9+ Best Photo Collage Makers in 2024

9+ Best Photo Collage Makers in 2024

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Photo collage makers are a great way of depicting more than one photo on a single frame.

There are various collage-maker tools available online that will help you create photo collages and below we list the best of them.

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On that note, collages made from photographs are also called photomontages. Photomontages take parts of different photographs and put them as a single picture. These are also included.

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Let’s dive in.

9+ Best Collage Makers in 2024

  1. Adobe Express — Best overall photo collage maker (Free) (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Canva — Best simple photo collage maker
  3. Photogrid — Best value photo collage maker
  4. piZap — Best creative photo collage maker
  5. Fotojet — Best professional photo collage maker
  6. PicCollage — Best beginner photo collage maker
  7. Moldiv — Best attractive photo collage maker
  8. Ribbet — Best flexible photo collage maker
  9. Fotor — Best collage maker with fabulous templates

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9+ Best Photo Collage Makers in 2024

1. Adobe Express (Editor’s Choice)

Adobe Express
Adobe Express. Image Credit: Adobe

Best overall photo collage maker

Adobe Express offers a free collage maker as part of its “free forever” software.

The interface of this application is simple and does not require much of a learning curve. You can either upload your images or use the images from Adobe’s stock selection.

The images, color palette, and font can reflect your personality or chosen style. You can strike a perfect balance between the images and the white space around the images or the text. When using text for collages, it is better to stick between two font styles.

You can create simple collages or one that is filled in with details. You can browse through thousands of collage templates or start with a blank canvas.

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The UI is easy to use and there is no need to have any design experience and you can craft your own creative photo collages to bundle up all your beautiful memories.

Adding text, graphics, and other elements to your photo collages is a seamless process with Adobe Express. The collage generator within Adobe Express injects a delightful dose of ease and enjoyment into the creation of photo collages.

Whether you’re looking to design a captivating poster or a professionally polished marketing masterpiece, Adobe Express empowers you to bring your vision to life.

Plan Pricing
Basic Free
Premium US$ 99.99 Annually with a 30-day free trial period.




➕ Easy-to-use ➖ Limited free features
➕ Drag- and drop editor ➖ Poor image rendering quality
➕ 30-day free trial for a premium plan
➕ Thousands of beautiful templates


2. Canva

Canva. Image Credit: Canva

Best budget photo collage maker

Like most of the online tools that are available online, most of the templates in Canva are available for free. There are some templates that are available on a nominal charge and others are clearly marked designs so you need not worry about creating a design. You may use them by making the pro account for a minimal fee.

Canva is an ideal tool for those who want to create professional designs quickly. This web-based application is great to use as a design tool. This is an easy-to-use application. You can publish the designs quickly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The designs in Canva are easy to customize. You can create collages with customized dimensions and have many editing options.

We recommend Canva as it is an excellent tool that can create social media templates.

It has everything from Instagram stories to Facebook banners. And with inbuilt social media integration, you can create and publish instantaneously.

Plan  Pricing
Basic Free
Pro US$ 119.99 annually
Teams US $149.90 annually




➕ Simple to use and user-friendly ➖ Limited free plan
➕ Affordable ➖ Limited templates
➕ Use images from Facebook


3. Photogrid

Photogrid. Image Credit: Photogrid

Best value photo collage maker

Do you want to create attractive images and videos for social media platforms? If so, then you want the Photogrid app. Photogrid is the best collage maker app that will garner attention for your images and videos on your social media apps.

You can upload your photos using the “Online Editing” option of the app and then upload the images from your PC. Then, the online editor helps you to choose from various layouts, and text backgrounds and adjust the contrast ratio. You can start with your creative design with this application.

The photo collage that is created using the app can be saved in PNG and JPEG formats. You can share it on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

There are around 20,000 templates available on this platform. All you must do is import the photos and select the layout from the templates.

You can adjust the borders, rotate the images, modify the fonts, and add backgrounds to your collages. Photogrid allows you to create collages on a desktop browser, Android, Apple, and all other devices.

Plans Pricing
Basic Free
Premium US$ 35.99 annually with a free trial version of three days




➕ Can create the photo collage in both PNG and JPEG format ➖ The interface is difficult to navigate
➕ Lot of templates
➕ Easy to use and install

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4. piZap

piZap. Image Credit: piZap

Best creative photo collage maker

With piZap, you can create anything that flows from your creative mind. You can easily use it as a photo editor, collage maker, and design tool.

You can add text and use it from a vast array of fonts. You will also be able to add graphics and other goodies for the purpose of photo editing.

Any designer would appreciate the numerous basic and advanced tools available in piZap that will make your photos look appealing.

Tools to crop, adjust levels, frames, clone tools, cut-out tools, paint and much more are available.

There are nearly 100 fabulous filters and effects available in the app. These filters can work to convert your photos into a masterpiece.

Plan  Pricing
Basic Free
PiZap Pro US$ 59.99 annually with a 7-day free trial version




➕ Ideal for social media ➖ No print-ready export options
➕ It offers attractive and fun stickers


5. Fotojet

Fotojet. Image Credit: Fotojet

Best professional photo collage maker

Fotojet helps you to create quality graphic designs, and photo collages, and edit photographs. There are professional templates and functional-focused resources, making it simple to create collages, social media graphics, posters, cards, banners, and more.

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A beautiful collage of your personal or professional photos is the perfect and artistic way to share your photos.

There are more than 800+ stunning collage layouts and templates available with this application, with styles for all skill levels and uses.

There are birthday collages, wedding collages, baby collages, love collages, and much more available. These collage templates help you to create collage templates quickly and easily.

The powerful designs and editing tools help you to achieve high-quality results without any hassles. You can create professional artwork with a matter of a few clicks.

Moreover, you can do all this without the hassle of downloading the software or going through registration.

Plans Pricing
Basic Free
Fotojet Plus US$ 39.99 annually with a 7-day free trial version




➕ Attractive and stylish templates ➖ Limited free features
➕ Good choice of editing tools
➕ Clear and user-friendly interface


6. PicCollage

PicCollage. Image Credit: PicCollage

Best beginner photo collage maker

If you are new to creating photo collages, then the perfect choice is PicCollage. This photo collage maker helps you to create photo collages with onscreen instructions. There are illustrations and symbols provided at every step to depict where you need to place your photos.

The interface of PicCollage is easy for you to navigate. The icons that are used in this collage maker app use bright colors and have proper labels.

This photo collage app has two types of layouts that you can use. They are grid type and free form style. You can even use the templates that are provided by them to use in social media accounts.

You can create customized backgrounds, add text, and give a personalized look to your designs. There are many colorful options and fun graphic designs that can work for photo collages. Templates are based on various themes, image sizes, and the number of photos that can be used in them.

Plan  Pricing
Basic Free
VIP Subscription US$ 35.99 annually for watermark removal




➕ Can create collage manually or automatically ➖ Does not support customized images
➕ Can easily edit collages ➖ Watermark on collage
➕ Allows freestyle form of collages


7. Moldiv

Moldiv. Image Credit: Moldiv

Best attractive photo collage maker

Moldiv is one of the best photo editor tools a photographer can have. This professional photo editor is something anyone from an amateur to a professional photographer can use.

Whether it is a frame, collage, or even a magazine, this app helps allow the liveliest story-telling or camera that will help you take beautiful selfies.

There are more than 180 filters and 12 themes to choose from that professional photographers can use to make the most attractive designs.

There are textures that will bring all kinds of moods and light leaks. The text function of this app has got more than 300+ fonts, 560 stickers, and 92+ background patterns in it.

It is a helpful tool to create content for social media purposes. You can square it off for Instagram purposes.

This photo collage app has extensive collections of layouts. There are more than 312 layouts you may select for your projects. Once you choose the template, the app allows you to select the photo collage frame to upload the photos.

As soon as you fill in the template, you can make use of various editing tools such as Switch and Filters. At the bottom of the screen, you will also have the Background icon. This icon will help you to change the frame and layout color.

Pricing: Price ranges from US$ 1.99 to US$ 6.99.




➕ Innovative templates ➖ Lack of customization
➕ Attractive stickers
➕ Intuitive interface


8. Ribbet

Ribbet. Image Credit: Ribbet

Best flexible photo collage maker

Ribbet is a flexible photo collage app that can work for all occasions. There are numerous tools available in the app that are perfect for a photo collage. You can add special effects, frames, and text to these photo collages.

Ribbet is an easy-to-use tool that can work as a powerful photo editing tool for every occasion. You can start from scratch to create a collage. You can exploit your creative mind to develop the most impressive collages.

This app is for people who have creative minds. Inside this photo collage app, you will find a large toolkit that will accommodate your photo editing needs.

You can fine-tune all the product photos with the editing tools available here to make them appear at their best to attract the attention of customers. There are pro tools like Clone and Curves available to make any photo picture-perfect.

You also have access to more than 2.7 lakh stock photos. You can crop, resize, and apply the basic photo edits with great ease.

You can drag and drop photos that will help you quickly create grids and collages from family albums to social media posts.

Plans Pricing
Free plan Available for Free
Premium Plan US$ 39.96 annually with a trial version of 14 days.




➕ Intuitive interface ➖ Limited options in the free version
➕ Well-designed and conveniently-placed tools


9. Fotor

Fotor. Image Credit: Fotor

Best collage maker with fabulous templates

With Fotor, you need not stop by enhancing your photos. You may try to discover methods for what you may do with your images. You can add more photos to your collage cells or replace images from collage templates to make aesthetic images.

Making a collage using Photoshop requires a lot of time and effort. Making a collage using Fotor is quick and easy. All you must do is drag and drop these images into a template.

Fotor automatically aligns the images to the layout you select. You may change the border colors, and widths, change the collage layout, and rearrange images according to your preference.

There are more than 1,000 templates available. You can create basic photo grids, holiday-themed collages, and trendy social media collages.

The customizable templates help you create aesthetic collages for Instagram stories, Christmas collages, holiday collages, and stunning collages to impress your family and friends.

This collage-making application comes with a strong collage editor to help you with perfect collage templates. You can add text, stickers, and photo filters, enhance the quality of images, remove background colors, touch up selfies, and make more edits to your pictures.

The biggest advantage is that Fotor helps you to resize and format your collages for social media templates like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

To begin with the application, you need to sign in and create your own account using your email or log in using Facebook. Once this part is finished, you can click ‘collage’ and pick a template to start your project.

You can upload your photos using the ‘Import’ button available at the right. The templates that are marked with a diamond icon are available for Premium account holders. It is very simple to create a collage using this application.

Plans Pricing
Basic Free
Fotor Pro US$ 39.99 Annually
Fotor Premium US$ 89.99 Annually




➕ Attractive templates ➖ Interface is not an intuitive one
➕ Great to export the collages
➕ Border can be changed from a solid color to a background


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a photo collage maker?

Photo collage makers are the best way of depicting more than one photo in a single frame. It is the best way to depict your memory on more than a single frame.

How to make a photo collage on Phone?

Creating a photo collage on your phone is a straightforward process. There are various collage-making apps available, and the steps may vary slightly depending on the app you choose.

How do I create a photo collage?

There are various tools and methods to create photo collages, including online collage makers, graphic design software, and mobile apps. You can manually arrange photos or use templates for a more structured layout.


Characteristics of a Collage Maker

  • Collage Templates: A collage maker always consists of various different templates. These templates can work for different scenarios. These templates can also work for the kind of collages you want to create. It is potentially a retro one or a modern one.
  • Collage Layouts: There are two main ways to create a photo collage: The grid and the scrapbook. The grid collage layout works for any formal type of collage. They are more organized and give a clean look. The scrapbook gives you a more casual, stylish, and DIY look.
  • Composition Techniques: When you start a collage, you can use various composition techniques such as using the rule of one-thirds or trying and capture fluidity and movement in your piece.
  • Theme-Based Collages: Theme-based collages help you show your creative side in yourself. Themes such as your idea of a weekend, expectations from a workplace, or as simple as a candlelight dinner.
  • Color Combination: One of the important decisions in creating an attractive collage is the color combination involved in the snaps. If you are creating a nostalgic memory of photos, then ensure you keep them greyscale. If you want the photo collage to be attractive in design, then, you can use attractive colors.
  • Using Video in Collages: If you choose to use the grid layout in collages, you can use a video in one of the grids. A video makes a collage eye-catching, impressive, and informative. These videos are in the form of explanations about the photos. It can also appear as an informative piece about the photos.
  • Using Text in Collages: Rather than dumping your collages with photos, you can keep a specific tile in the collage for writing text. This text can appear in a way that explains the photos or the event associated with the photo. You can also put a proverb or your thoughts commemorating the event.


Best Photo Collage Makers Summary

It is always a great feeling to look at your beautiful memories in a single frame. This can happen using the photo collage maker. These collage makers can also work to enhance to make your pictures visually attractive.

There are various online photo collage makers available. Some of them can be used for free as well. We have listed the best collage makers available, and you can make the best use of them to make appealing images.

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