15+ Best Clock Fonts ⏰ (Digital, LCD & Classic)

15+ Best Clock Fonts ⏰ (Digital, LCD & Classic)

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Are you in search of easily readable fonts that are also recognizable from a distance? Do you require a modern and minimalist typeface that mimics the appearance of clock digits? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best clock fonts in this blog post to help you find the perfect font. 

Clock fonts possess a unique style that adds a clean and concise touch to your designs. Whether you are working on tech-based projects, futuristic designs, digit-themed concepts, or any other design that demands a streamlined aesthetic, clock fonts are the ideal choice. 

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Moreover, these versatile fonts can be used to design displays for both classic and digital clocks or wristwatches, making them an excellent companion for your projects. 

Without any delay, let’s explore each font on the list in detail. 

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10 Best Watch, Time and Clock Fonts

Check out the list below showcasing the top 10 clock fonts that will bring a touch of modern technology to your designs. Keep reading to discover the complete list of the best clock fonts and incorporate them into your designs to enhance their visual appeal and functionality.

  1. Date Stamp – 14 Segment LCD Font
  2. The Clocke – Modern Serif Font
  3. Kage – An Elegant Serif Typeface
  4. Clock Font
  5. Display Headline Font
  6. 7 Segment Display Font
  7. Sci-Fi Font Collection
  8. Time Clocks Font
  9. Electronic Sport Font
  10. Astalamet Pro Font

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best clock fonts
best clock fonts, Image Credit: Envato Elements

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15+ Best Clock Fonts ⏰ for Precise Designs (Digital, LCD & Classic)

1. Date Stamp – 14 Segment LCD Font

Date Stamp
Date Stamp, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Date Stamp is a retro-inspired clock font that mimics the digits of a digital clock. It comprises two display fonts designed with the writing style of a 14-segment LCD display. 

This font is particularly suitable for digital clock designs, traditional film photos, retro-themed projects, and any other designs that call for a vintage aesthetic. 

Date Stamp is available in eight stunning styles, providing you with the flexibility to select the one that aligns with your specific design requirements. 

It includes both uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation marks, enabling efficient project design. 

The font’s detailed design and nostalgic aesthetics infuse your designs with a unique personality and character.

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2. The Clocke – Modern Serif Font

The Clocke
The Clocke, best clock fonts, Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Clocke is a visually appealing typeface infused with a modern flair. This font is an excellent choice for designs that require a captivating and timekeeping touch. 

The letters exude cleanliness and classiness, offering a sense of beauty and elegance to your designs. 

Consider using this font for classic clock or watch designs, and it’s also well-suited for various other projects such as magazines, social media graphics, logos, and more. 

The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, basic punctuation, and multilingual accents. 

Furthermore, this modern serif font is multipurpose, enhancing your ability to craft stunning projects.


3. Kage – An Elegant Serif Typeface

Kage - An Elegant Serif Typeface
Kage – An Elegant Serif Typeface, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing “Kage,” an elegant serif font that infuses your designs with sophistication and modern grace. 

This font is meticulously crafted to align with current design trends and bring a touch of luxury to any project. 

With a family of 11 fonts ranging from thin to black, “Kage” offers you the freedom to choose the ideal font for your specific design requirements. 

It supports over 131 languages and serves as a suitable option for various designs, including website headers, postcards, logos, posters, invitations, social media graphics, and more. 

Furthermore, its numbers are perfectly suited for designing classic-style watches and clocks.


4. Clock Font

Clock Font
Clock Font, best clock fonts, Image Credit: Creative Market

The Clock is a thoughtfully designed, fun-filled font that embodies a sense of modernity. 

Drawing inspiration from clock styles, this font features standard characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. 

Additionally, it offers extended character support and multilingual support, enhancing its versatility. 

Each character of this font boasts an intriguing and stylish design that elevates any project it’s used in. 

The Clock font is perfect for a range of designs, such as website designs, branding materials, social media graphics, games, logo designs, and more.


5. Display Headline Font

Display Headline Font
Display Headline Font, Image Credit: Creative Market

If you’re in search of a bold and impactful font with a digital aesthetic, then the Display Headline font is the perfect choice. 

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Designed by Artway, Display Headline is an innovative font that exudes a pixelated style. 

It’s particularly well-suited for sports devices, medical equipment interfaces, electronic displays, digital watches, and other designs that demand an attention-grabbing font. 

What sets this font apart from other pixelated options is its pointed edges, which lend a fresh and light appearance to any design. 

With this unique font, you can create a variety of designs tailored to your specific requirements.


6. 7 Segment Display Font

7 Segment Display Font
7 Segment Display Font, Image Credit: Creative Market

Inspired by the ubiquitous 7 segment digital display, the 7 Segment Display font is an excellent option for digital clock and related designs. 

Its letters possess a simple and easily readable style, making it a perfect fit for designs that call for simplicity and cleanliness. 

This font is particularly well-suited for calculators, retro-themed designs, tech-themed projects, and any design seeking a touch of vintage charm. 

The 7 Segment Display font features standard uppercase letters and numbers and is available in the OTF, TTF, EOT, and WOFF file formats.


7. Sci-Fi Font Collection

Sci-fi Font Collection
Sci-fi Font Collection, Image Credit: Creative Market

The Sci-Fi Font Collection offers a curated selection of two stunning sci-fi fonts, granting you the option to choose the perfect fit for your upcoming designs. 

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This comprehensive font package infuses your creations with exceptional futuristic aesthetics. 

One of the standout fonts within this collection is “Spacexy.” 

It boasts a bold, all-caps design that excels in crafting remarkable logos, science fiction book covers, presentations, and other projects seeking a minimalist and sci-fi essence. 

The second font, “TimeBomb,” presents a classic LCD display style, making it an ideal choice for digital clock designs. 

Its versatility extends to designs requiring that timeless LCD grid appearance. In sum, this font family empowers creative exploration across a range of design projects.


8. Time Clocks Font

Time Clocks Font
Time Clocks Font, Image Credit: Creative Market

For those in search of a bold, captivating, and stylish font perfect for designing classic-style clocks, the Time Clocks font is designed to meet your needs. 

Inspired by the aesthetics of old clocks, it evokes nostalgia and imparts a mechanical charm to your designs. 

What truly sets it apart is its collection of 192 clock designs, enabling you to select a style that seamlessly complements your projects. 

Additionally, the font creates an engaging and stylish visual experience through its captivating clock artwork.


9. Electronic Sport Font

Electronic Sport Font
Electronic Sport Font, Image Credit: Creative Market

The Electronic Sport Font exudes an aura of energy and dynamism, characterized by its sporty appearance. 

This font showcases the timeless LCD-style letterforms that are reminiscent of digital displays. 

It finds its perfect application in designs related to time, making it an apt choice for sports-themed creations and any project in need of digital aesthetics. 

The font’s versatility extends to branding materials, logos, gaming events, and more. 

It offers a comprehensive package, including uppercase letters, symbols, basic punctuation, and numbers. 

By harnessing the distinctive attributes of this font, you can infuse a touch of modern flair into your designs.


10. Astalamet Pro Font

Astalamet Pro
Astalamet Pro, Image Credit: Creative Market

The Astalamet Pro Font presents itself as a versatile and comprehensive typeface featuring a unique dotted format. 

This font boasts exceptional aesthetics capable of elevating the style of any design it graces. 

Its comprehensive collection comprises nine fonts, each showcasing distinct styles. 

This diversity grants you the flexibility to select the font that perfectly aligns with your design vision. 

Furthermore, the font package includes a bonus elements file, replete with a variety of shapes crafted with dots, providing you with additional creative resources to incorporate wherever needed. 

Its suitability extends across various design genres, such as packaging designs, branding materials, editorial layouts, digital content, and more.


11. ION C Font

ION C, best clock fonts, Image Credit: MyFonts

The ION C Font introduces an impressive font family that highlights the timeless 7 segment LCD style letterforms in a distinct and captivating manner. 

It’s an integral part of the larger Ion superfamily, which encompasses Ion A, Ion B, and now Ion C.

Boasting exceptional readability and breathtaking aesthetics, this font stands as an ideal choice for a myriad of designs. 

Its versatility shines in applications such as editorial layouts, tech-themed designs, branding materials, and any project in need of a contemporary touch. 

Beyond its standard glyphs, the ION C font is adorned with an array of OpenType features, including stylistic sets and alternate characters, empowering you to unlock your creative potential.


12. 14 Segment LED Display Font

14 Segment LED Display
14 Segment LED Display, Image Credit: MyFonts

Within this collection of the best clock fonts, we encounter another display font resonating with the classic 14 segment display style. 

This font encapsulates the essence of digital displays and retro technology, rendering it a perfect fit for designs centered around electronic displays, clocks, calculators, vintage artwork, tech-themed projects, and much more. 

The font’s features encompass uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and even Greek letters, offering a remarkable degree of versatility. 

It is available in four styles, ranging from thin to bold, ensuring its adaptability for a wide array of design contexts.


13. Watchmaker Font

Watchmaker, best clock fonts, Image Credit: MyFonts

The Watchmaker Font is a monospaced typeface that draws inspiration from the classic LCD number style while pushing the boundaries by incorporating diagonals to enhance the visual appeal of the letters. 

As evident from the preview images, the letters exude cleanliness and readability, infusing watch dials with elegance and precision. 

A true masterpiece for designers seeking a font for clock-themed or time-keeping designs, the Watchmaker Font stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. 

It comprises standard letters, numbers, and basic punctuation, making it versatile for a plethora of designs. 

Whether for stopwatch interfaces, digital displays, alarm clocks, computer-themed projects, or tech-inspired designs, the Watchmaker Font is primed to excel.


14. Cristal True Font

Cristal True
Cristal True, Image Credit: MyFonts

Presenting Cristal True, a monospaced matrix font that effortlessly elevates a variety of design projects. 

Infusing sophistication and enchantment into your creations, this font boasts a comprehensive character set comprising 645 letters, endowing it with unparalleled versatility. 

The inclusion of several OpenType features, including small caps, stylistic alternates, numerals, and various additional styles, further enhances its adaptability. 

With 24 exquisite styles at your disposal, Cristal True offers a myriad of options to cater to your specific design needs.


15. Pixymbols Font

PIXymbols, Image Credit: MyFonts

Crafted by Studio Graphics, the Pixymbols Font is a visual marvel inspired by digital displays and the iconic visage of classic clock faces. 

This font emerges as an impeccable choice for designing clock faces, computer-themed projects, tech-inspired designs, and much more. 

Boasting an array of five exceptional styles, the Pixymbols Font extends a plethora of design avenues to its users. 

Within its package, you’ll discover a treasure trove of 24 analog clock faces, digital clock faces, and calendar faces, each tailored to fulfill your unique design aspirations. 

Overall, this font stands as an exemplary choice for designers in pursuit of a matrix font that lends itself seamlessly to crafting intricate clock and watch faces.


16. 112 Hours Font

112 Hours
112 Hours, best clock fonts, Image Credit: MyFonts

Should your creative endeavors require a font that seamlessly blends versatility with captivating numerals, the 112 Hours Font emerges as a splendid choice. 

This font family boasts an impressive collection of 120 fonts, each devoted to rendering numbers and their related punctuation marks in striking detail. 

With applications ranging from watch faces and clock faces to tickets, house numbers, and beyond, the 112 Hours Font holds the potential to infuse your designs with eye-catching numerals that capture attention effortlessly.


17. Cristal Text Font

Cristal Text
Cristal Text, Image Credit: MyFonts

Unveil the elegance of the Cristal Text Font, a font exuding refinement and versatility in its design. 

With a stylish flair reminiscent of a classic LCD display, this font offers a pristine canvas for any design centered around numbers. 

Its clarity and enhanced legibility make it an impeccable choice for such applications. 

Available in a multitude of styles and boasting support for numerous languages, the Cristal Text Font stands as a testament to its exceptional adaptability. 

Moreover, its precisely crafted and distinctive letters effortlessly infuse your designs with a touch of grace and beauty, elevating their overall aesthetic.



15+ Best Clock Fonts  Summary

We trust that this compilation of the finest clock fonts has been both enjoyable and valuable for your impending design endeavors. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and colleagues who are also on the hunt for clock fonts to enrich their designs. We’re eagerly looking forward to engaging with you in the comments section.

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