20,000+ Subscribers – Comment To Win!

20,000+ Subscribers – Comment To Win!

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Journey of 1000 miles

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
~ Lao Tzu

20,000 subscribers… it’s just another milestone but that’s no reason to let it go unnoticed. With help from a few generous sponsors, Just Creative Design is holding a small competition to celebrate & thank you for being part of the journey.

Thus far, there has been just under 300 articles and over 10,700 comments left on Just Creative Design so once again, I thank you for your support.

What Can You Win?


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Winners: Alexander Koolen, Kevin Gamble

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Winner: Steven


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To Win

To win one of the prizes, simply leave a comment telling us what articles you like / dislike most on JCD and / or what you think could be improved.

All winners will be drawn at random and announced in this post on the 19th of September.

Update: 19th September

As I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the comments (very overwhelmed by the response) I will announce the winners on the 20th or 21st. Feel free to enter until then.

Update: 21st September – Competition Closed

Congratulations to the winners! Please find the winners names under each prize. Thank you everyone for your kind comments & suggestions!

Thanks again and good luck.

124 thoughts on “20,000+ Subscribers – Comment To Win!”

  1. Great achievement in a short time Jacob.
    There are some articles I like: Why logo design doesn’t cost $5.00, Logo design process and The “Pros” and Cons of Spec Work
    keep it up Jacob
    all the best

  2. Congratulations Jacob!

    My favourite part of your website is the “popular articles” section. Basically most of your featured articles are great to read!


  3. My favorite posts are the ones covering design process and typographic issues. Especially the:”30 fonts all designers must know”( I’m still struggling understanding typography, but willing to learn :-/ ).
    But since I am just starting in the designing business I learn a lot of all post this site has to offer(it turns out I use this page as my start page). Keep these beautiful posts coming Jacob.
    Many thanx from the Netherlands
    Grtz Alex…

  4. As a student I like the articles that go from step one to finished product because I love to see the process of other designers. I also like the more humorous articles like how to tell you are a bad design. I would like to see more articles about using typography, not just what fonts to use, because I know that is something I have to improve upon personally.


  5. Jacob, you are a legend – let’s be honest!

    All of your articles are great. I don’t know honestly where you come up with them all! What I like about your posts are the fact that they are written in a down to earth way in simple plain english and are always useful in some way or another, be it the article itself or the links you provide. I especially liked the post you did recently on vehicle signage. At the time I was just about to start on a similiar design project and was struggling to get some ideas and the information i needed! So thanks a million for that.

    Anyhow fingers crossed for me!

    Keep up the great work. Can’t believe it took me so long to become one of your 20,000 subscribers!!! ha ha…sheena x

  6. Jacob, congratulations! My favorite articles are logo design process articles and designer-related articles (Why Logo Design Doesn’t Cost $5.00, 30 Fonts All Designers Must Know, etc.).

  7. Great achievement Jacob. I have followed your blog articles from the first time I was on your site. Some of my favorite articles are dealing with logo design, the process, design brief, and I really like your Logo Of The Day site.

    Nice achievement and welcome to the US. Good luck on your new position in NYC and one day, I can say I know Jacob Cass …


  8. I’m one of those people out there with a BIG passion for design. But not like most people I didn’t earn a degree or anything close to that: I studied through books/ web and my second best friend the computer.
    When people ask me how I did it in such a short time span. My simple replay “Just Creative Design”. Some people smile thinking that it is some cute comment/slogan in the graphics world but others know better: ‘Just Creative Design’ is a website that can get people in the graphic field without working on a degree:
    What it began was one Monday morning coming across to your website is now Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I am busying doing what I love best GRAPHIC DESIGN.
    The truth I never added my comments to your amazing work, research and inspiration for the simple reason that I don’t have much time. So I want to thank for putting up that offer so ill take the time to thank you for your commitment, effort, inspiration, research and most of all – my success.

    Much success,

  9. First off, I love your site! It’s really helpful & inspirational; you give great insight into your design process & style.

    I love the logo design articles and some of the logo walkthroughs. It is cool to see your whole process from sketch to final design & application.

    I would like to see more articles about pricing of design & services. I think this is the part of design that gets neglected sometimes. And, for me is the hardest to decide on.

    Thanks! & Keep up the good work!

  10. I have found so many great articles here Jacob – but I particularly enjoy all the logo articles. When I read the title of your “Why logo design doesn’t cost $5.00” article, I thought “Hallelujah!”

  11. Congratulations!

    Keep up the good work.
    I enjoy reading your articles even if i’m more affiliated to software design 😉
    But it’s always good to see beyond one’s own nose.

  12. Mate, you keep improving and improving your «service» to all of us! Congrats. Since you last sent the first video, from what I have understood, you just made another one after, right? So, one of the things you can improve is to send some other videos out there, well, out here.
    Cheers from Portugal!

    Márcio Guerra

  13. Favourite Articles:
    – designing a logo process (how to design a logo)
    – 15 signs you’re a bad designer
    – the numerous articles on social media and using them to brand yourself

    Things to Improve:
    – perhaps a larger focus on web-based design; i.e. best website design practices (and why)
    – more contests! 🙂

  14. I think that your articles about cheap logo design are some of my favorites. I have used some of your examples to help train my clients, and it really has proven extremely useful to have a third party making some of those points for me. Thanks for your great work, I think we all benefit from it!

  15. congratulations. quite amazing.

    i love articles on logos, typography, how to be a good/bad designer . All the books and resources you recommend. it’s all good.

  16. My favorite articles are the ones about your design process and I especially enjoy reading about how you present your work to your clients. Very insightful!

    You’ve been quite successful so far (or at least very good at hiding your faults!) so I don’t have much to say as critique. We all know how young you are though, so stay humble and open to learning from others, which I think you do anyways.

    Congrats on 20K!

  17. A while ago I Stumbled upon this page. There are so many jewels on this website that have opened my eyes as an aspiring graphic designer.

    I think I have gone through a majority of your articles, but I really enjoy reading the articles under “My Design Process”. Articles that stand out to me are:
    -Logo Design Process For FITUCCI
    -Identity Design Process for Butterfield Photography,
    -The Design Process Of Creating A $40,000 Creative Newspaper Advertisement (very creative!)
    -The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish(really like this one)

    I enjoy these articles because they help me to understand what steps need to be taken in order to create meaningful, aesthetically appealing and easily understandable work while at the same time staying within the boundaries of what the clients want.

    It would be nice if you could have more articles on web design. Other than that I think your doing a great job Keep up the good work. Congrats on 20k!

  18. I just signed up for the feed yesterday but have been watching this blog for a while. As a graphic design student, I’ve found a lot of the articles about logos to be useful. The article “13 signs you’re a bad graphic designer” also has given me good advice on what not to do. Thanks for the great articles!

  19. Wow! Since you’re heading to NYC, here’s an odd reference point: you can no longer hold all your subscribers in Madison Square Garden. They now will spill out into the street. Way to go.

  20. Congrats, I really like the tips, the indepth look at design process, and the rants. Generaly most posts I find usefull content from jcd. Thanks a bunch for the site it’s def one of the best.

  21. All your articles are interesting, but one really hit the nerve of my coworkers and myself:

    Who needs skills? We have software!

    It’s a constant uphill battle between us, the art department, and the rest of the company. This is a place full of accountant designers, secretary designers, engineering designers, creative programmers…

  22. I am currently a college student earning a degree in Graphic Design. I find your site to be one of the most honest, direct and helpful for aspiring graphic designers. I enjoy reading your blog and find your articles very useful, so much so that I often share them with new students and weekly at my local Graphic Design Club meeting. My favorite articles of yours have been on logo design and how and why it does not cost 5$. I also particularly like your articles on why design competitions are bad, the 15 signs you are a bad graphic designer as well as reviewing your design process. I also liked your article in which you spoke directly to new comers in the graphic design field and your advice for them.

    Overall I find the things you write about very interesting and useful. I also like the reviews you give and the helpful resource sites for inspriation and more information. The only thing I would love to see more of is your work and design processes, reviews of the technology you use and a special section dedicated to new coming graphic designers.

    I closing I would like to state that I am very happy to one of your dedicated readers!

  23. I bookmarked lots of articles from here. You pretty much cover basics of logo design very well and there were some really great posts regarding that matter here.

    What would I improve? Uh, I think you could put more logo inspiration galleries together or just write things more often 🙂

  24. Of all articles well its more of a category then specific article I prefer. The Logo Design category, seeing your case studies, a bit of the process and the testimonials brings me back over and over again. Improvement? well can only thing I can say is try not to let JCD slide to far down the priorities ladder once your in NYC. Congrats BTW.

  25. Hey Jacob,

    I enjoy most of your articles, but my favorite would have to be the ones surrounding the logo design aspects.

    Keep up the good work Jacob.

  26. Congrats on such a great readership, Jacob!
    As an recent alum, (of just over a year now), from a graphics program, I really appreciate your articles that revolve around logo design- that show and go into the whole process involved, (seeing clips of the “brainstorm” and sketch phases), because there are so many people who don’t take the time to utilize that process. Great ideas for future projects rise from the ashes of old sketches!
    Keep posting us on your findings and learning!

  27. Ok, not original feedback, but my favorite articles are on logo design. I’ve learned typography and such in school, but the tips and brainstorming ideas for thinking up a creative logo are things I keep coming back to, and they shaped my design sense when I was just getting into the field.

    Thanks for sharing your skills, Jacob!


  28. “15 signs your’re a bad graphic designer” got my attention the first time I stumbled accross your page, thanks again for all the very useful information and of course, INSPIRATION!!! Congrats!!!!

  29. There isn’t much to dislike but I really enjoy reading on your processes of getting a job done. It’s great to compare and see what I might be missing out on my own process and what’s rubbish I probably should not be spending too much time on =p

    As for improvements… nothing I can think of now. Just keep at it cause you’re doing a great job already. Thanks for creating this blog, Jacob!

  30. Congratulation on 20000+ subscribers! hope you’ll make it to 1 million subscribers! 😀

    The articles that I love is your “15 signs makes you a bad designer”, “What makes a good logo”, “30 fonts designers should know” & of course your logo making process of the UKE logo design. They gave me inspiration as a freshly grad designer & helped me to improve my designs.

    Best of luck!

  31. I always like to come here and read something about fonts and logo design because I want to go deeper into this subjects.

  32. I think your articles on logos have been great. Illustrator isn’t one of my strengths so anything with print, logo design, tips/tricks in illustrator to improve efficiency would be helpful. I’d like to see some video tutorials/tips but not everyone is into the video so whatever works.

  33. “My logo design process” is my favourite – I really like a look into how something is done, how the person thinks etc. It is very educating and thought-provoking.

    I can’t say what I like the least – you had a reason to write all of your articles, so even if some rare ones don’t appeal that much to me, they do have their audience.

  34. Many Congrats Jacob! You’ve served as a great example to the industry. Keep up the great work!

    Without a doubt, any article that can give better insight into graphic design as a career and how best to go about being successful not just within the skills and the trade, but with all the other baggage that comes with it (Proposals, Clients, self-promotion etc…)

    Thanks for all the great work!

  35. Thanks Jacob, for your articles. Not only are they inspiring but are also thought-provoking. Sometimes (those times are very few), I may not agree with your views but I do appreciate that the subject is being discussed and that you respect other views too. So while I may absolutely love most of your logos/design and not agree with one or two, at least it gets me ticking – “how would I have tackled this myself?”. Thanks again!

  36. You’re welcome and thanks a lot for sharing such a useful articles with us 🙂 Keep updating your blog and it will be 30 and 40 and 50 thousands of subscribers 🙂

  37. There is just a wealth of good stuff here. But the one post I never miss is your daily inspiration. I’m a photographer not a designer, so seeing all the design work here is an important way for me to keep thinking how to start with a photo and take it so much further. The daily inspiration is my daily dose of pushing the mental boundaries.

  38. Loved the A-List Blogging Logo post that showed the steps you took to make the logo. As someone who is just beginning to build a portfolio, I found it helped me a lot.

    Keep them coming!

  39. I love all the tips you have for designers, whether they focus on the technical, business, creative side of things, they are always very useful and very interesting! Good job all round!

  40. Congratz on making it to 20k+ subscribers. I’ve been following the blog for a while and I must say the logo designs have been my favourite. It’s nice to see the process involved in the creation of each. Thank you 🙂

  41. Hey Jacob! First of all, congratulations on your achievement. 🙂 20k subscribers is awesome.
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and the articles I like best are the Logo Design articles, especially the “behind the scenes” articles of your created logos.

    Once again, keep up the good work!

  42. You are awesome! I definitely enjoy your articles on your design process. I especially liked the articles on “Creating a Corporate Identity for a Beer Label.” You ROCK!

  43. For the last few months I have learned a lot from all our information and links, the only thing I can say about it is keep on going. It’s great. I do hope that when you start working in New York you will still have some time to keep on blogging.

  44. Jacob, my favorite articles that you’ve written, by far, deal with the business side of design such as fair payment issues, spec work, and etc. I always feel like these topics spur great discussions.

    I think my least favorite articles are the technical tutorials but, that’s because I’m more interested in how you arrive at your concepts and ideas.

    Congratulations on your success and keep it going!


  45. For me reading the articles about the design process is helpful, because new ways for inspiration are vital for me. I also do like the article about why logo design doesn’t cost 5 dollars because now I know what to say to the people who think that.

  46. Good job Jacob 🙂 I really like your articles targeted at what freelancers can expect in the industry, and how they can work more efficiently – it really sets out what industry standards tend to be in reality, and I really think they will have helped out a lot of people.

  47. i love everything about JCD and Jacob!!! The combination is deadly… i wouldnt change a thing about either one. And even if i spent century thinking up a suggestion for improvement i will not be able to come up with anything.

    More importantly Jacob! Congrats! Am really happy for you. You inspire me. 🙂

    Fingers crossed for the 19th.. specially coz its my birthday!

  48. Wow I have some competition to win with all of these comments!

    I think JCD is amazing. Jacob, I follow your blogs and posts closely, as you’re a heavy influence on me. I appreciate most how you post real world situations with clients, and how to be more productive. I especially appreciate the design process on logo’s, etc.

    I’m not sure if it’s just my browser (Firefox 3.5.3- Win. Vista)- but I think what can be improved is: When I try to visit old posts, it appears that the CSS may be missing. Images don’t display at all.

    So that’s only a technical issue – About your site? I can’t think of a thing – it’s absolutely excellent the way it is, and has been.

    Thank you a million times over (again)

  49. Hey Justin, congratulations on another milestone. Your site is a great source of inspiration and information which is why I frequent it often.

    I would have to say my favorite articles from this site would have to be “Why a logo doesn’t cost $5.00”, and your “FREE Type Classification Ebook”.

    I would have to say my least favorite post was the one about Paypal fees. Not that it wasn’t informative, I just felt it was an easy decision in my mind.

  50. I have several of your articles bookmarked and I refer to your site often because you are such a good teacher!

    Your article What Makes a Good Logo and your Type Classification Ebook have been the most helpful to me so far. Thanks for giving us JCD!

  51. I honestly have enjoyed nearly every article I’ve read on your site – you’re a great source of inspiration to me. The site is a fantastic reference for me, although perhaps it could use a redesign… but it could just be my personal preferences speaking.

  52. Hey Jacob!

    To be honest, I think 20,000 subscribers says you’re doing something right, so I’m not going to comment on good/bad articles.

    However, some tutorials on turning sketches into logos (Illustrator tuts), or things to watch out for in design for print, and more personal business lessons you’ve learned would be good.

    Anyway, congrats on the milestone. 🙂

  53. One of my favorite article is the one about your process when doing a logo. I read an article you wrote in layers magazine and found your site through them.

  54. Great to see the contest has been launched! I wish all the best to everyone and look forward to working with a few of you very soon!

    Also thought I’d add that this is a great resource for designers of all ages and types. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, so for those that are new to JCD, browse around a bit more and you’ll find plenty!

    All the best,

    Michael Tittle – CEO
    RockStar Communications

  55. My favorite articles are the ones where you go through your design processes (JCD, FITUCCI) and the articles which list things that a designer should avoid. They’re extremely useful as I’m relatively new in the design world.

    I’d love to see more of how you tackle your most successful projects, especially web related projects.

    Congrats and keep it up.

  56. I see, your website as a fantastic reference for making a great design.

    An article about Color Theory will be very nice to see.

    Keep the great work!

  57. I have to admit, I don’t really have a favourite article. I especially like the more personal posts though, such as the ones when you tell us how successful you are and the photos you’ve taken from the many trips around the world! They make be believe anything is possible and help keep me on track!

  58. I love all the logo design articles, especially why logos don’t cost $5.
    I also loved to hear about your success in gaining work in NYC – very exciting and inspiring.
    I feel like I learn a lot about the industry and working on your own, which is great for a student preparing to enter the workforce.
    Nice one JCD!

  59. Hey, I’m a potent Graphic Designer and also a future Motion Graphic Designer.

    I really, really like the way you write the blog. I mean, you entertain and teach at the same time, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

    The way I’d say the Blog should be improved is the following: Evolve. Don’t let it be always the same, change it, modify it, whatever it takes to keep it cool, to keep it as a ‘now’ thing.

    From Dominican Republic, best wishes to you and good luck in your new job.

  60. I absolutely love to see your emails show up in my inbox – i have learned so much thru your logo design emails, down to your tips and how to tell if its bad design. You have so much experience and such a great viewpoint on things it makes your articles so enjoyable.

    I even enjoy the emails about where you have been and the photos of your most recent trips, but most of all i enjoyed the piece on places to find more inspiration – as all designers know whe all need some if not huge amounts of inspiration at different points in our careers and lives.

    Keep up the good work and all of the blogs with your vast knowledge!

  61. I always particularly enjoy your design process articles. The insight into another designers process is always interesting. Along with that, the resource articles always provide some valuable tools and are appreciated.

    I enjoyed the article (about a month ago?) detailing the vehicle wrap design for one of your clients. That’s the industry I was in before focusing on design, so I found that one quite fun to read.

    Keep up the great posts. Thanks!

  62. Congrats on reaching 20k! It’s no small feet when you consider the amount of sites and resources available online.

    I can say I’ve enjoyed reading about the logo design process. keep up the good work!

  63. I love that your articles are short and to the point. You have terrific instructional articles, and keep your distribute information efficiently. While I love some of the tutorials and product/service introduction articles out there, they are often times just too long to sit and read.

  64. I like all your articles that deal with clients and working with them. It’s hard to work with clients sometimes so it’s always helpful to see how other handle them. My congratulations to you Jacob for this milestone!

  65. I have been in the industry for a couple of years now and absolutely feel blesses to be doing what I love for a living. I discovered your website while in college and have had it bookmarked since then!

    I really enjoy the bits of information that you throw our way, your ideas about the industry, great links to other fab websites that also provide useful information about the world of design. I enjoy reading someone’s thoughts about design from the other side of the world.

    Keep the posts, links and info coming! <3 it! ~ Jennifer

  66. All your articles are great, but the article “What makes a good logo?” is the best! 😀

    Thanks for the freebies! ^o^/

  67. Congrats Jacob. I like the logo design and typography articles on JCD very much.

    I like to see more of them in future.

    Thank you for the freebies.

  68. Hello Jacob!

    Congrats on your success.

    I like in Justcreativedesign the style of articles, the good resources and in general the site is nice and simple and some great communication goes on here.

    Keep up the good work.

  69. Congrats! Love your website. I’m always interested in finding new resources for inspiration and cool uses of typography. Enjoying your articles on the design process.

  70. I really enjoy all of the articles, but particularly the articles on logo design. I also like the one’s against spec work as well as the articles where you breakdown your design process. It’s really helpful. I guess the articles I dislike are the ones that are kind of short. Esp. of late, but you’re a busy person, so it’s understandable. I’m not great at offering criticism, and I think you’re doing a wonderful job maintaining the site, given how busy you seem to be as well. Cheers for now and the future. And Godspeed to ya come Jan. when you move out to NYC!

  71. I think is my second comment but I forget to mention that I like very much your articles about logo design and creativity.

  72. Really…., I WON!!!!
    Thanks for the price Jacob!
    Now I do have to make a start on my own website.
    Thanks again mate!
    Keep them post comming

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