription is just $10 a month.

We encourage you to sign up to the trial, and take the time to do a few web design classes to see for yourself.

There are no commitments and you can cancel at any time. After the 2 weeks, premium plans start at $10/m.


2. Free Web Design Courses on Coursera

While not every course on the Coursera site is free, Coursera offers online courses from some top universities such as Stanford and Yale. At first glance, the site pushes you towards paying for classes but there is the option to “audit” the class.

This means that while you can take the class, none of your work will be marked and you won’t be able to earn a certificate at the end of the course. To take the classes for free, follow this guide here and get started right away. Here are some free courses you may want to consider:

a) HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

Coursera - HTML, CSS and Javascript for web developers

Lectures: 5 modules | Length: approx. 40 hours | By: Yaakov Chaikin

This HTML, CSS and Javascript course from Johns Hopkins University is just what a developer needs to take their career to the next level. Through this course, you’ll cover HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with UX and UI in mind.

In this course, you will learn how to create fast-loading, responsive pages that cater to users’ specific needs. The instructor will walk you through everything you need to know, starting from the ground up in implementing different coding languages to create amazing and responsive websites.


b)  Web Development – Basics and Coding Specialization – Coursera

Coursera - Web Development and Coding Specialization

Lectures: 5 modules | Length: approx. 6 months (3 hours/ week) | By: Colleen van Lent, Ph.D. and Charles Russell Severance

If you’ve wanted to learn Web development but never knew where to start, look no further! This course is your one-stop shop for understanding everything about web development.

Put together by the University of Michigan, this course covers the basics as well as some aspects of specialization which will include HTML5 and CSS3. In this course, you’ll learn how to create responsive websites that render seamlessly across devices and even cover site accessibility for those who are impaired.

If you’re looking to get a start in web development or want to take your career to the next level, this course is an amazing way to get started.


BONUS: Coursera Plus – Get the ‘Web Design Specialization’ Course and 3000+ more courses

Coursera Plus

You can learn web design online with Coursera and you can get it for free for 7 days as a trial. Or for $49/month OR for $499 a year, join Coursera Plus, where the true value is.

With Coursera Plus, you can access the UX/UI Specialization and 3,000+ other courses in various domains including business, computer science, health, personal development, humanities, and more.

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Coursera Plus will save you money if you are planning on taking multiple courses over the year.

A ‘specialization’ such as this 5 part web design online course takes an average of three months to complete, so that would save you approximately $130 over three months or $520 over the year.


3. Don’t Fear The Internet – Free Web Design Courses

Don’t Fear the Internet

This is a learning system aimed at people in the artistic industry such as designers and photographers but is set in a way that helps them learn web programming for use on their own websites. If you have a website that features your top-quality work yet has a shoddy website design, then this is the course for you to learn website design.

Seven simple videos teach you the web programming skills you need to improve your website. The website the lessons are hosted on has a little artistic appeal itself, which adds weight to this albeit small teaching project.

4. Learn Layout

Learn Layout

This is more a website for people that already know about web design and want to become more advanced. It is primarily built around teaching CSS, though HTML also comes into it, which is why it may not be suitable for absolute beginners.

They assume you know a little bit about each and so do not go into details that beginners may need. You gain access to different slides full of information that you can take in at your own pace.

5. PluralSight

Code School

Formerly CodeSchool, PluralSights’ motto is learn by doing, which isn’t a bad idea. This is for the beginner that doesn’t really have a passion for web design. This is for people that want to write their own websites without having to rely on content management systems, and yet is not really all that interested in the drudgery of learning.

That is why they have set up games and themes to help you learn without putting too much effort in. Sadly, there are only eight introductory courses, but they are helpful for beginners with no experience.

6. Dash General Assembly

Dash Learn HTML

This is a course for beginners that uses a series of interactive story-based tutorials to teach the viewer a little about web design. It teaches the viewer about web design in general, which includes lessons on JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Take note of how simple concepts are used to make websites that look aesthetically pleasing. It is not going to suit people that want an eCommerce website, but may suit those that want their new website to stand out a little without having to pay a top professional to do it for them.

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It is only a lightweight course that doesn’t go too deep into the subject of programming and design. It gives just enough to teach you how to make a good looking website.


Special Offer! 70-95% off All Udemy Web Design Courses

Udemy Courses

Get 70-95% off any online course from Udemy, making most classes just $10-$15. See our top web design courses on Udemy further below.

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7. Channel 9 Web Development

If you are a complete beginner and have no experience with web design or programming of any sort, then this is the course for you. They are arranged as easy-to-understand videos that you take in succession.

As you master the basics of one lesson you may move on and try the next. For beginners, there are 21 different videos, and they teach you all you need to know to create a good and media-filled website. Take them all back-to-back and it will take you 12 hours.

8. Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent Gymnasium is a great place to improve your current knowledge of responsive design techniques, front end web design, CSS, UX design and HTML. It is a class-based website where you can enroll with other web designers to improve your knowledge.

Classes consist of videos that focus on different topics that also includes Coding for Designers, Flash cohesion and JavaScript. The lessons are mainly for people wanting to build professional websites.

9. Webmaking 101

Peer 2 Peer University

This is a good place to learn about web design, but not the best place to learn about responsive or dynamic websites. That fact is clear from the fact their website is slightly lacking in smooth dynamic or responsive design.

Still, it is a good place to find free course that are amended by other people on the Internet. It is peer powered, which does mean you get the occasional error, but also means you learn a few tips and tricks that are not widely known on the Internet yet, so you have to take the rough with the smooth.

10. Shaw Academy Web Development Course

Shaw Academy Web Design Course

Shaw Academy have a number of courses available including a thorough Web Design course, as well as courses on Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design. The course is free for 4 weeks and then goes to $70/m which includes access to all other courses in their catalog.


11. Best Online Web Design Courses on Udemy 

One of the most popular e-learning platforms for creatives of all disciplines is Udemy. Home to over a hundred thousand courses, the California-based provider offers a wide range of exceptional recorded lessons; many of which belong to the web design space. Among its most popular picks are the following:

a. UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

Authored by UX and UI powerhouse Joe Natoli, this offering tackles the specifics of developing web design strategies, the elements of winning websites, and understanding how B2B and B2C techniques play a huge role in creating content. 

You will enjoy UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development course if you are:

  • An entrepreneur looking to gain more from building an online presence
  • An aspiring creative who wants to learn UX, web design, and/or development
  • A website designer who wants to keep up with modern design trends
  • A print designer looking to explore web design


b. Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer CourseUltimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course for 2021

Led by marketing maven and web design extraordinaire Brad Hussey, Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course covers a lot of bases any aspiring web leader will want to grasp. From HTML5 & CSS3 applications to learning how to set a WordPress blog, there’s a lot to pick up from an offering as packed as this web designing course. 

Subject matters to look forward to in this offering are:

  • Web Design Fundamentals
  • Best Web Development Practices
  • Building Real Projects
  • Designing Real Websites & User Experiences
  • Practicing Writing Code & Designing as SOON as possible


12. Best Online Web Design Courses on Domestika

Another equally credible e-learning provider global professionals trust is Domestika. Arguably the fastest-growing creative community on the web, enrollees will be pleased to know that the platform’s offerings are extensive and comprehensive. Packed with numerous web design courses, there’s a lot to enjoy and experience here.

a. Design, Development, and Launch of a Website

Design, Development, and Launch of a Website

Led by web design expert Javier Usobiaga Ferrer, Domestika’s Design, Development, and Launch of a Website are composed of 27 thorough lessons that all take place in less than 3 hours. Bundled with 33 additional resources and certificates users can download after the course, this online web design pack is one of the provider’s most popular bestsellers for obvious reasons. 

Subject matters to look forward to in this offering are:

  • Visual design
  • Frontend development 
  • Publication of a website
  • Ideation of website
  • Template system
  • Web interaction 

b. Introduction to UX Design

Introduction to UX Design

Sometimes, the best course offerings involve only the introduction to a subject matter. That said, Domestika’s Introduction to UX Design is a spectacular pick any aspiring web designer will want to take. Authored by UX pro and researcher Ethan Parry, this contender also allows users to print a usable certificate once they finish the 3-hour recorded lecture. 

Subject matters to look forward to in this offering are:

  • Testing and implementations
  • UX Foundations
  • Ideate and prototype
  • Becoming a UX Designer 
  • CreativeLive

Also, a vibrant creative community that provides professional courses to students and aspiring artists, Creative Live packs some of the internet’s best picks in the field of e-learning. Founded in 2010 and home to more than 2,000 offerings, this provider is an equally capable resource to virtually anyone and everyone looking to expand their skillsets. 


13. Best Online Web Design Courses on CreativeLive

a. Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

CreativeLive’s Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process is a comprehensive course composed of 17 lessons, all under a little over 4 hours of recorded video content. Led by design business mogul Jose Caballer, the course includes a variety of topics that cover the basics to a few little more. 

After you complete this course, you will be more able to:

  • Create and interpret user profiles
  • Accurately assess business goals and requirements
  • Sketch wireframes for a website and mobile app
  • Facilitate an efficient UX design session with tools that work

b. Modern Web Design Demystified

Modern Web Design Demystified

From fonts and brand assets to HTML pattern libraries and wireframes, there’s a lot to think about in web design Thankfully, CreativeLive’s Modern Web Design Demystified is here to help. Taught by reputable tech and media man Andy Pratt, learners will experience over 10 hours of recorded video content and other useful resources in this pick. 

After you complete this course, you will be more able to:

  • The fundamentals of responsive web design
  • Working with Clients to identify and prioritize goals
  • How to communicate with Developers
  • Best practices for project workflow


Best Premium Web Design Course Providers

Course Provider Cost (USD) Length
Skillshare (Editor’s Choice) 2 weeks free trial then $10/month 1-3 hours
Coursera (UI/UX Design Specialization) 5 day free trial then $49/month 6 hours
Coursera Intro to UX  5 day free trial then $49/month 3-5 months
LinkedIn Learning 1 month free trial then $49/month 12 hours
CreativeLive $20 class or $39 subscription 12 hours
Springboard $5900-$8200 9 months
Udemy $10+/course 2-4 hours
LearnUX.io $12/month 3.5 hours
Mike Janda $299 16 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these courses improve your chances of employment?

Definitely! Most employers look at course completion as indicators of drive, interest, and passion for self-improvement. Even though experience and skill play important roles, course study most definitely help you stand out from the rest.

Are these courses suited for people with no prior experience?

Absolutely! A lot of these courses are curated for people with no prior knowledge and experience. There are several courses offered that will provide a great starting point for your new field of study.

Are Skillshare and Udemy courses taken seriously?

Yes! Many careers require certification from specialized institutions. Today, employers seriously consider coursework through institutions such as Udemy and Skillshare as helpful in selecting skilled and ambitious candidates for their available positions.

Is Coursera good?

Yes! Coursera is one of the best learning platforms out there! Coursera offers courses from well-accredited institutions and does this in an affordable, non-discriminatory way. Through Coursera, you have access to some of the best lectures at only a fraction of the cost. Another plus is that you receive certification from the university that curates the course.

Are there any good free courses?

There are quite a few, actually! Though most of the courses on this list are free, some do require payment for certification. But on the whole, most courses are free.

What are some necessary tools for developers?

For developers, a good laptop or monitor for coding can be a game-changer. If you’re looking for some options for laptops, be sure to check out our list of the Best Laptops for Web Development 2022.


Best Website Design Courses, Classes & Lessons

Free learning resources are one of the best things about the Internet but employers are unlikely to hire you based on what you learnt for free without earning a qualification of any sort. However, prior to getting a paid education, you can try a free course to see if you enjoy it and see if you are any good at it before you invest your money into a qualification.

Free courses are the first step towards your dream job, and are a good way of topping up or improving your current knowledge on web design. Do not be afraid to try a few books and seminars on web design too, and once you have earned a little knowledge you can try it for yourself and even try working as a freelancer for a while.

Special Offer! 70-95% off All Udemy Web Design Courses

Udemy Courses

Get 70-95% off any online course from Udemy, making most classes just $10-$15.

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What other top web design courses would you recommend? This post has been contributed by Aaron Black.

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