38+ Best Tattoo Number Fonts for Stylish Tattoos

38+ Best Tattoo Number Fonts for Stylish Tattoos

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If you’re in the market for the best tattoo number fonts, this feature is for you!

Tattoos never go out of style. So whatever the era, season, and style trend, best believe that tattoo-inspired designs and aesthetics will thrive regardless.

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Whether you’re designing a fictional tattoo on the arm of a person or whipping out a vision board for a client you’re pitching an idea to, the best tattoo number fonts on this list are sure to help!

Check them out below!

11+ Best Tattoo Number Fonts for Stylish Tattoos

  1. Modern Blackletter Font
  2. Luxus Gothic
  3. Strong West
  4. Incognito Tattoo Font
  5. Alevantre
  6. Malekith – Tattoo font
  7. Stopher – Blackletter Font
  8. Rumble Tattoos
  9. Strong Rumble
  10. Runic Roman Numbers
  11. Adobe Numbers Font Pack (BONUS)

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best tattoo numbr fonts
Number font tattoos. Image credit: Envato Elements

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38+ Best Number Font Tattoos for Stylish Tattoos

1. Modern Blackletter

Modern Blackletter Font
Modern Blackletter Font. image Credit: Envato Element

One of the newer tattoo-inspired blackletter typefaces we instantly fell in love with is Modern Blackletter.

Packing just the right amount of spunk and attitude, this font bundle is legible, functional, and a treat to the eyes, making it a perfect tattoo font.

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We also found the depiction of #4 here to be incredibly unique, in that its leg is overtly curved to the right as opposed to just falling straight down. It’s perfect for plenty of design projects, but we’d put this on posters, signage, and headlines.


2. Luxus Gothic

Luxus Gothic
Luxus Gothic. Image Credit: Creative Market

Luxus Gothic does a tremendous job of being both playful and true to its source inspiration—the blackletter tattoo aesthetic. Sporting calculated curves and sharp edges in all of the right places, this font bundle is easy to read and even easier to appreciate.

It’s fresh, familiar, and functional! We can’t wait to use this set on posters, flyers, signages, and headlines!

Check out the font for the full alphabet as there are some brilliant letters in there, perfect for tattoos.


3. Strong West

strong west

Strong West is a popular font for tattoos and numbers, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

Sporting calligraphy-inspired lines and thick structures, this tattoo-like visual solution is striking, beautiful, and an absolute delight to stare at. Its bottom part is shaded, leaving the upper portion light and empty-looking.

Familiar and functional, there’s a lot you can create with this one. If you want, you can even show this to your local tattoo artist and have them mimic it for you!


4. Incognito Tattoo Font

Incognito Tattoo Font
Incognito Tattoo Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

What we like about Incognito Tattoo Font the most is how readable it is!

Featuring sharp edges and spikes between lines, this font bundle does a great job of retaining the familiar tattoo blackletter aesthetic. We especially like how dashingly sharp and playful the zero digit looks here!

You could also use this for marketing materials and social media art cards, because we sure will!


5. Alevantre

Alevantre. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Fancy a classy take on tattoo number fonts? Well, let Alevantre deliver. Also commercially legible, this pick strikes a great balance between keeping the tattoo aesthetic memorable, but also retaining an elegant look.

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Of the dozens of designs we can maximize this in, we suggest considering it for wedding invitations, headlines, and branding efforts!


6. Malekith – Tattoo font

Malekith – Tattoo font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

In a way, Malekith is pretty much like Alevantre as they’re both classy signature-like fonts. However, what we like the most about Malekith is how dramatic its curves and swirls are!

On that note, we also think this pick would make a stellar addition for wedding invitations, marketing materials, and advertising projects!


7. Stopher – Blackletter Font

Stopher - Blackletter Font
Stopher – Blackletter Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Is the tattoo number font you’re looking for boxy and stereotypically masculine? We’ll let you in on a secret: Stopher is our favorite in that department!

Donning very strong blackletter elements, this font bundle is oozing with personality! Compared to the rest of its contemporaries, we also like how it’s one of the more legible offerings! Use it for brand designs, headlines, event posters, and more!


8. Rumble Tattoos

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Rumble Tattoos
You didn’t expect us to jot down all the best number font tattoos without a script typeface, didn’t you? Filling that spot first here is Rumble Tattoos. Great for, you guessed it, tattoo-inspired projects, this visual solution is equal parts elegant and stereotypically masculine.

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9. Strong Rumble

Strong Rumble

Strong Rumble packs the familiar calligraphy-inspired, tattoo aesthetic we’ve all come to love. With a more solid and singular color approach, this one feels fuller and easier to read.

If you’re thinking of tattoo inspirations you want to consider for your skin, we recommend that you check this out!


10. Runic Roman Numbers

Runic roman numbers date tattoo

As its name implies, Runic Roman Numbers features roman numbers. Edgy and seemingly hand-painted with a messy splatter around each character, this one packs a lot of personalities. On that note, we think it’s perfect for projects that require a thug-driven, tattoo-heavy energy!



11. BeyondSweet

BeyondSweet Handwritten Wedding Font

If you’re looking for a gentler approach, BeyondSweet could be what you need. As if handwritten with a pen, this set packs slender characters and friendlier-looking visual solutions. Also loaded with both lower and uppercase letters, there are a lot of designs you can create with this one.

Nonetheless, we think it’s fair to say that this pick effortlessly reminds us of many text-centric tattoos! Use it for journals, wedding invitations, and more!


12. Bostime


Bostime is a font pack that carries slender characters too. The only thing is, it comes with beautiful grunge seemingly scatters throughout the slender structure of each character. Great for tattoo projects that resemble sentimental value, this one’s soft, easy to like, and a delight to stare at.

We recommend that you maximize this font pack on journals, stationaries, and lighter-themed projects!


13. Mordova


Combining vintage and trendy is Mordova. A predominantly blackletter typeface, this pick is a thick, legible, and familiar sight. Great for tattoos, marketing projects, and branding efforts, this one is versatile and loud without being too overwhelming.

It’s also one of the easiest font bundles to maximize anywhere! From school posters to movie posters and marketing materials to branding efforts, the list can go on!


14. Arshaka


Reminiscent of designs one associate with wizardry and magic is Arshaka. A striking display font, this one is distinct, novel, and immediately a standout. If you’re looking for captivating tattoo designs for a design, give this Envato offering a try.

Also, doesn’t this remind you of punk rock tattoo designs in the 90s? We think it’d make a great choice for actual tattoos too! That said, you may want to show this to your tattoo artist too!


15. Banxors


One of the more faithful tattoo fonts is Envato’s Banxors. Complete with both lower and uppercase letters, this display font is strikingly familiar. Sporting sharp edges and long lines, this elegant classic is a winner in more ways than one.

Perfect for headlines, shop signages, and stickers, there are definitely plenty of projects you can use this on!


16. Mister Honey 

Mister Honey

Victorian-inspired typefaces have always been a staple in the tattoo design space. So if that’s what you’re going for, check out Design Cuts’ Mister Honey. We’re not going to lie though: this one instantly reminds us of the kind of textual style you see on ouija boards.

And for that very reason, we think it’d make an effective font choice for projects that call for vintage tattoo designs!


17. WT Scotch

WT Scotch + Bonus

According to WT Scotch‘s description on their Creative Market page, this font set is “a romantic golden age of decorative display typeface. Inspired from sign painting era that displayed the big headline and lettering on buildings, billboards or signboards that announcing or advertising products, services, and events.”

These things mentioned, it’ll make for a brilliant tattoo aesthetic for many designs. Use it for notebooks, branded merchandise, stickers, and more!


18. Bone Splitter

Bone Splitter

Bone Splitter packs with it a more terrifying aesthetic. On that note, artists who are looking to convey horror-inspired tattoo-like visuals will fall in love with this Creative Market set.

It’s never too early for horror house designs, right? This is great for marketing efforts, movie posters, and a whole lot more!


19. Mayhem


Another Victorian-like font is Mayhem. As if hand-drawn with a calligraphy pen, this thick set is also one of the more faithful visuals of how many tattoos look on the skin. Legible, classic, and elegant, there are tons of designs you can complete here.

We suggest utilizing this set on headlines, social media materials, and all sorts of posters!


20. Bahisy


Bahisy is a decorative blackletter font, making it a fantastic pick in the category. Complete with multilingual support and punctuation marks, not to mention both upper and lowercase letters, this tattoo-inspired font pack is sure to make an impact on whatever you’re creating.


21. Rademos


Rademos is another spectacular blackletter font set. Featuring boxy-like structures with a familiar tattoo-like aesthetic, this pack is a standout because of the familiarity it brings to the table. Also one of the most popular choices in its category, it’s easy to understand why plenty of designers choose this set.

You can use this anywhere you want to, but we ultimately see this font pack on headlines and branded merchandise!


22. Bayone


One of the more elaborate blackletter options in the category is Creative Market’s Bayone. Displaying flashy lines and thick, elongated curves, this visual solution makes for an aggressive statement many storytellers will enjoy. It’s familiar, lovable, and an immediate classic.

If you’re looking for a font to use for barbershops and pubs, you may want to consider this!


23. Vienna Woodtype

Vienna Woodtype

Vienna Woodtype is the best tattoo-inspired font for designers who want a grunge-like aesthetic. Sporting a serif-like formality, this pick is a terrific option for anyone who wants a clean and professional design. It may not be an aggressive blackletter typeface like its contemporaries here, but we like how subtle yet recognizably tattoo-like this pick is for us.

It’s perfect for marketing posters, headlines, and also branding initiatives!


24. LockDown

LockDown Font

The font set is called LockDown, but trust us when we say there are very limited restrictions with this option. Also a blackletter pick, this tattoo-inspired design is legible and easy to understand. It’s equal parts classic as it is modern, giving you a trendy overall aesthetic without compromising the familiarity these kinds of fonts come with.


25. Axentav HSC

Axentav HSC

If playful and fun is what your tattoo design needs, check out Axentav HSC. Beautiful and thick, this marker-like visual aesthetic is a fantastic solution for a sea of projects. Quirky, handwritten, and easy to read, there’s a lot to like in this tattoo-inspired pack.

Use it for notebooks, journals, stationaries, and writing materials!


26. JUST Sans® – Clean Modern Minimal Tattoo Number Font

JUST Sans Numbers

If you’re after a clean & minimal look for your tattoo, check out JUST Sans.

JUST Sans is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

Designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, JUST Sans is both serious and friendly, neutral but warmly expressive, technical but not overt, and familiar but unique enough to stand on its own.

The numbers of JUST Sans are clean, modern, minimal, and stylish, perfect for a tattoo!

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


27. Northern Monk blackletter font

Northern Monk blackletter font
Northern Monk blackletter font. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Northern Monk blackletter font font, draws inspiration from carved age-old inscriptions from the wall of a monastery tower, so it is the best font you can use when creating or narrating your project’s story. While the font only supports uppercase letters, it also supports multiple languages. Other features of this very unique font are that it has numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Also, wouldn’t you think it’d be a cool font on your skin as an actual tattoo? It has depth, personality, and that staple tattoo energy.


28. Fantasy Bons

Fantasy Bons
Fantasy Bons. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Introducing Fantasy Bons typeface. Even though this font draws inspiration from the usual serif fonts, it is unique because it is also made with a touch of manual rough style. The Fantasy Bond font also has two families that have unique designs, namely distorting the character of the letters, making them shorter or taller than the normal font. This makes the Fantasy Bons font look unique and eye-catching when compared to other fonts.

The Fantasy Bons font is perfect for horror-themed designs such as Halloween designs or tattoos, video titles, book covers and so on. The font set includes A-Z character set, numerals and punctuations, and stylistic alternates. It also supports multiple languages. 


29. Telegdi Old Style

Telegdi Old Style.
Telegdi Old Style. Image Credits: Creativemarket

The Telegdi font was inspired by the unique, historical character of Jesuit press letters in Nagyszombat. The key features of this font are its high contrast, thin serifs, sharp terminals and large x-height. These features make the font the best for tattoos and distinctive headlines.

The whole family consists of six weights and real italics, small caps, swash caps glyphs, old style, tabular figures and fractions. It covers an extended Latin script. Every weight has almost six-hundred glyphs.


30. Parlour


What makes Parlour both a likable and familiar pick is its grunge on the lower half of the set’s characters. Featuring a clean display typeface, this font pack carries with it elegant, straight lines and a professional look.


31. Tattoo Beast

A bold and stylish look

Tattoo Beast is a classic blackletter style font that takes heavy inspiration from the Victorian era, giving it a distinct charm.

It impressed us with its bold and clear letterforms that, despite their intricate details, maintained legibility at all sizes.

There is a reason why Tattoo Beast is a fan-favorite on Envato.

It takes the spotlight without being extra showy while adding a timeless look. It comes in two convenient formats, OTF and TTF, making it simple to use in any project.

Whether you want to create a tribal or gothic tattoo, this font will be a wonderful asset to your design toolkit.


32. Rebel Nation

A street style look

Graffiti makes a terrific font choice for tattoos, as well. Especially if you want your design to speak in a strong language, bursting the rage and energy of street cred. For a street-art-inspired tattoo, try Rebel Nation.

Its spurred edges and soft corners give it a refined look, while the tapered terminals add a defining and unique touch.

In addition to its stylish design, the Rebel Nation font also includes numerals, punctuations, and PUA encoding, making it a practical and comprehensive choice for any font library.

If, for some reason, Rebel Nation does not work out, Southsider by Blankids has got you covered.

33. Arnovoid

Script tattoo font for cool designs

For something more rough and rustic, you can opt for a cursive, handwritten font. Arnovoid Tattoo Style Typeface is an excellent option to lend an aggressive, powerful quality to your ink form.

Have your tattooed number in gradient or splash a few colorful inkblots for a vibrant look.

Arnovoid features letters, punctuations, an extensive range of numerals, and seamless multilingual support, making it a highly versatile pick.
However, bear in mind that it does not include OpenType features and requires professional design software.

But if you are okay with designing the old-school way, Arnovoid is a solid bet.


34. Brooklyn Script

A tattoo style script typeface

Brooklyn is one of the simpler fonts in the bunch, but that simplicity makes it highly flexible.

The font carries bold curves and rough strokes that will make your designs pop right off the page.

This modern signature script was developed for legibility and readability. It is ideal for displaying information clearly and boldly on tattoos, clothing, packaging, and print designs.

You can even pitch in similar fonts like Mittchely to create the layout of your dreams.

Our favorite part about Brooklyn Script is that it is available in three file formats and includes everything you need to make your projects complete.

From multilingual support to over 75 bonus glyphs, you name it!


35. Black Angela

Signature and joining writing style font

Introducing Black Angela, a modern vintage font packed with retro nuances for a look that is graphic with a punch.

The clean strokes of this font look solid on any typographical design, while its stenciled details keep it from being basic or boring.

What’s more, Black Angela leaves a lot of room for design modifications as it arrives with stylistic alternates and swashes.

From tattoos and calligraphy to cards and posters, Black Angela never fails to impress. Whatever you create with it, you can be sure of a stunning result.

The font is available as an OTF and TTF so that you can kickstart your creative journal immediately.


36. Myteri

Tattoo Number Fonts

Myteri’s letters are designed to look like they are written with a pen.

These loose and flowy strokes look relaxed and effortless, perfect for adding warmth to your tattoo design.

We can easily imagine it looking so natural on the skin.

Featuring three weights and a full set of letters and corresponding numbers, this pack promises to take your inked designs to the next level.

What is not to love about it?


37. Vintage Number Pack

A vintage number font

This all-number font family provides exactly what its name is about: a touch of vintage nostalgia to your text!

Touting handmade grunge-inspired digits, the set’s characters sport out-of-the-box visuals that are bound to catch the reader’s attention within seconds.

But, the showstopper for us was its three different styles, Fill, Outline, and Line Fill, that you can mix and match to create swoon-worthy designs.

Vintage Number Pack is ideal for tattoos, logos, invitations, packaging, and any project involving numerals.

For a more stylish and up-to-date look, swap it with the Rocket Boat Numeral Set, and see the magic happen!


38. Candelabra Blackletter Font

An elegant and eye-catching tattoo font

Design Cuts has loads of eye-catching tattoo fonts in a variety of styles. Of course, one can’t talk about these typefaces without mentioning the glorious Candelabra Font.

Candelabra is a Blackletter font that takes after medieval and fantasy times and is a top-of-mind choice for making a statement.

An ideal pick for tattoo studios, album art, and band logos, modern and historical aesthetics are both easily achieved with this personality-rich option.

As professional creatives, we found Candelabra to be the most versatile pick. It comprises upper and lower case letters, along with numerals, punctuations, and ligatures that make each letter stand out perfectly.

Also included are high-resolution flares and bonus extras to add a spectacular highlight to your work.

But don’t forget to use OpenType-compatible apps to get the full functionality of these accents.

In concise, Candelabra makes an attractive addition to any design project, providing you with the best of both worlds.

BONUS: Number Font Pack on Adobe Fonts

Number Fonts on Adobe

Are you an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber? Then you’ll have free access to Adobe Fonts including this incredible Number Font pack that has been hand-curated by the Adobe team. It includes the fonts:

  • Mono45
  • Atrament
  • Maple
  • Lust
  • Blenny
  • Essonnes
  • Carina Pro
  • Oxtail OT
  • Variex
  • Blackcurrant
  • Source Code Pro


Our Favorite Tattoo Number Fonts

Still undecided? Here are our favorite tattoo number fonts of all time!


38+ Best Tattoo Number Fonts Summary

Ultimately, the best number font tattoos are all amazing finds, each designed to help you complete a narrative and tell a tale. Whatever message it is you want to get across, we hope that this roundup helps you streamline your search. What’s your favorite pick from the bunch? Let us know in the comments section!

And remember, stay creative and keep artsy!

Tattoo numbers on arm photo by Tattoo.com

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