30+ Cool Fonts to Draw (Perfect for Hand Lettering and Calligraphy) in 2024

30+ Cool Fonts to Draw (Perfect for Hand Lettering and Calligraphy) in 2024

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If you’re in the market for the best cool fonts to draw, this feature is for you!

Hand-lettering and calligraphy techniques aren’t going anywhere.

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Although there’s never been a better time to easily access the best-handwritten fonts around and use them for whatever project you like, there’s also never been a more opportune time to start drawing fonts yourself!

Interestingly, technology has even given artists more reasons to start creating unique typefaces.

Because of platforms like Envato, Illustrator, and Procreate, to name a few, commodifying hand-written fonts and putting them out for the world to edit and consume has been a sustainable gig for dozens of creatives.

Whatever your reason for drawing fonts is, know that the demand created to articulate existing characters and add their symbols in unique and exciting ways has only grown.

Whether you’re looking for cool free fonts to draw to better your control as an artist or are looking for quick font bundles you can maximize for your brand and benefit, there’s a long list of free online fonts you can check out!

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Top 10+ Cool Fonts to Draw in 2024

Below we feature alphabet cool fonts to draw, easy cool fonts to draw, and many other fancy fonts to draw! Have fun…

  1. Cherry Blossom Sans Script Font
  2. Belgedes — Hand Lettered Font
  3. Fendysa — Calligraphy Font
  4. Butterly Calligraphy Business Font
  5. Quicksliver Brush Advertisement Font
  6. Aquila Hand-drawn Script Font
  7. Kentaki Handwritten Font
  8. Daily Spark — Handwritten Font Duo
  9. Comedik Hand-Drawn Playful
  10. Procreate Lettering Brushes

For the complete list, simply scroll down on!

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30+ Cool Fonts to Draw (Perfect For Hand Lettering and Calligraphy) in 2024

1. Cherry Blossom Sans Script Font

Cherry Blossom Sans Script Font

Cherry Blossom is a lovely script font that’ll fit in a lot of design projects. A classy monoline script font, this elegant Envato offering will improve any cute project and takes our top pick for a cool font to draw.


2. Belgedes – Hand Lettered Font

Belgedes - Hand Lettered Font

These fonts are always a fun challenge to recreate, especially when you’re not particularly used to the same lettering fonts and process just yet.

Take Belgedes, for example. As if drawn right out of a canvas with a wet brush, this font selection feels home-y and every bit striking.

Picks like this one definitely makes for great inspiration when you’re just starting out.


3. Fendysa — Calligraphy Font

Fendysa - Calligraphy Font

Who doesn’t fancy a beautiful romantic script? Fendysa is one of those typefaces that easily remind us of images wedding invitations and heartwarming greeting cards.

If this kind of visual energy is what you’re working towards, then you’re going to like this.


4. Butterly Calligraphy Business Font

Butterly Calligraphy Business Font

Butterly is perhaps one of the most straightforward offerings you’ll see around. Nonetheless, it’s pretty to look at and easily helps any creative articulate a message and story.

Great for a variety of projects and settings, this should thrive in journals, personal handwritten letters,posters and a long list of branding initiatives.


5. liver Brush Advertisement Font

icksliver Brush Advertisement Font

Another captivating font pack here is Quicksliver BrushAs if drawn out using a brush pen or a literal brush, this chunky offering is cute, lovely, and versatile.

Use it for a plethora of projects! This set is just as versatile and pretty as many of the other choices on the list.

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6. Aquila

Aquila Handdrawn Script Font

Aquila is a script font that’s equally beautiful to stare at as it is to practice writing on your own.

Sporting thick and solid lines, this tastefully curvy offering thrives best in upscale projects in sophisticated visuals. From perfumes to vacations, let this font set sell and articulate whatever you need to!


7. Kentaki Handwritten Font

Kentaki Handwritten Font

There’s a lot to love about the Kentaki Handwritten Font and app. It’s playful, quirky, just the right amount of legible, and unmistakably hand-written.

If you’re looking for inspiration for cool fonts to draw, create your own font page, you can start with this one since it’s arguably one of the easiest fonts to draw and follow.

Or, you can also just download this Envato bundle and enjoy using it now!


8. Daily Spark — Handwritten Font Duo

Daily Spark - Handwritten Font Duo

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Daily Spark – Handwritten Font Duo is another wonderful offering on the list. Thick, organic-looking, and uneven, the strokes here are obviously handwritten, making it an easy pick for new font artists and print enthusiasts to follow.

Still, this font duo set offers a lot of novelty and personality when you download this pack as it is. Give it a try when you can!

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9. Comedik Hand-Drawn Playful

Comedik Hand-Drawn Playful

Comedik Hand-Drawn Playful is one of the most laid-back fonts and casual-looking font bundles in the list, and is one of the best hand-drawn fonts easy fonts to draw.

It’s easy to copy because it’s mostly really just straightforward handwriting with casual curves at the end of a few of its characters’ corners. Thick, readable, and soft to the eyes, there’s a lot to love here.


10. Procreate Lettering Brushes

Procreate Lettering Brushes

Compared to the other packs here, Procreate Lettering Brushes is a brush set, as its name implies. Great for beginners and professionals alike, this set allows creatives to get better at hand lettering fonts. You may be interested in other Procreate lettering brushes here.


11. Hollyday — Handdrawn Kids

Hollyday - Handdrawn Kids

Hollyday is designed to look like it’s been drawn by a child, and it actually succeeds! An all-capital font set, this aesthetic should be easy to mimic by practicing artists.

Still, downloading this pack as it is should grant you immediate access to use it right away. Use this for branding, marketing, personal website use, and even children’s book projects!


12. Quirky Sunflower

Quirky Sunflower – Handwritten Font

As the pack name implies, Quirky Sunflower is a quirky set. As if drawn out using a marker, this font set carries out thick characters and overdrawn letters. I

f you’re looking for a font set that boasts a loud and funny personality, you can’t go wrong with this one!


13. CuteDrop Handwritten Font Duo & Symbols

CuteDrop Handwritten Font Duo & Symbols

There’s something nostalgic about journals, so if you’re trying to recreate the energy and vibe of 90s writings, then the CuteDrop Handwritten Font Duo & Symbols should serve you well.

It’s simple, doesn’t come with extra drama, and retains the liveliness and youth this aesthetic is typically associated with. And it comes with emojis and swashes too!


14. Bohemian Highway

Bohemian Highway - Font Duo

Another font duo that’s easy to fall in love with is Bohemian Highway. That said, if you’re looking for inspiration, perhaps starting with this set should be easy for you.

Loaded with both capital letters and small letters, this pick is easily any creative’s favorite for obvious reasons.


15. SPLASH — Handdrawn Font

SPLASH - Handdrawn Font

Are chunky letters up your alley? If so, then SPLASH should be an easy style selection for you to make.

It’s thick, fun to look at, easy to read, and even easier to mimic for beginner-friendly aspiring hand letterers. Show this set some love by downloading it today!


16. Quicks Girly

Girly Feminine Script Font

If it isn’t obvious yet, Girly is a hand-drawn font that’ll make design elements look best for female-targeted audiences. Whether you’re working on feminine products or women-empowering advocacies, there are plenty of other styles, spaces and visual solutions this pick will succeed in. What’s not to like?


17. Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font

Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font

Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font takes us to the earlier Tumblr era, where font solutions like this were a staple.

Although it isn’t particularly linked to the said social media platform, we like how nostalgic this aesthetic makes us feel inside. Like drawn right out of a crayon, this set is easy to mimic and draw.


18. Otherway — SVG & Solid Script Font

Otherway - SVG & Solid Script Font

Otherway offers that grunge-like look that only a worn-out marker can provide. One of the more handwritten-like picks here, this visual solution is perfect for a ton of projects, including marketing efforts, web fonts, and a whole lot more!


19. Sinisuka Logo Font

Sinisuka Logo Font

There are a ton of things Sinisuka would look great in and signages are one of them!

Modern, trendy, and obviously handwritten on paper, this pick is arguably one of the prettiest in its category. It’s easy to copy, too, if you’re on the lookout for cool fonts you can draw!


20. Baby Wildy

Baby Wildy

Clearly, there is no shortage of fun-looking and chunky hand-brush typefaces here, and Baby Wildy is proof of that. Strong, loud, and with elegant curves, this style-inspired pick also makes for a stellar choice for new artists.


21. Bullate — Blobby Bold Font

Bullate - Blobby Bold Font

Bullate is great choice for comic books, social media art cards, headlines, and a whole lot more! Its chunky structure makes it easy to spot from a distance and its lack of sharp edges gives it overall, friendly energy that’s perfect in a lot of design projects! Plus, it helps that this one’s relatively easy to draw too!


22. Outeris

Outeris Calligraphy Font

As you can already tell, Outeris is a style font, and a beautiful one at that! Featuring medium strokes and calculated curves, this pick is a superb choice for a cool font to draw! It’ll make a fantastic selection for a decent list of art projects too!


23. Ecriture


Not all handwritten fonts have a strikingly distinct look to them, so if what you’re going for is funky and unique, Ecriture could be what your project needs.

Sporting long lines and taking up very little width, this all-capital font pack should make your creations a tad more interesting.


24. Handwritten Font Bundle Vol 2

Handwritten Font Bundle Vol 2

The font pack name is pretty direct to the point: it’s a bundle with a diverse set of collection handwritten fonts! Complete with an impressive variety of fonts-like choices and textures, it’s impossible to not find what you’re looking for in Handwritten Font Bundle Vol 2!

Because these picks are pretty much just beautifully designed handwritten fonts, they should be easy to draw too.


25. Surfwave – Handwritten Font

Surfwave – Handwritten Font

You don’t have to be an actual surfer to make fun use of Surfwave. A series of wavy characters packed with small and capital letters, this set is arguably one of the trendier and more youthful choices around.

Great for greeting cards, social media marketing materials, personal use, stickers, tags, branding efforts, and a ton more, you won’t run out of projects to put this font choice in!

26. Franklin Notes

Franklin Notes Handwritten Font

Quirky, fun, young, and playful are words that best describe Franklin Notes.

Like the kind of penmanship you’d see on a college notebook, this juvenile-looking handwriting is reminiscent of simpler times and carefree moments; definitely has a font aesthetic that’s easy to follow too!


27. Reality

Reality – Fun Handwritten Font

Chunky handwritten fonts should have a category of their own, right? Take a look at Reality. Combining small and capital letters, this set provides characters that are all the same height.

Quirky, playful, and kid-friendly, what’s not to enjoy here? Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration to draw fonts, this should easily be one of your best picks!


28. Centrio Typeface

Centrio Typeface

No one uses the word groovy anymore, but maybe we should make an exception for this font pack? Centrio Typeface is a modern sans serif that’s reminiscent of old times and vintage energy.

Nonetheless, this bold-looking set features characters that are hard to miss. Looking for a an idea of a typeface to draw? Start with this one, if you like!


29. The California

The California | Serif Font Duo

If extended curves and semi-chunky characters excite you, then you might want to explore what The California has to offer. Featuring a mix of small and capital letters, this font duo is a beautifully made bundle worthy of drawing and buying as a pack!


30. Gunsan Font Duo

Gunsan Font Duo

There’s something beautifully trippy about Gunsan. Meshing thick and thin lines, this visual solution takes your eyes for a ride. A statement on its own, this handwritten masterpiece is a winner in more ways than one: it’s loud, captivating, and instantly warrants a tale.


31. Silver Garden – Nostalgic Font Duo

Silver Garden - Nostalgic Font Duo
Silver Garden – Nostalgic Font Duo. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you are searching for the best nostalgic font for your cool designs, Silver Garden is an ideal choice. This unique duo font gives a nostalgic feel when used in your designs. This font, though it looks cool and elegant, gives a bold, nostalgic, and vintage touch to your designs. This cool font is a serif font that comes in regular, italic, bold, and bold italic styles. 

This cool, chic, and fashion-forward font comes with 25 ligatures and uppercase script alternatives for each. It also comes with punctuation and numerals and supports full language. It also includes instructions on the usage of alternatives and ligatures on apps or software programs on your computer. 


Our Favorite Fonts to Draw

Still undecided? Check out our personal favorite fonts to draw!


30+ Cool Fonts to Draw (For Hand Lettering and Calligraphy)

All in all, the best 30 cool fonts to draw should help any creative step their games up or video makeup. Whether you’re here to pick a selection easy drawing fonts that to use for your digital campaigns or are simply looking for drawing fonts you can actually draw on your notebook or tablet, we hope this roundup contributes to your evolving artistry!

Remember: fonts and typefaces are more than just text on a screen. They carry symbols, icons, logos and personal stories.

The more nuanced you are with the fonts you choose, the sharper of a storyteller you become! Keep artsy and stay creative!

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