30+ Best Hipster Fonts for Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

30+ Best Hipster Fonts for Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

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A hipster is someone more likely to celebrate acts and offerings that aren’t specifically mainstream or at the forefront of popular culture.

Designers, however, the term may take on a completely different direction.

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For instance, hipster fonts may refer to typefaces that are both vintage and trendy—or an aesthetic that can marry both concepts. Simply put, these fonts are fresh, fierce, and reminiscent of retro prints and styles; the kind of text that carries just the right amount of grunge and spunk without looking too outdated.  

If you still haven’t found the font you’re looking for yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best hipster fonts available on the internet today!

Let’s get started!

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Top 10+ Best Hipster Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

  1. Willomac Hipster Font Combo 
  2. Whiskey Font Collection
  3. Hipsterism | Display Font
  4. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface
  5. Whimsical brush font, Flower Child
  6. Duncaster – Display Typeface
  7. Rongjam – Brush Font
  8. Anasite Malela – Bold Script Font
  9. EMBERBLAZE – Brush Font
  10. Cheese Donuts – Brush Font

For the full list, scroll on.

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Best Hipster Fonts

Envato Elements gives you access to over 50 million design assets with a simple commercial license for $16.50 per month.

If you’re a designer who’s looking to get serious about your business or looking to take your design career to the next level, Envato is the best place for fonts, graphic templates, stock footage, and photos.

With Envato, you’ll be able to try unlimited fonts & download unlimited resources on a regular basis.

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For example, you could download 10 hipster fonts, a hipster-style t-shirt mockup, and 20 hipster design elements all for that low cost of $16.50/month.

Hipster fonts on T-shirts
Hipster fonts on T-shirts. Image credit: Envato Elements

Most assets can come in handy when creating any kind of merchandise and branding. This includes t-shirts, logos, and packaging material.

We strongly recommend you consider an asset subscription with Envato Elements as buying most of these assets individually on a regular basis can burn a hole through your pocket, and with Envato, you can cancel anytime!

The 30+ Best Hipster Fonts for Logo Design, Branding & Graphic Design

1. Willomac Hipster Font Combo 

Willomac Hipster Font Combo
Willomac Hipster Font. Image credit: Design Cuts

One of the more traditionally professional fonts among the bunch, Willomac is a font family consisting of three distinct and contrasting fonts: a monoline script, sans, and a bold display face. Each has been created for legibility, compatibility, and versatility.

We particularly liked making bold compositions by combining any of the three fonts with other styles. They’re so flexible that we can use them for different projects like book covers, headers, posters, labels, and branding efforts.


2. Whiskey Font Collection 

Whiskey font collection
Whiskey font collection. Image: Design Cuts

When it comes to classy fonts, this vintage font family, by HSCO, is one of the best hipster fonts with a sleek and classy look. The Whiskey Collection comes with two main fonts that have 3 different variations each.

In total, this font pack includes 6 fonts available in OTF format that can be used in 5 different Western European languages. It also includes several stylistic alternatives that require Illustrator, Photoshop, or Inkscape to use.

Despite their differences, we love pairing these fonts together, making use of regular, rough, and aged looks for our designs. It gives a clean or rustic vibe depending on the aesthetic we’re going for.


3. Hipsterism | Display Font

Hipsterism | Display Font
Hipsterism. Image credit: Design Cuts

If it isn’t obvious enough, the font Hipsterism shows that this is a list of hipster fonts. As if hinting that a study exists to dissect the ways of being hipster, this Envato find is a bold display font that comes with OpenType features like stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, and ligatures.

In our opinion, this hipster font is perfect for logos, billboards, and more as it is designed to engage audiences. Packages, branding efforts, and t-shirts will also make great use of this font.

Furthermore, the font pack includes upper and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. It also has multilingual support, ligatures, and alternates so you can style the fonts more to your theme.


4. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface

Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface
Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface. Image credit: Design Cuts

Hipster Script and Sans is a classy retro handcrafted font duo with a wide array of alternates. Inspired by the ’80s and ’90s typefaces with a modern touch, this Envato offering is dainty and optimizes curved lines and soft edges.

Best for apparel projects and branding initiatives, there’s a ton a designer can do with this look. As such, we also used this font for posters, book covers, headers, greeting cards, and more.

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5. Whimsical brush font, Flower Child


Whimsical brush font, Flower Child
Whimsical brush font, Flower Child. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re fond of Pinterest quotes and stationery finds, you’re going to love Envato’s whimsical brush font called Flower Child. With a bouncing baseline, this pick gave our designs an organic, handwritten feel.

Best for projects that require a touch of intimacy, we recommend using this font for greeting cards, quotes, and invitations. Designers and audiences alike will enjoy how personal and familiar this font is on so many levels.


6. Duncaster – Display Typeface

Duncaster - Display Typeface
Duncaster – Display Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

Retrospective of handwritten fonts you’d see on placards from years ago, Envato’s Duncaster – Display Typeface is personable, attractive, and conventionally cute.

Perfect for a myriad of design projects, this font will shine the most in initiatives involving lifestyle products and advocacy campaigns. 


7. Rongjam – Brush Font

Rongjam - Brush Font
Rongjam – Brush Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

A hand-drawn font using textured dry brushes, Rongjam is a familiar aesthetic we see all the time mostly through signages. If you have projects that require bold headlines and a human touch, you won’t go wrong with this hipster find.  

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8. Anasite Malela – Bold Script Font

Anasite Malela - Bold Script Font
Anasite Malela – Bold Script Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Anasite Malela is a thick script with a cool vintage touch. A wonderful fusion of both trendy and 80s aesthetics, this font is a familiar sight at barbershops, cafes, and other hipster stores.

If you’re a fan of exaggerated slants and thick lines, you’re going to like using this in your designs. 


9. EMBERBLAZE – Brush Font

EMBERBLAZE – Brush Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

EMBERBLAZE, a hand-made font, feels like a collection of aggressive brushstrokes made on wood. Both loud and booming, this pick is a great option for designers and brand executives who want to make a huge first impression on their market.


10. Cheese Donuts – Brush Font

Cheese Donuts - Brush Font
Cheese Donuts – Brush Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Donuts don’t really scream hipster but this pick surely feels hipster. A softer brush-lettering typeface, this Envato find feels amicable, inviting, and warm.

Perfect for branding efforts and book projects, creatives will have a lot of room to play with using Cheese Donuts


11. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans is an ideal choice if you are searching for a versatile typeface among many variable fonts. This versatile font is designed with modernist warmth, endearing, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

This professional font with modern geometry gives both a serious and a friendly feel with neutral yet expressive and technical but not too overbearing. Despite looking too familiar, it uniquely stands out from the crowd.

JUST Sans is an elegant contemporary font with open-airy characters, a generous width, and sharp angled terminals helping your designs to be expressive.

The typeface, with universal functionality and characteristic bite in a clean, simple, and minimal way, makes it an essential addition to any font collection.

JUST Sans hand-hinted web fonts optimized for clear, legible text on screens are featured with seven weights and complete Latin extended language support. This Sans Serif logo font is ideal for web, logos, branding, headlines, UI, signage, packaging, posters, technology, media, architecture, fashion & design projects.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


12. Ruthmike Brush Font

Ruthmike Brush Font
Ruthmike Brush Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Another great brush font, Ruthmike comes with upper and lowercase characters, a set of basic punctuation marks, and numerals. Use this font however you like, but it may shine the brightest in signages, book projects, and stationery designs. 


13. Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype)

Troyline - Font Duo (+Logotype)
Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype). Image credit: Envato Elements

One of the more elegant choices from the bunch, the Troyline logo font contains two types of fonts—the organic script and the sans. Suitable for arguably any creative endeavor, this find is reminiscent of coffee brands, cafes, and lifestyle-centric projects. 


14. T-grungz Font

T-grungz Font
T-grungz font. Image credit: Envato Elements.

Beautifully anchored on its imbalanced sides and texture distribution, Envato’s T-grungz Font is a stellar offering that feels authentic and warm. Perfect for a myriad of creative projects, this pick is best for children’s books and publications.


15. Kickrush – Sport Handwritten Font

Kickrush - Sport Handwritten Font
Kickrush – Sport Handwritten Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Casual, edgy, and driven by personality, Envato’s Kickrush comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, and punctuation marks. Best for sports-centric brands, this pick is a clever choice for headlines, books, and signages too. 


16. Grunge Font – Freestyle Display Font 

Grunge Font - Freestyle Display Font
Grunge Font – Freestyle Display Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Grunge immediately adds depth and personality to any design, so when you optimize Envato’s Grunge Font, best believe you’re adding a lot of spunk to your design assignments. Thick, playful, and easy on the eyes, this handwritten find feels intimate, personal, and attractive. 


17. Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font

Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font

Packed with both decorative and symbol versions of the alphabet, Design Cuts’ Thin Line Decorative Font is a playful take on sending a message across.

While each letter is still very much legible, more elements are visibly present, making it a fuller aesthetic for people to stare at. Decorated with geometric assets and creative lines, this find is more apparently hipster than many of its co-contenders on this list. 



18. Triump Rough Font Family 

Triump Rough Font Family
Triump Rough Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

Design Cuts’ Triump Rough typeface is arguably one of the more versatile picks from the bunch. Available in two different subfamilies, the font can feel soft and hipster when you need it to, but it can also come off as aggressive and loud when necessary. Ultimately, the choice is yours!


19. Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects + Bonus

Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects + Bonus
Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects + Bonus. Image credit: Design Cuts

While this Design Cuts find is primarily a kit of visual assets, its “free” fonts are nothing short of striking. Sporting a clean and simple typeface, these letters are just the right amount of thick and slender. Available in vector format, creatively relay your message with Mr.Hipster 37. 


20. Revans Font Family 

Revans Font Family
Revans Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by modern-classic fashion and the high-octane rock genre, Design Cuts’ Revans Font Family sports a curved and elegant display type. Featuring light, normal, medium, and semi-bold characters, designers can adjust how thick the text looks depending on the tone of their project. 


21. Phillnesia Typeface 

Phillnesia Typeface
Phillnesia Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

A catchy Victorian-style font, the Phillnesia Typeface is one of the older-looking picks from the list. Thick, stylish, and derivative of an era, this font is perfect for thematic projects and branding initiatives that relate to the yesteryears. 


22. Hipstetic Font Family

Hipstetic Font Family
Hipstetic Font Family. Image credit: Envato Elements

One of the more apparently hipster-centric choices on our list, Envato’s Hipstetic Font Family sports uneven lines and edges, making it a great pick for novel illustrations and art directions. Available in 4 variants, designers will enjoy how unique each letter is. 


23. Qinzy – Vintage Font 

Qinzy - Vintage Font
Qinzy – Vintage Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

With a design that is reminiscent of the 70s’, Qinzy is one of the more memorable standouts here. Sporting a vintage layered font, this Envato product looks great both handwritten and digitized.

If you’re looking for thick options that immediately turn heads, this option will do you good. 


24. Cordoba – Font Duo (+EXTRA) 

Cordoba - Font Duo (+EXTRA)
Cordoba – Font Duo (+EXTRA). Image credit: Envato Elements

Cordoba is Just the right amount of clean and grunge! Featuring sans and serif aesthetics, this Envato pick is a decent option if you’re looking for prim and professional fonts. Creative without being too freaky, this pick will shine the brightest in apparel projects and branding efforts. 


25. IndieFest

IndieFest. Image credit: Envato Elements

Because IndieFest is a marker lettering font, it’s a fantastic option for design projects that call for catchy headlines that are legible and clean. Thick, curvy, and playful, creatives will like its hand-written feel and warmth.  


26. Neophyte Typeface

Neophyte Typeface
Neophyte Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

Neophyte Typeface is a reverse contrast serif retrospective of the ’60s and ’70s signages. Perfect for social media art cards, book projects, and headlines, this font is clean, incredibly hipster, and one of the more visually appealing choices on the list. 


27. Grotesque Supermundane

Grotesque Font
Grotesque Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Optimizing arrows along each letter’s curved edges, Grotesque Supermundane has a signature look that’s designed to stand out. Available in uppercase and lowercase letters, this font will allow your text to look unique and stunning at the same time.


28. Street Hipster Graffiti Font

Street Hipster Graffiti Font
Street Hipster Graffiti Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Street Hispter is a new font introduced which is designed with the inspiration of graffiti style. It is a font with a fun theme in it. It is ideal for projects like Hip-Hop music, kids’ posters, flyers, children’s books, and cartoons.

It includes uppercase and lowercase. It also includes numbers and punctuation. This font also has multilingual support.

29. VultureMotor

VultureMotor, Image Credits: Envato Elements

VultureMotor is a handwritten, clean, and legible font. VultureMotor brings a vintage feel to your designs and looks best on textured backgrounds.

In VultureMotor font each glyph is made one by one with diligent and consistent efforts. Being a handwritten font, it looks messy yet looks good on display. The font works great for branding, package design, and hand-drawn projects.

30. Steelworks

Steelworks, Image Credits: Envato Elements

Steelworks is a handmade font that gives a naturally messy look. The design inspiration for this font is from the inks and tints of the manual hand-drawn brush. The alternate glyphs and ligatures of this font bring a stylish and good display for your designs.

The manually made glyphs of this font come with uppercase and lowercase letters and support multiple languages.

31. Metropolis

Metropolis, Image Credits: Envato Elements

Metropolis is a combination of classic and modern art. The elegant, versatile serif typeface, with sinuous curves, best suits display reading like headings and body copy.

Metropolis is inspired by famous sans-serif typefaces designed to make small text designs readable.

32. The Rascals

The Rascals
The Rascals. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Introducing The Rascals, a youth-type font that embodies rebellious youth culture. The Rascals is a raw brush-type font. The mood of the font of the font is young, wild, and rowdy. The Rascals font lets you play with uppercase and lowercase letters. Thus making it easier for you to get your desired characters.

The Rascals typeface is perfect for an event poster, magazine cover, hipster fashion brand, t-shirt, tote bag, quotes, or stylish text overlay to any background image. If you are designing something hipster, then the Rascals typeface is perfect.

With its rugged look, the Rascals font will undoubtedly add hipster flavor to your design.


33. Tokio Marker

Tokio Marker
Tokio Marker. Image Credits: Creativemarket

The term “hipster” is an integral part of the modern vernacular with many cultural definitions. The word can be interpreted in several ways, each with a few common facets. In recent years, the term “hipster” has made a singular impression in teenage culture, and for many teens, being a hipster is a good thing.

The Tokio marker’s creators considered this fact when creating the font. The Tokio marker font mimics a paint marker written on a glossy surface. It comes in both vector and SVG versions. The lowercase letters are alternate glyphs of the uppercase.

This is a perfect example of teenage Japanese hipster culture.


34. Rander Font

Rander Font
Rander Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

What do you imagine when you hear the word “Hipster”? Graffiti? Teens? Uniqueness? The word has many connotations. Rander is a handbrush typeface that presents exactly that. Rander is a freehand rough brush font with a classy style and dry brush technique.

It is suitable for any design needs. If you want your brand to give off hipster vibes, then the Rander typeface is the best choice. The Rander typeface is perfect for logo designs, brand projects, and themes if you are centering your brand around the hipster piece.

The 30+ Best Hipster Fonts for Logo Design in 2023

The best hipster fonts are those that make your designs look and feel retro, trendy, quirky, and fresh. Modern typefaces are striking but when they sport elements that help fuse future and vintage elements, your design projects feel fuller and have a lot more to say.

The goal of fonts isn’t only to be legible—they’re designed to carry a tone too. And that tone becomes part of the message you convey to your audience and clients. Find hipster fonts that help you do just that with your brand messaging!

If you liked any of the fonts in our list, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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