I Heart Logos Vol. 1

I Heart Logos Vol. 1

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I Heart Logos Book

“Congratulations! Your logo(s) has been chosen by your peers as one of the best logos in season one of iheartlogos.”

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Just got word that all 6 logos that I submitted for judging were chosen for inclusion in I Heart Logos Vol.1 as voted by the judges / competitors. Thank you to everyone that voted for my logos to be included.

Congratulations to all the talented designers who have had their work chosen for inclusion in this inspirational logo design book. You can preorder the book here.

Below are my logos chosen for inclusion.

You can find these logos on pages 40, 87, 108, 137, 166 & 194.

I Heart Logos Chosen

I Heart Logos Vol. 2 is now taking submissions.

16 thoughts on “I Heart Logos Vol. 1”

  1. Man I love your Fitucci logo, have always thought it looks unbelievably sophisticated yet ‘comfortable’ and welcoming.

    Congratulations from Melbourne!

  2. I love the simplicity of all of the designs. I do my best to strive for simplicity in my own designs – but so often I have to give in to the pressure from the client – to ‘add bling’ (CRINGE). Can’t wait for the day when I actually manage to convince one to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

    My favourite out of all of these is the yoga one.

    Right now I’m going back to work and to bang my head against a brick wall for a bit.

  3. Vanessa,
    I know how it can be, even my YogaTripper logo has been changed from it’s original. Sometimes you wonder why they hire a designer in the first place if they are just going to change it later. My advice is to stay firm, as much as you can.

  4. My favourites are definitely the Newcastle and the redwave ones!

    Congratulations for the inclusion to i heart logos, Jacob. To me, you’re one of the best logo designers in the world.

  5. Hey Jacob,

    Congratulations on being chosen for the ihearlogos book.
    I’m sure i will get a copy of it, I just love the fitucci. The dine & wine logo is just great, i wonder how long it took you to figure out that concept.


  6. Congrats… except I don’t really understand how this book works. You pay to include your logos, other people have to upload logos (i.e. pay) to vote, and then you get nothing from the book. Ok, so they get published in the book that you make no money from, but is that good publicity? Who sees the book beyond other graphic designers? I mean, if it maybe got potential clients but it doesn’t seem that effective. Sounds smart for the Iheartlogos people, who instead of paying content make you pay for the possibility of your content being in the book. Am I missing something?

  7. Hi Timoniteur,
    Having your name & work published in a book is a good way to show that your work is worthy of being published & a good promotional tool. The book is also a good inspirational reference. You could argue the pros & cons, but ultimately no one is forcing you to participate.

  8. In iheartlogos, I love your Fitucci design logo. All of your logos designs are excellent and good inspirational references. Congratulations!

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